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Tom Fizgerald Totally Wild Video Art
September 29, 2013, 8:29 am
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The visual collaboration “Oxidizing Hexagons” was born out of a previously discussed theoretical archive of latter day found footage called “Fade To White” which me and Tom Fitzgerald had discussed over the years while working on projects at Hollywood’s Silent Cinema picture house. Based on a mutual obsession with 70’s adaptations of Eastern European folklore and Germanic Kunstmärchen fairytale films mixed with experimental footage of overexposed snow-scapes and discarded 8mm art edits, Tom used his expertise to construct a visual poem which compliments my own musical interpretation of Damon’s album focussing on the title “Photographing Snowflakes”.

After Edan labored for a year to complete his new project Echo Party he was very happy with the outcome but wanted it to have a visual accompaniment  to help compliment his live DJ set.   He approached Tom Fitzgerald who also happens to be Cut Chemists go to video guy and film archivist who works for the The Silent Theatre in LA.  What has been created in nothing short of a perfect visual marriage for the unmistakably unique album.


Morton Subotnick and Alexander Robotnick
September 29, 2013, 7:45 am
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It can be confusing…

Alexander Robotnick Private Party Performance – wish he would play at my private party

Morton Subotnick Live

John Elliott – Klaus Shultze – Lisa Gerrard
September 29, 2013, 3:03 am
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john elliott-3_18_2013

John Elliott (Emeralds, Outer Space) has just made a return visit to Perth and played an intimate set at the Velvet Lounge. His beautiful epic synth sounds are from the present but reference the past with a key reference point being Tangerine Dream.


Klaus Schulze is the legendary creator of keyboard based electronic music. His incredible soundscapes as both a solo artist and as a member of groups including Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel are musically unsurpassed, as his influence today on young electronic artists.


Lisa Gerrard is the Australian singer and composer who rose to prominence for her ethereal vocal work during the 80s in the group Dead Can Dance. In 2008 Klaus Shultze performed live with Lisa Goddard. As a live performance this is simply stunning. The HD sound, the multi-camera work, and the intimacy captured means that every key touch and oscillator adjustment that Klaus makes to his incredible on stage setup is both heard and seen – yes its a cliché but you are there with him!!!

It was recorded during the ‘Night Of The Prog Festival III’ at Loreley on the 18th July 2008.  Enjoy the first 40 minute build up, enjoy the breathtaking vocals of Lisa Gerrard and enjoy the amazing solos on a variety of keyboards including a dusty old vintagec Moog.

This is nearly two hours but every second is amazing – give yourself a treat. You absolutely need to watch it – in full screen – and with headphones on – or else with a very loud quadrophonic speaker system like the one at Golden Apples HQ.

Radio Show – 22 September 2013 – Episode 136
September 29, 2013, 2:22 am
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Danielle Marsland presents the Golden Apples.

Listen Here


Perrera Elsewhere – So Bizarre

FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify -EP2

Julia Holter – Hello Stranger

Nguzunguzu – Drop Cage – Warm Pulse

Kyson – She Said To Me Quietly

Oliver Tank feat. Fawn Meyers – Embrace

She (Shlohmo Remix) – Laura Mvula – Sing To The Moon

Ryat – Howl

Purity Ring – Cartographist

Forest Swords – The Weight of Gold – Engravings

Shigeto – Ringmaster

Tokyo Hands – Down 4 U

Balam Acab – Luminesce

Banks – Warm Water

Film Forest – Secure

Arca – &&&&& Mix (excerpt)

Nimble Animal
September 21, 2013, 4:06 am
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nimble animal band name


Nimble Animal – ‘Back N Forth’ – Brand new arrival at Golden Apples HQ with a little signature melody that just keeps swirling around in our heads…

More on Nimble Animal at Fallopian Tunes

Radio Show – 15 September 2013 – Episode 135
September 21, 2013, 3:53 am
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Diger Rokwell presents… “water” here

water droplets

Radio Show – 9 September 2013 – Episode 134
September 21, 2013, 3:50 am
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Aarom Wilson presents…

Listen Here


Purple Overdose – Her Arms Embraced The Sun

Ambassadeurs – Trouble

Wintercoats – Halogen Moon (Mmoths Remix)

Kit Pop – Moodlight

San Fermin – Daedelus (What We Have)

Dead Man’s Bones – Buried In Water

Mei Saraswati – Tiapapata Gentle

Ryan Hemsworth – Taquwami Remix

Clark – Absence (Bibio Remix)

Saux – Show You Light

Califone- Frosted Tips

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Curse Of The Witches

Stoner Kebab – Superdoom

Jackson & His Computer Band – Orgysteria

Kuedo – Glow (Clark Remix)

Julien Mier – Ever Lonely

Volcano Choir – Comrade

Fortune Howl- Vision Quest

Jon Hopkins – Immunity