The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 22 November 2015 – Episode 246

The reclusive Probehead curates his last episode of the Golden Apples as he will be taking a break to explore new musical projects. This show has some beautiful sounds and will leave your head tingling with an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. We thank Probehead for his hauntological, folkloric and baroque excursions that have helped to pattern the show.

Listen Here (choose 22 Nov)


The Advisory Circle – Sundial

The Advisory Circle – Mind How You Go Now

Belbury Poly – The Hidden Door

Belbury Poly – The Willows

The Focus Group – Hey Let Loose Your Love

The Focus Group – Frumious Numinous

Broadcast and the Focus Group – Drug Party

The Soundcarriers – This Is Normal (Instrumental)

The Soundcarriers – So Beguiled

The Free Design – Ivy on a Windy Day

Tinkerbell’s Fairydust – 20-Oct

The Soundcarriers – Out of Place (Instrumental Remix)

Jim Sullivan – Rosey

Gene Clark – Echoes

Francoise Hardy – Be On Your Way

David Mitchell and Denise Rougham – The Crying Room

The Soundcarriers – Step Outside (Instrumental Remix)

The Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Pink Floyd – Cirrus Minor

Wimple Winch – Marmalade Hair

Demdike Dare – Forest of Evil (Dusk)

The Guards – Fantastic Fair

The Human Instinct – Renaissance Fair

The Byrds – The Bells of Rhymney

Albert Verrichea – Hallucination Strip # 11

Bruno Nicolai – Gin

Guido & Maurizio de Angeles – Goodbye My Friend

Romano Rizzati – Shake 5B

Vercetti Technicolor – ?

Tom Jones – Elvis Presley Blues

Gillian Welch – Time (The Revelator)




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