The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 29 November 2015 – Episode 247
November 29, 2015, 1:35 pm
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wheldon Thornley at cafe GA final (Medium)

For this weeks edition of RTRFM’s The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show Claude Mono is joined in the studio by artist, producer and impresario Wheldon Thornley. He of Electronic Migration Panel and Masonik. Wheldon curates the whole show which features rare and obscure tracks from Wheldon’s own record collection plus a number of Wheldon/Masonik exclusives.

Read about Masonik.Org here

Listen Here (Choose 29 Nov)


John Baker with BBC Radiophonic Workshop -Christmas Commercials – Music From BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Phillip Glass – Opening – Glass Works – 1982

CAN – Future Days – Future Days – 1973

Jah Woble – Fading – Fading/Nocturnal – 12 inch ep 1981

Jah Wobble Jaki Liebzelt Holger Cuzukay – Twilight World – Jah Wobble Jaki Liebzelt Holger Cuzukay – 1981

Masonik – Bournavalia Amanes (Live) – Live in Athens 2014

Masonik – Hellenic Ekhos – Club Zho Live Oct 2015

The Orb – Star 6 & 7 89 – The Orb LIve 93

Electronic Migration Panel – Mod Maxi 700 – Unreleased 2015

Pink Floyd – Sheep (Live) – Pink Floyd Plays the Animals Live Oakland Colosseum 1977

Clara Mondshine – Long Melody Towards Countdown – Luna Africana 1981

David Bowie – Some Are – Low (Sound and Vision Release)- 1976

Harold Budd/Hector Zazou – Johhny Cake – Glyph – 1995

Daryl Hall with Robert Fripp – The Father Away I am – Sacred Songs – 1999

Volcano Choir – Still – Unmap – 2009

Godley and Cream – Art School Canteen – 1975

Henry Cow – War – In Praise of Learning – – 1975 –

Intenso Band – Alphabet – The Milk The Butter and the Blood – 2015


Interludes throughout the show:                                              –

Wheldon Thornley – Block Study:Babylon – Exclusive from the exhibition Masonik Kollectiv


Vic Mars
November 29, 2015, 12:43 pm
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vic mars land_and_the_garden

Vinyl at Claypipe Music

Vic Mars Bandcamp

November 28, 2015, 7:20 am
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Crafting gently dark and dreamlike tunes of psychedelic-fringed folk music with verses inspired by a longing for a connection with Nature, the sense of solitude and peace in the vastness of the cosmos, meandering reflections on life and loss.



Radio Show – 22 November 2015 – Episode 246

The reclusive Probehead curates his last episode of the Golden Apples as he will be taking a break to explore new musical projects. This show has some beautiful sounds and will leave your head tingling with an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. We thank Probehead for his hauntological, folkloric and baroque excursions that have helped to pattern the show.

Listen Here (choose 22 Nov)


The Advisory Circle – Sundial

The Advisory Circle – Mind How You Go Now

Belbury Poly – The Hidden Door

Belbury Poly – The Willows

The Focus Group – Hey Let Loose Your Love

The Focus Group – Frumious Numinous

Broadcast and the Focus Group – Drug Party

The Soundcarriers – This Is Normal (Instrumental)

The Soundcarriers – So Beguiled

The Free Design – Ivy on a Windy Day

Tinkerbell’s Fairydust – 20-Oct

The Soundcarriers – Out of Place (Instrumental Remix)

Jim Sullivan – Rosey

Gene Clark – Echoes

Francoise Hardy – Be On Your Way

David Mitchell and Denise Rougham – The Crying Room

The Soundcarriers – Step Outside (Instrumental Remix)

The Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Pink Floyd – Cirrus Minor

Wimple Winch – Marmalade Hair

Demdike Dare – Forest of Evil (Dusk)

The Guards – Fantastic Fair

The Human Instinct – Renaissance Fair

The Byrds – The Bells of Rhymney

Albert Verrichea – Hallucination Strip # 11

Bruno Nicolai – Gin

Guido & Maurizio de Angeles – Goodbye My Friend

Romano Rizzati – Shake 5B

Vercetti Technicolor – ?

Tom Jones – Elvis Presley Blues

Gillian Welch – Time (The Revelator)



Christina Vantzou
November 22, 2015, 10:43 am
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christina vantzou

Cristina Vantzou is a multi-medium artist and has shared a short film that features exclusive music from the Nº3 sessions, it’s a stand alone work of art—as intense as anything Vantzou has produced on her solo albums or as one-half of The Dead Texan. Here’s the breakdown, straight from the source:

Filmed in Belgium on Super 16mm, ‘Nº3’ follows a female, a pair of twins, and a cloaked group of figures performing minimalistic rituals in a strange landscape. A female walks into the distance and stares off into space, a group wearing black cloaks scatter and then form a line, and a pair of twins perform symmetrical, geometric choreographies. The rituals are not overtly cult-like, but rather evoke introspective states and act as metaphors for the subconscious mind. The film’s soundtrack pulls raw materials from my new full-length, also titled ‘Nº3’, and further abstracts these elements.

Article abbreviated from Self-Titled

Radio Show – 15 November 2015 – Episode 245
November 22, 2015, 4:59 am
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Mt Mountain

Em Burrows just back from the 2015 Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia presents a very ‘psych’ Golden Apples

Listen Here (Select 15 Nov)


The Growing Concern – Hard Hard Year

Death and Vanilla – Moogskogen

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone

The Old Forest and Tom Bombadil  – Bo Hansson

Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess – Ultimate Spinach

Take Flight – Diger Rokwell

Work This Time – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Stone for Stone – New Electric Ride

Akt Dit – Dungen

I Hear No Answer – Laike

The Tangerine Zoo – Like People

Temples – Move With the Season

Ghost of A Sabre Tooth Tiger – Jardin Du Luxembourg

Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger – Animals

Mt Mountain – I Don’t Mind

Dark – Darkside

Baskervilles – Falconeering

Syd Arthur – Hometown Blues

The United States of America – The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Magnetic Mind – When the Morning Comes

The High Learys – Letters to Alice

Os Noctambulos – On the Run

The See See – The Rain and the Snow

Golden Dawn – Starvation

Traffic – Paper Sun


Radio Show – 8 November 2015 – Episode 244
November 9, 2015, 2:59 am
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bridget st john edit

Mark Davies hosts the show and explores aural worlds

Listen Here


Australasia – Twilight whirl – The politics of Esctacy (Magik eye)

The Drum Club – Furry meadows – Everything is now

Eat Static – Kothluwalawa

System 7 – Habibi

Banco de gaia – Qurna

Pressure of Speech – Surveliance

Optic eye – blue dreamers

The Knights of thee occasional table – rain -Knees up mother earth

TUU – .one thousand years – .one thousand years

The Electric prunes – Kyrie elesion maardi gras – Easy rider

Ennio Morricone – Titoli – A fistful of dollars

Mutual Form – Terraform – The Space Project

Bridget St John – Fly high – There is some fun going forward

Jane Weaver – Majic milk – The watch bird alluminate

Ashworth Kirk – Noctilumina – The watchbird alluminate

Stereolab – Adult MOR – Space age bachelor pad music

Broadcast – Minus one – The noise made by people

Broadcast – Illumination – The future canyon

Air – Alpha beta gaga – Talkie walkie

Folkazoid – 9 (Psychic ills remix)

Tame Impala – The Sun (Fred Cherrys eclipse) remix – Half full glass of wine EP