The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 9 July 2017 – Episode 328



Claude Mono hosts the Golden Apples of the Sun and curates a winter soundscape of intricate sound explorations through now sounds, baroque pop, psych folk, reissued golden era AOR vocals, electronica, and other strange and beautiful things…

Show re-stream here – select 9 July 2017

Mixcloud HQ here – just the music


F.J. McMahon – Sister Brother – Follow The Sun

Magic – Sunshine – Praise Poems 5

Prana Crafter – Luminous Clouds – The Active Listener Sampler

Floating Points – Silurian Blue – Reflections Mojave Desert

Lovely Days And Loud Hurrays – Before We Begin – Under The Covers

Jane Weaver – Ravenspoint – Modern Kosmology

Paper Dollhouse – Siren – Aeonflower

Paper Dollhouse- Your Heart – Aeonflower

Receivers – No One is Listening – The Air on the Set

Kadhja Bonet – Intro Earth Birth

Kadhja Bonet – Remember The Rain

Adrian Younge – Life Never Ends – Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics

Adrian Younge – Ready To Love – Something About April II

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – Love Captive – Finding Me Finding You

The Radio Dept – David

The Radio Dept – David (The Rice Twins Remix)

Koushik – Corner of Your Smile – Out of My Window

Koushik – In a Green Space – Out of My Window

Danger Mouse – To a Black Boy – Free Design Redesigned

The Free Design – Lullaby (J Nova Remix) – Free Design Redesigned

Ada Kaleh – Palatul De Cleștar

Mojave 3 – Bluebird of Happiness (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Gary Shearston – Witnessing – Follow The Sun

Gary Davenport – Sarra – Sky Girl



Radio Show – 20 March 2016 – Episode 262

craig mcelhinney golden apples edit crop (Medium)

A show in Two Parts as Craig McElhinney and Claude Mono have a little love battle

The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show welcomes the always immaculately musically dressed Craig McEhinney and one of his trade-mark Golden Apples three part mixes…Claude plays a Golden Apples mix in the tradition of the Ladies of the Canyon featuring private press and obscure psych, baroque, and quiet folky funk….

Re-stream the show here

HQ Mixcloud of Craig’s selections here – also check out his earlier Golden Apples mix here

HQ Mixcloud of Claude’s selections here

Craig McElhinney Golden Apples 2016


PART 1 “Remember that time you…”

pablo ferrara – alchimia

piero umiliami – risaie

bob lind – black night

the cyrkle – kites (OST The Minx)

gabor szabo – magical connection

PART 2 “How did they get here”

OM – Sinai (intro)

gunter schickert – apricot Brandy

comus – the herald

lilacs and champagne – maple st

fennesz – live excerpt

laraaji – I am sky

PART 3 “Does anyone at the bar consider themselves a romantic?”

Mystic Moods Orchestra – A dream

Ittiologia -Alghe Romantiche (Romantic Algae)

Sentridoh – Colix

Jauntarah Piero Umiliani – excerpt from Paesaggi

Fennesz – Endless Summer (remixed

CLAUDE plays….

Barbara and Ernie – Listen To Your Heart – Prelude To – 1971

Jan & Lorraine – Bird of Passage – Gypsy People 1969

Caroline Peyton – Call of the Wild – Intuition – 1977

Wendy and Bonnie – Children Laughing – Genisis – 1969

Cass Elliot – Didn’t want to have to do it – Here’s A Song – 1964

Rena Sinikin – Make Music – Make Music – 1973

Bridget St. John – Autumn Lullaby – Ask Me No Questions – 1969

Nancy Priddy – And Who Will You Be Then – You’ve Come This Way Before – 1968

Heaven & Earth – A Light Is Shining – Refuge – 1973

Billie Davis – Living In The Past – Billie Davis – 1969

Karen Beth – April rain – The Joys of Life – 1969

Sibylle Baier – I Lost Something In The Hills – Colour Green – 1973

BONUS Tracks on Mixcloud

Catherine Howe – Up North – What A Beautiful Place – 1971

Becky Severson – A Special Path – 1972

Barbara Keith – Fisherman King – 1969

Marion Arts and Robbie Laven – Mirage – 1978

Soulman’s Beautiful 1 and 2 – Psych Folk Baroque
May 19, 2012, 1:39 pm
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Here is a little 10 minute sampler. If you like folk meets jazz meets beats then…

… then The Golden Apples totally recommends these. They might just be the best thing you hear all year.  Beautiful and Beautiful 2. Phil Most Chill AKA Soulman creates super mixtapes over at his blog THAT REAL SCHITT – mainly they are beat-influenced but in 2009 and 2010 Phil started to take side-trips to somewhere else way out there that is ‘Beautiful’ and full of space for the music and we think that you will want to go there with him… you really will.. no tracklistings but that just makes the listening experience even better for that magical listening moment … we have re-upped them here at the Golden Apples to help spread the word… send your love to Soulman over at his blog and beg him for some more of this….Claude

Soulman’s Beautiful Mixtape


Soulman’s Beautiful 2 Mixtape