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Radio Show – 28 April 2013 – Epiosde 115
April 29, 2013, 11:09 am
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leonard nimoy magnavision

Claude Mono presents an explosion of tranquility as he starts of the show with light as gossamer folk and old-school Beatles and somehow twists it all up into some sort of electronic wash of vintage electronica and cinematic hardcore  – well that is if you are thinking 80 + 90s = vintage electronica…

Listen Here


Oakenwood – Bramble – Oakenwood

The Advisory Circle – Lonely Signalman – As The Crow Flies

Michael Mayer – Sully

Teamforest  – Leave On A Jet Plane – Leave Again

Testbild – Astroboy – Where Did This Begin

Artist Unknown – Interlude Nordic Mellow Rhodes Keyboard Jam

Wyrdstone – Meditation On Lost Gardens – Active Listener Acid Folk Sampler

Kathy McCord  – Leaving Home – Kathy McCord

The Beatles – Sun King (isolated guitar) – Abbey Road

Wendy and Bonnie – The Pailsey Windowpane – Genesis

Laetitia Sadier – By The Sea – The Trip

Electronic Migration Panel  – Sifter

The Greg Foat Group – Cast Adrift – Girl and Robot with Flowers

Catching Flies – Let Your Hair Down – The Stars EP

Lilt – Can’t Here – Swim EP

Bill Withers – Can We Pretend  +justments

Antena – To Climb The Cliff – Camino Del Sol

Antena – Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje) – Versions Specials

Laetitia Sadier – Find Me The Pulse of the Universe – Silencio

Propaganda – The Last Word (Strength To Dream) – Secret Wish (Deluxe)

Propaganda – Dream Within A Dream – Secret Wish (Deluxe)

The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea

The Greg Foat Group – Girl and Robot with Flowers Part 5  – Girl and Robot with Flowers

Leonard Nimoy  – By Myself – The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy



Ondes Martenot
April 25, 2013, 9:47 am
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Here at the Golden Apples we are huge fans of Theremin virtuoso May Roosevelt and we were very excited to see recently on her FB page the news for 2013: “My upcoming album: 10 tracks, 31:15 total time” – the news comes after an extended musical break where her pursuit of her graphic design career left many of us anxiuos she may not return to give us another ‘Haunted’.  Asa reviwer so aptly put it “The Theremin is a very complex instrument yet absolutely submissive to the hands of May Roosevelt”…



But what of Ondes Martnenot the title of this post. Well we have also been reading ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ which is a wonderful history of electronic music, and it is here that we have been discovering the sound  of the Ondes Martenot. A vintage electronic instrument which belongs to a very exclusive musical club where it could be referred to as the slightly more sophisticated cousin of the Theremin.

christine ott

In looking for Ondes Martenot virtusos the name Christina Ott appears often.

… typically haunting atmospheric sounds – but then –  this crazy jazz thing!!!…

…in performance with Yann Tiersen…


You cannot touch on the Theremin and the Ondes Martenot without mentioning Raymond Scott’s legendary Electronium fames as the first ever sequencer. It sits today gathering dust in the basement of Devo’s Mutato Studio on Sunset Blvd buried (but treasured) amongst Mark Mothersbaugh’s amazing vintage electronica collection.


Colleen – The Weighing Of The Heart
April 20, 2013, 8:32 am
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Its been a long time between drinks… a new Colleen album for 2013 !!!

Out on Second Language Music

Louis and Bebe Barron
April 20, 2013, 7:05 am
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The Golden Apples has recently been immersed in the book ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ by Mark Brend and we were totally hooked as soon as we read the introduction which explores an ill-fated collaboration where Paul McCartney met with Delia Darbyshire and Brian Hodgson on a planned BBC Radiophonic electronic backing soundscape to ‘Yesterday’…. oh what might have been…

The book charts the origins of electronic music. It is indeed “a fascinating history of the inventors, producers and technicians behind the early televisual and cinematic breakthroughs of electronic music”.

Mark Brend the book’s author is also a musician and has a release under his artist name Ghostwriter. Check out the beautifully packaged The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association.

Louis and Bebe Barron  - electronic tonalities


Within the Sound of Tomorrow there is a whole chapter dedicated to Louis and Bebe Barron the “Forgotten Pioneers of Electronic Music” (NPR radio interview) and their early electronic music composition work in the 1950s mixing sound and vision using their own hand-made electronic instruments which can be heard in their collaborations with Ian Hugo and Anais Nin and most importantly in the landmark all-electronic film soundtrack to ‘The Forbidden Planet’ where  the ‘electronic tonalities’of the Barrons 50 years later now stands as a beacon for all electronic music that followed it – these are sounds worth re-exploring. The Forbidden Planet was nominated for an Academy Awared for its audio and visual effects but Louis and Bebe were not named in the award even though the work was exclusively thier own. The film did not win the award but thier dispute with the studio left the Barrons forever exluded from the studio system and they never completed another soundtrack, Even more tragically, the studios subsequently licensed thier original music to provide eerie space effects in later B-grrade sci fi films leaving thier landmark sound to became a parody of itself. Thier original studio which they both worked in and lived in (see pictures) was dismantlked and over the subsequent years they continued to create strange but beautiful music working out of a home garage studio in relative obscurity. Today their son maintains the garage studio and its equipment as a legacy to his parents work but wonders what will become of the legacy.

Radio Show – 14 April 2013 – Episode 114
April 18, 2013, 2:38 pm
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Oliver Laing says: “Continuing my stint in the role of RTRFM ‘journeyman’ by presentation of today’s edition of Golden Apples of the Sun, from 2pm. Tune in for the sinister tropical vibes of Mike Cooper, the demented genius of Bruce Haack and the pure Egyptian malevolence of Alan Bishop’s post-post-Sun City Girls project The Invisible Hands”.

Listen Here


1) Soft Focus – Polysommographic ‘Soft Focus’ (Sahko)
2) Burnt Freidman – It Hurts! ‘Plays Love Songs’ (Nonplace)
3) Nurse With Wound – Black Teeth ‘Huffin’ Rag Blues’ (United Durtro)
4) Joe Meek & The Blue Men – Magnetic Field ‘I Hear a New World’
5) Cul De Sac – Song to the Siren ‘ECIM” (Capella)
6) Lapalux – Without You ‘Nostalchic’ (Brainfeeder)
7) 230 Divisadero – Old Photograph ‘230 Divisadero’ (Locust)
8) The Invisible Hands – Black Blood ‘ The Invisible Hands’ (Abduction)
9) L’Augmentation – Negative Walk ‘L’Augmentation’ (Kookydisc)
10) Bablicon – Rhinoceros ‘In A Different City’ (Misra)
11) Volcano the Bear – Russian Milk ‘Classic Erasmus Fusion’ (Beta Lactam Ring)
12) Buck 65 – The Floor ‘ Secret House Against the World’ (Warners)
13) Bruce Haack – Program Me ‘The Electric Lucifer’ (Columbia)
14) Paavoharju – Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Lapi ‘Yha Hamaraa’ (Fonal)
15) Current 93 – In the Heart of the Wood and What I Found There ‘ Thunder Perfect Mind’ (United Jnana)
16) Mike Cooper – Po Mahina ‘White Shadows in the South Seas’ (Room 40)
17) The Evolution Control Commitee – 5000BC ‘Plagiarhythm Nation’ (Seeland)
18) Stock, Hausen & Walkman – Gruel ‘Ventilating Deer’ (Hot Air)
19) Le Forte Four- Japanese Super Heroes ‘L.A.F.M.S. – Unboxed’
20) Richard Youngs – Sonar in my Soul ‘The Naïve Shaman’ (Jagjaguwar)

21) Jessika Kenney & Eyving Kang – Kidung ‘The Face of the Earth’ (Ideologic Organ)
22) Odd Nosdam – Untitled 11 ‘Why?/Odd Nosdam Spilt’ EP (Anticon)
23) The Godz – Womban ‘The Third Testament’ (ESP Disk)
24) The Legendary Pink Dots – Untitled 12 ‘Chemical Playschool’
25) Ted Milton/Loopspool – You’ve Seen the Light ‘Sublime’ (Charhizma)

Bedroom Cassette Masters
April 14, 2013, 6:12 am
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sounds like vintage electronica

bedroom casette masters 1 and 2 edit

Volume Two now availabe with more amazing sounds and again packaged with a great booklet – this is what Private Press is about.

Bedroom Castette Masters on Facebook.

Get your copy over at Bandcamp

Tandyn Almer – Rediscovered Lost Pop Demos
April 14, 2013, 3:18 am
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tandyn almer edit

The Golden Apples is definitely not into ‘retro’  –  more like ‘reference points’ which is a subtle but all together different thing – but we have just ‘discovered’ Tandyn Almer through a tip-off via the impeccable music selection of the BBC’s  Sean Rowley.

“The Sundazed reissue, which was mostly finished at the time of Almer’s death, presents fifteen of the songs that he wrote as demos for his publisher, Davon Music, and comes with a long essay by the music writer Parke Puterbaugh, which makes a case for Almer as an underappreciated talent who was almost as gifted as Brian Wilson. Again, “underappreciated” is somewhat of an understatement” from the Washington Post Article by Ben Green

Liner Notes from the 2013 Sundazed Compilation