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The Guardian:

“When did new age music become cool? The mellow tones of new age were once the province of spas, wellness centers, yoga studios and hippie bookstores. These days, new age records – particularly the more rare LPs and cassettes released in the 1970s and 1980s – are a touchstone of cool. Younger record collectors have been rediscovering vintage new age records…” read more


“To those not yet in the know, all the true heads check in at the Crystal Visions blog hosted by Greg Davis for the cream of the crop in Nuevo Age jammage….” More here


“As with any genre, the boundaries surrounding new age are porous. Some of it sounds like hippy folk; some sounds like a de-cluttered version of what people generally call “minimalism”: gauzy, repetitive music that finds a nice place to rest and rests there indefinitely. Some is heavy on the synthesizer; some is basically slow jazz played at a whisper”. More here

IasosCelestial Soul Projection on Numero Group

At the beginning, there was only two waving the new age banner: Steven Halpern and Iasos. While Iasos toiled away in relative obscurity outside of New Age, Halpern crossed over outside of their shared niche. Iasos’ first decade of recording is deep, beautiful, and woefully hard to find. With the help of Carlos Nino (AmmonContact, Build An Ark, HuVibrational), the vaults to Iasos’ 1970s and early 1980s masterworks were thrown open to create this unprecedented document (including unseen interviews and the most complete dissertation on his life and work yet assembled). Whether you’ve had all the Iasos cassettes tucked away in the corner of your yoga studio for decades, or you’re just starting to figure out who all these contemporary drone artists have been jacking their styles from… represented here by 13 selections transmitted between 1975 and 1985 this is the anthology for all.

Inspired by the infinitely numbered harmonies transmitted by Vista, a benevolent being from a distant dimension, Iasos broke ground for a new age of electronic sound manipulation. His was pioneering work—done from a bohemian boat-slip home office—on some of the first commercially available synthesizers and, on stage, into the kaleidoscopic heart of psychedelic-era concert visuals. As life-affirming and attuned to spirit as Iasos’ soul portraits were, prestigious psychology departments heard in them the tones humans hear at the precipice between life and death. Before ambient and New Age were so named and codified, the “Paradise Music” of Iasos  brought Earth-transcriptions of a vast and galactic soundhealing to a planet much in need.

I Am The Center (Private Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990) on Light in the Attic

“Sound created the universe. It wasn’t a word. Sound created atoms; sound and light are the original manifesting principles for worlds… A musician sources that primeval, eternal sound, and it comes out as music.” – Constance Demby

Forget everything you know, or think you know, about new age, a genre that has become one of the defining musical-archaeological explorations of the past decade.

I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, 1950-1990 is the first major anthology to survey the golden age of new age and reveal the unbelievable truth about the genre.

For new age, at its best, is a reverberation of psychedelic music, and great by any standard. This is analog, handmade music communicating soul and spirit, often done on limited means and without commercial potential, self-published and self-distributed. Before it became big business and devolved into the spaced out elevator music we know and loathe today, this was the real thing.

From mathematical musical algorithms to airport murder mysteries to Henry Mancini and Bugs Bunny, the connections to mainstream culture run in curious directions. (Did you know, for instance, that a track from the first modern private press new age album is featured on the Blade Runner soundtrack? It’s called “Pompeii, 76 A.D.”, and we’ve got it here.)

I Am The Center is a knowing, but never cynical overview that invites listeners at last to the mainspring of a misunderstood genre’s greatest lights. Many of the biggest names are present — Iasos, inter-dimentional channeler of “paradise music”; Laraaji, discovered by Brian Eno playing for spare change in Washington Square Park; and the recently famous JD Emmanuel, icon to a new generation of drone, ambient, noise musicians. Call it what you will — before it was anything else, it was new age.

Lovingly conceived and lavishly presented, I Am The Center features stunning paintings by the legendary visual artist Gilbert Williams, and liner notes by producer Douglas Mcgowan, who weaves the words and images of the wizards and sorceresses of new age into a prismatic portrait of music that can finally be recognized for what it is: great American folk art.


Emerald Web

Emerald Web was an American musical duo, made up of the husband-wife team of Bob Stohl and Kat Epple. Founded in 1978 and active through the 1980s, the Florida-based Stohl and Epple composed and recorded music in the New Age and electronica genres. In addition to recording their music and performing in concert, Emerald Web composed many television soundtracks, including National Geographic, PBS Nova, CNN, Apple Computers, NASA and Carl Sagan’s documentary films, winning several Emmy Awards. They also composed music for a wide range of other applications, from films to planetarium shows.



To help you reach a higher state of being get meditating to this mix by Doug Shipton from Finders Keepers Records of DIY cassette stuff and found sounds over at the very chilled Love in the Afternoon


Radio Show – 13 November 206 – Episode 295


Claude musically meanders through private press folk, funk and psych, some spiritual jazz and lo-fi electronic gospel, Balearic beats, baroque pop and electronica

Mixcloud HQ Mix here – just the music

Show re-stream here  – select 13 Nov


Tamesis (Laura Cannell remix) –  Shape Worship – A City Rewritten

Lutine – Died of Love – 02 Sallow Tree (Sarah Angliss & Stephen Hiscock mix)

Lutine – Died of Love – 04 Espera (Kemper Norton mix)

The Rowan Amber Mill – Ocarina Procession – The Forest – The Wald

The Hare and the Moon with Alaska and Michael Begg – A Fracture in the Forest – Fractures

Carla dal Forno – Fast Moving Cars

Nini Raviolette and Hugo Weris – Slow – Sky Girl

Litto Nebbia’s – Bazar De Los Milagros

Das Goldene Zeitalter – Dont Give up Your Smile Today

Michael Dues – Goodbye Rainbow – Praise Poems 4

Otis G Johnson – Walk With Jesus – Good God! Apocryphal Hymns

Otis G Johnson – Time to Go Home – Personal Space (Electronic Soul 1974 – 1984)

Chris Coco – Albatross

Farbror Resande Mac – Chemtrails

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty (The Time and Space Machine Dub)

Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Scuba High Up Mix) Full Version

Void Watcher – Ever-Spiralling

Andy Votel – RiderBrow (W Lee Gorton from Alfie)

Pram – Penny Arcade – Dark Island

El Michels Affair feat. The Shacks – Strange Boy

Koushik – Forest Loop – Out My Window

Koushik – In a Green Space – Out My Window

The High Llamas – The Goat Strings – Gideon Gaye

The High Llamas – The Goat (Instrumental) – Gideon Gaye

The High Llamas – Jackie – Here Come The Rattling Trees

Sky Girl
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Gary Davenport founded both Closet Records and Texan post punk/folk-wave group Mannequin. ‘Sarra’ was written for a 17 year old English girlfriend who he was crazy about, much to the detriment of his band relationship. The young lovers eventually broke up and out of consideration, he never officially released the 100 copies which sat in a box for the next 30 years.

Released in July this year by Noise In My Head offshoot Efficient Space, the Sky Girl compilation has got a lot of attention from the DJs within the Golden Apples collective who love everythi8ng about it

Sky Girl is a mysteriously unshakeable companion, a deeply melancholic and sentimental journey through folk-pop, new wave and art music micro presses that span 1961-1991. A seemingly disparate suite of selections of forgotten fables by more or less neverknowns, Sky Girl forms a beautifully coherent and utterly sublime whole deftly compiled by French collectors DJ Sundae and Julien Dechery.

From Scott Seskind’s adolescent musical road movie to Karen Marks’ icy Oz-wave, the charming DIY storytelling of Italian-American go-getter Joe Tossini and the ethereal slow dance themes of Parisian artists Nini Raviolette and Hugo Weris, Sky Girl resonates on a wide spectrum historically, geographically and stylistically. It unites in a singular, longing, almost intangible ambience.

If the names sound wholly unfamiliar that doesn’t matter, the nature of the compositions swiftly nurtures an intimacy with these lonely, poignant, openhearted wanderers. Most were available in a very limited capacity at the time of their release, some were never really released at all – Gary Davenport declined to release Sarra after he split with the girl for whom the track is named – years later a friend convinced Davenport to allow him to put 100 copies online to sell and DJ Sundae was quick enough to snare one. Beyond their scarcity, these tracks are bound together by a certain raw beauty that’s achievable when music is made and no one is listening.

Sky Girl comprises of fifteen officially licensed songs, a two year international scavenger hunt through long-folded home label operations, the depths of internet forums and traceless acetates. Both compilers are well trained record sleuths – DJ Sundae’s labels Hollie and Idle Press have reissued Arthur Russell affiliate Nirosta Steel and DIY relic Pitch, while Julien Dechery previously compiled ‘Fire Star’, a retrospective on Tamil film composer Ilaiyaraaja, for Bombay Connection.


Radio Show – 12 June 2016 – Episode 273

…1 Year Ago

…28 Years Ago

nastassja kinski tess crop wide


Claude Mono presents a kaleidoscopic soundscape of  private press folk, drone and haze, delta swamp rock, Werner Herzog meets Palmbomen II, psychedelic soul meets Giorgio Moroder and so much more….

Listen Here – re-stream – includes chit chat

HQ Mixcloud Here – just the music – re-sequenced


Death and Vanilla – Hidden Reverse – To Where the Wild Things Are

Circle/Temple – The Osmic Projector/Vapors of Valtorr – Fractures

Ummagma – Ocean Girl – Frequency

Palmbomen II – Carina Sayles  – Watch the Palmbomen II videos

Boozoo Bajou – Same Sun – Grains

Colleen – I Was Deep in a Dream and I Didn’t Know It – Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Colleen – Long Live Mice in the Metro – Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Werner Herzog – The Burden of Dreams – Original Soundtrack

Antena – Frantz (Nouvelle Vague Mix) – Versions Speciales

Boozoo Bajou – Keep Going feat. Tony Joe White – Dust My Broom

Not Waving – Punch – Animals

Soft Walls – All the Same – No Time

CAN Halleluhwah (MACHINE remix)

Adrian Younge – Party’s Over – Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics

Adrian Younge – Sandrine (Instrumental) – Something About April II Instrumentals

Chimes and Bells – The Mole (Trentemoller Remix)

Speck Mountain – Shame on the Soul – Some Sweet Relief

A.R. Kane – Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance Remix)

Pulse Lovers – I Feel Love – A Second Masquerade

Jim Ransom – It’s So Profound – Just Come Along For The Ride

Lights – Branches Low

Larry Jon Wilson – Sapelo (YZ Remix)

Comox and Friends – Sunrise Sunshine


Radio Show – 6 December 2015 – Episode 249
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the innocents golden apples crop

Claude Mono curates a soundscape of wyrd folk, private press psych, dreamgaze, hazy pop, vintage electronica, Laurel Canyon, AOR and more…

Listen Here – choose 6 Dec

Mixcloud HQ Mix – just the music


:novemthree – Harvest Dance – John Barleycorn Reborn Rebirth

Carol Batton – Trees – Folk is not a Four Letter Word Vol 1

The Heartwood Institute – Dancers In The Meadow – The Wild Hunt Of Hagworthy

Zeuk – The Fool and the Flower – The Active Listener’s Acid Folk Sampler Vol 2

The Ilk – On Ilkley Moor – The Active Listener’s Acid Folk Sampler Vol 2

Sproatly Smith – Meditations – Thomas Traherne

Pierre Henry – Malefices – Malefices/The Bad Seed 7 inch

Jean Prodromides – La Glace Brisee – The Innocents/Blood & Roses 7 inch

Receivers – Three Loves – The Air on the Set

Receivers – No One is Listening – The Air on the Set

Soft Metals – Psychic Driving (The Soulless Party Remix)

:novemthree – Need – Braided Paths

:novemthree – The Serpents Skin – Braided Paths

:novemthree – Ashes – From These Ashes

The Espers –  Sightings – III

The Flowers of Hell – Aria 51 – Symphony No. 1 (See separate post for Mixcloud Link)

Flowers of Hell – Opt Out (See separate post for Mixcloud Link)

Ancient Ocean – Blood Moon – Blood Moon

Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven – Gentle Spirit

Francisco – Heal Yourself – Cosmic Beam Experience

D.R. Hooker – Forge Your Own Chains

Jonathan Wilson – Fazon (Mixcloud Bonus)

Hushpad – The Love Song of Harold Angel Esquire – For Kites and String

Colleen Lovett – Birds with Broken Wings – Birds with Broken Wings

Death and Vanilla – Follow The Light – To Where the Wild Things Are

Flavor Crystals – Bridge of Noise – The Shiver of the Flavor Crystals (Mixcloud Bonus)