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Radio Show – 6 August 2017 – Episode 332 – Perth 2017

In what has become a bit of a tradition over the last few years, a pre-Radiothon all-local edition – so relax and enjoy a handcrafted sound collage of sun-drenched music from Perth and surrounds

… and please explore and experience the music and go out and see artists playing their music live because that is what it is all about….share the love

Show re-stream here (select 6 Aug)

HQ Mixcloud here – just the music plus extra tracks


Sacred Flower Union – Forest of the sky night time in the reef – Better Homes & Goblins

Akioka – Groove On The Eternal Now

RadarMaker – Sashegyi – Drawn like Spires

Stephen Bailey – Silo – Silo

Edie Green – Drowning – The Sea That Binds You

Edie Green – The Sea That Binds You – The Sea That Binds You

Mt. Mountain – Floating Eyes – Dust

Ghost Drums – Rain Parade Remix Original Past Life

Peppermint Showers – New York Darkroom

Blue Child Collective – Salt Spray – Saturn Saw The Seaside

Human Buoy – Vitamin C

Stephen Bailey – Mr. Fair – Silo

Antelope – Dusk – Antelope EP

Fait – Reverie – Sonder

Dara Nafasi – South of Mount Azuma – For Those of Little Dust

Makee – Bord – Makee EP

Phil Stroud – Sometime Last Year

Mike Midnight – cL cL

The Caseworker – Hold On To The Road (Makee Remix)

Superengine – Sailing – Shadows Meet – Listen to nusic Guru Ross Chisholm discusses Superengine  on The Land That Time Forgot or RTRFM

Superengine – Intermittent Lies – Shadows Meet

Ghost Drums – Beautiful Florist – Tigers Remix – Ghost Drums Remixes

And An A – Ambition

The Triffids – Tender Is the Night (The Long Fidelity) – Born Sandy Devotional


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Diger Rokwell presents Western Australian sounds


Golden Apples od Perth 2015

Perth – local music for local people

With Love from…Perth



Radio Show – 30 July 2017 – Episode 331

Presented by…Dr Gonzo, MFG & Penny Lane

Dr Gonzo says “Join me, Dr G with the MFG and Penny Lane on Golden Apples this afternoon  on the wireless or on the weird wired web. This time around we’re featuring fabulous female flavours…”

Show re-stream here (select 30 July)


Barbarella – Pygar’s Persecution

Mei Saraswati – Call Out Your Name

Carla Sciaky – And I A Fairytale

Laurie Anderson – Langue D’Amour

Jennie Pearl – Maybe In Another Year

The Triffids – Raining Pleasure

CocoRosie – Werewolf

Fatima – Ridin’ Round

Georgia – You

Francesca Gonzalez – Hope

Kaia – Know Myself

Bree Tranter – You Always Take Me Higher

Sophie T – On The Train

Nadia Stuiwigh – 4ES

Caroline K – Chearth

Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel   Rainbow’s End

Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do

Patti Smith – Kimberley

Abbe May – Total Control

Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby

Mei Saraswati – Morning Light

Felicity Groom – Take You Home

Sarah Angliss – A Wren In The Cathedral

Sudan Archives – Paid

EMA – California

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Balam Acab)

Julie Byrne – Sleepwalker

Radio Show – 23 July 2017 – Episode 330

Dave Clark presents a sprawling epic and beautiful soundtrack edition of the Golden Apples…

Dave says “Looking forward to presenting another edition of Golden Apples of the Sun today. I’m doing a soundtrack special – lots of music from movies and TV shows that I love and fit the Golden Apples realm. Yes, Angelo Badalamenti, and also Vangelis, Cliff Martinez, Michael Stearns, Ennio Morricone, David Carbonara, Kenji Kawai… perfect music for a cold rainy Sunday afternoon…”

Listen here (select 23 July 2017)

HQ Mixcloud here


Vangelis – Bladerunner Main Titles – Bladerunner OST

Vangelis – Rachel’s Song – Bladerunner OST

Angelo Badalamenti – Interview for Twin Peaks theme tune

Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme – Twin Peaks OST

Angelo Badalamenti – Audrey’s Dance – Twin Peaks OST

Cliff Martinez – I Drive – Drive OST

Cliff Martinez – He Had a Good Time – Drive OST

Cliff Martinez – Wrong Room – Drive OST

The Chromatics – Tick of the Clock – Drive OST

Kenji Kawai – Nightstalker – Ghost In The Shell OST

Kenji Kawai – Floating Museum – Ghost In The Shell OST

Jeff Mills – Landscape (Utopian Dream) – Metropolis Soundtrack

Jeff Mills – Blue Print – Metropolis Soundtrack

Jeff Mills – Perfecture Somewhere Around Now – Metropolis Sountrack

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stern  – Stranger Things (Extended Edition) – Stranger Things OST

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stern  – Talking to Australia – Stranger Things OST

Kyle Dixon – Where’s Barb – Stranger Things OST

Cliff Martinez – Is Everyone Else On Board? – Solaris OST

Cliff Martinez – Can I Sit Next To You – Solaris OST

Cliff Martinez – Don’t Blow It – Solaris OST

Michael Stearns – Mantra / Organics – Baraka OST

Michael Stearns – End Credits – Baraka OST

Michael Stearns – Escalator – Chronos OST

Michael Stearns – Corridors of Time – Chronos OST

The Cinematic Orchestra – Dawn – Man with a Movie Camera

The Cinematic Orchestra – Reel Life – Man with a Movie Camera

The Cinematic Orchestra – Work It! – Man with a Movie Camera

David Carbonara – Songs of India – Mad Men OST

Ken Griffith – Ebb Tide – Mad Men OST

David Carbonara – Summer Man – Mad Men OST

David Carbonara – Pacific Coast Highway – Mad Men

Ennio Morricone – Veruschka’s Theme – Veruschka OST

Wong Kar Wai – Yumeji’s Theme – In the Mood for Love OST

Erik Satie – Gymnopedies No. 1 – My Dinner with Andre OST

Vangelis – Tears in the Rain – Bladerunner OST

Radio Show – 16 July 2017 – Episode 329
July 30, 2017, 8:18 am
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Em Burrows musician and resident subject matter expert of the The Golden Apples who knows the difference between psych and psychedelia curates Episode 329 celebrating women of psych across many music realms. Tune in and re-stream some otherworldly sounds…

Re-stream here (Select 16 July)


Lake Ruth and Listening Center – Monstre Sacre

Stereolab – Chemical Chords

Broadcast- I Found the F

Black Mountain – Druganaut

The Soundcarriers – There Only Once

Rotary Connection feat Minnie Riperton – I Am the Black Gold of the Sun

Springtime Carnivore – Low Clouds

Apricot Rail – Dore Strauch

Death and Vanilla – Follow The Light – Where The Wild Things Grow

Kikagaku Moyo – Kogarashi

Le Super Homard – Maple Key

Jefferson Airplane – Crown of Creation

Warpaint – Set Your Arms Down

Jane Weaver – Slow Motion

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – An Intention

Build An Ark – The Yes Song

Lesley Duncan – Love Song

Pentangle – Lyke Wake Dirge

Cate Le Bon – Sisters

Fotheringay – Gypsy Davey

Rose Windows – Wanton Song

Moody Beach – All I Do

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bisou Magique

The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations

Lake Ruth – The Greenfield Industrialist

The Magnetic Mind – The Mumbai Firefly

Radio Show – 9 July 2017 – Episode 328



Claude Mono hosts the Golden Apples of the Sun and curates a winter soundscape of intricate sound explorations through now sounds, baroque pop, psych folk, reissued golden era AOR vocals, electronica, and other strange and beautiful things…

Show re-stream here – select 9 July 2017

Mixcloud HQ here – just the music


F.J. McMahon – Sister Brother – Follow The Sun

Magic – Sunshine – Praise Poems 5

Prana Crafter – Luminous Clouds – The Active Listener Sampler

Floating Points – Silurian Blue – Reflections Mojave Desert

Lovely Days And Loud Hurrays – Before We Begin – Under The Covers

Jane Weaver – Ravenspoint – Modern Kosmology

Paper Dollhouse – Siren – Aeonflower

Paper Dollhouse- Your Heart – Aeonflower

Receivers – No One is Listening – The Air on the Set

Kadhja Bonet – Intro Earth Birth

Kadhja Bonet – Remember The Rain

Adrian Younge – Life Never Ends – Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics

Adrian Younge – Ready To Love – Something About April II

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – Love Captive – Finding Me Finding You

The Radio Dept – David

The Radio Dept – David (The Rice Twins Remix)

Koushik – Corner of Your Smile – Out of My Window

Koushik – In a Green Space – Out of My Window

Danger Mouse – To a Black Boy – Free Design Redesigned

The Free Design – Lullaby (J Nova Remix) – Free Design Redesigned

Ada Kaleh – Palatul De Cleștar

Mojave 3 – Bluebird of Happiness (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Gary Shearston – Witnessing – Follow The Sun

Gary Davenport – Sarra – Sky Girl


Radio Show – 2 July 2017 – Episode 327
July 8, 2017, 6:14 am
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Graeme Watson curates this edition of GAotS

Listen to the show re-stream here (select 2 July)


The Song of Wandering Aegus – Michael Gambon

Seahawks – Starways – Starways

Paul Weller – One Tear (Instrumental) – A Kind of Revolution

Paul Weller featuring Boy George – One Tear – A Kind of Revolution

Shinichi Atobe – Regret – From the heart, it’s a start, a work of art

Roger McGuinn – Silver Dagger

Saint Etienne – Like a Motorway

Saint Etienne – Like a Motorway (Skin Up, Your Dead remix by Autechre)

Heartstopper (Mum Remix) – Emilliana Torrini

Change – LTO – Storybook

Jim Morrison – Bird of Prey (excert)

Woo – Water Drum – It’s Cosy

Rodelius and Arnold Kasar – Black White Felt

Onra – Persons on the Blacklist – Chinoseries Pt.3

Onra – Pearl Song – Chinoseries Pt.3

b-tribe – Albatros

Mugwisa International Xylophone Orchestra – Mazongoto Woods (Alejandro Mosso Rework) -Santuri’s Embaire Umeme

Diger Rokwell – Ella – Sri Diger

Aldous Harding – Party – Party

Cathie O’Sullivan – The Orange Tree

The Irresistable Force – Nepalese Fish (Radio Edit)

The Charlatans – The Setting Sun- Different Days

Tim Burgess – Again (Stoned Again And Or Seahawks Remix)

Song Sun – I’m Not in Love – Late Night Tales David Holmes