The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 27 March 2011 – Episode 8
March 28, 2011, 11:48 am
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Only a short one hour show this week due to an RTR Outside Broadcast …one hour but a good hour…your host Claude…

Listen here


John Renbourn – The Cuckoo – Early Morning Hush

Heron – Yellow Roses – Upon Reflection

Kathy Smith – Its Taking Too Long – Folk is not a Four Letter Word

Susan Christie – Paint A Lady – Paint A Lady

Voice of Seven Woods – Valley of the Rocks – Voice of Seven Woods

Fern Knight – Crumbling Stairs – Castings

Beach House – Silver Soul – Midlake Late Night Tales

Silt Sail Reticulum – Jewelled Antler Collective – Windswept Trees and Houses

Fields – You Don’t Need This Song – Everything Last Winter

Papercuts – Unavailable – Love Above All

Fields – If You Fall We All Fall – Everything Last Winter

Tame Impala – Jeremy’s Song – Innerspeaker


Radio Show 20 March 2011 – Episode 7
March 20, 2011, 8:56 am
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Your host and curator for Episode 7 – Claude Mono

In this edition Claude seeks to traverse the full spectrum of genres that broadly define the Golden Apples sound. Listen to a two hour soundscape of the sounds of neo-folk and psych, folkgaze, glitch, electronica , some reference points to early sunshine pop (The Free Design remixed) and classic acoustic folk (Gary Farr) – as well as some ‘heavy’ guitar/psych riffing from Kate Bush!!! – enjoy

Listen here

Little Ships – Cold Wind – EP

Beatrx -Shouting – EP

Stornoway – On The Rocks – Beachcomber’s Windowsill
The Accidental – Brave New World – There Were Wolves
Fern Knight – Bemused – Fern Knight
Fern Knight – Solver Fox- Fern Knight

The Free Design – Dorian Benediction Caribou Remix – Redesigned
Mum – Blessed Brambles – Go Go Smeer
Au Revoire Simone – Through The Backyards – Folk Off
Syd Matters – To All Of You – Modern Folk
Rand and Holland – The Night Is Only Young – Tomorrow Will Be Like Today
Vetiver – Down From Above – Tight Knit
Craig McElhinney – What Lee Hears – Be Water My Friend

Craig McElhinney – What Lee Sees – Be Water My Friends
Masonik – The Fifth Dislcosure – The Vedantic Chapter
Diger Rokwell – Tomorrow – Digerbodia
Yann Tersen – Till The End – Dusk Lane
Dialogue – The Wickerman OST – The Wickerman OST
Kate Bush – Nocturne – Aerial
Kate Bush – Aerial – Aerial
Midlake – It Comes From The Hillsides (Acoustic) – The Trial of Van Occupanther
Midlake – Core of Nature – The Courage of Others
Gray Farr – I Don’t Know Why You Bother Child – Take Something With You
Anois – Watltz of the Wolves – Tree Housr Whispers
Anois – Remote Control – Tree House Whispers
Beatrx – Swing – EP

Radio Show 13 March 2011 – Episode 6
March 15, 2011, 1:55 pm
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For Episode 6 of The Golden Apples of the Sun your Host and Curator is Tristan

For this edition Tristan presents a show quite structured in its track by track flow and with a heavy emphasis towards some earlier psych along with some interesting recent tracks.

listen here

Devendra Banhart – Todo Los Dolores – Rejoicing in the Hands
The Incredible String Band – Witches Hat – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter
Joanna Newsom – You and Me, Bess – Have One On Me
Iron & Wine – Sodom, South Georgia – Our Endless Numbered Days
Pentangle – Sweet Child – Sweet Child
Espers – I Can’t See Clear – Espers III
Six Organs of Admittance – School of the Flower – School of the Flower
Comus – The Herald – First Utterance
Vashti Bunyan – Come Wind Come Rain – Just Another Diamond Day
Josephine Foster – Celebrant’s Song – Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You
Vashti Bunyan – Rose Hip November – Just Another Diamond Day
Grouper – Invisible – Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Pram – The Owl Service – Museum of Imaginary Animals
Can – Sing Swan Song- Ege Bamyasi
Broadcast and the Focus Group – I See, So I See So – Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age
The Advisory Circle – Civil Defence is Common Sense – Other Channels
Belbury Poly – The Willows – The Willows
Moon Wiring Club – Roger’s Ghost – An Audience of Art Deco Eyes
The Focus Group – Starry Wisdom – Sketches and Spells
Greg Davis and Sebastien Roux – I Am Waiting (for December) – Pacquet Surprise
Toro y Moi – Go With You – Underneath the Pine
Christian Fennesz – Chateau Rouge – Venice
Kreng – The Black Balloon and the Armadillo – L’Autopsie Phenomenale de Dieu

Radio Show 6 March 2011 – Episode 5
March 9, 2011, 1:13 pm
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For Episode 5 of The Golden Apples of the Sun your Host and Curator is Dave ‘Life is Noise’ Cutbush

 listen here


Savath and Savalas – Te Quero Pero Por Otro Lado  – Apropa’t

Seaworthy and M Rosner – Meroo Lake Pt.1  – Two Lakes

Bibio – Haikuesque (When She Laughs)  – Ambivalence Avenue

Helios – The Obeisant Vine  – Ayres

Mice Parade – The Days Before Fiction  – Bem Vinda Vontade

Akron Family – Cast a Net  – S/T II

Isan – Yttrium – Plans Drawn in Pencil

Colleen – Sweet Rolling – Golden Morning Breaks

Labradford – track one – E Luxo So

Minamo + Lawrence English – Glimmer – A Path Less Travelled

Devendra Banhart – I Feel Just Like a Child

Joanna Newsom – This Side of the Blue – The Milk Eyed Mender

Adem – These are Your Friends – Homesongs

Animal Collective – Grass

Bergheim 34 – Minor Throne – Documenta II

Caribou – Bees – The Milk of Human Kindness

Dungen – Familj – Tio Bitar

Espers – Dead Queen – II

Junip – Always – Fields

The Album Leaf – Twenty Two Fourteen – In a Safe Place

Mum – Sing Along – Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know

Diger Rokwell hosts Episode1 – saved…
March 7, 2011, 9:35 am
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We thought it was lost forever when we heard the show stream was corrupted but with the help of the techno-wizards at RTR we have saved it from the archives…
Diger Rokwell hosting Episode 1 of The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show Episode 1 now available for download here

Radio Show Feb 27 2011 – Episode 4
February 28, 2011, 12:14 pm
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Your Curator and Selector for this edition…Claude Mono

Listen Here

Redux HQ Download (just the music) [COMING SOON]


Memory Tapes – Bicycle

Golden Ages – The Whale

Voice of Seven Woods – Return from Byzantium

Tunng – Man In a Box

Amiina – Fjarskanistan

Joanna Newsom- Bridges and Balloons

Myra Ros – Morese Codes

Lemon Jelly – Don’t Stop Now

Caribou – Jamelia (DK Koze remix)

Amiina – Rugla

Mundaring Weird – Suddenly In Too Deep

Griizzly Bear -Cheerleader (Neon Indian Remix)

Atlas Sound – Winter Vacation

Breaks Co-Op – Duet

Dalcha Ert – Piece for Piece

Donovan – Get The Bearings

Friends of Dean Martinez – Dusk

Sunforest – Magician in the Mountain

Ed Askew – Love is Everyone

Voice of the Seven Woods – Silver Morning Branches

Os Mutantes – Meu Refrigerator Nao Functiona

Silje Nes – Magnetic Moments

The Books – Cello Song

Iron and Wine – Godless Brother

Kings of Convernience – Cayman Islands

Cloud Control – Gold Canary

Mundaring Weird – Let It Flow

Message to Bears – Farewell Stars

Tunng – Interlude

Radio Show 20 Feb 2011- Episode 3
February 25, 2011, 11:55 am
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Your Curator and Selector for this edition…Claude Mono

Listen here

Redux HQ Download (just the music) [COMING SOON]


Leafcutter John               Let It Begin

The Espers                     Byss and Abyss

Jane Weaver                           Europium Allumiate

Jane Weaver                           A Circle And A Star

Jane Weaver                           The Fallen By Watch Bird

Greg Davis                               Slightly Asleep

Silje Nes                         Ames Room

Thief                               Sunchild

Richard Burton                Under Mikwood

Caribou                           Bowls Holden Remix)

James Last                     Here Comes The Sun

Eighteenth Day of May    Dawn

Plinth                              Albatross Part 5

Real Ones                       Outlaw (erol Alkan remix)

Tame Impala                   Alter Ego

Tame Impala                   Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alkan Rework)

Caribou                           Kaili (walls Remix)

Tangerine Dream             Love on a Train (Sean Mclure)

Valerie Project                 Prelude

Valerie Project                 Introduction

Valerie Project                 Torchlight

Juana Molina                   La Verdad

Islaja                               Laulu Jo Menneestä