The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 3 June 2018 – Local Special

Diger Rokwell hosts Golden Apples of the Sun on a Long Weekend holiday in Western Australia.

A show featuring all WA sounds and music. Tune in, WA out.

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Listen to the show re-stream here

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Akioka – Untitled

Eleventeen Eston – I Float, I am Free

Tourist Kid – Discourse II

Wooshie – Boyfriend Material

Maxy Bills – Seeding Suns

Your best friend Jippy – Know the Difference

Your Best Friend Jippy – Facebook Friends

Kuzich – Rinjani Nights

Taku – Little India

Demon Days – Killer Bees

POW Negro – Racketball

Setvice – Dig Deep

Leopard Lake – Thinking of You

Jarrah King – Jarrah King

Ben Witt – Marble Orchard

Gum – The Blue Marble

Roza Terenzi – Yeh Yeh Yeh

Phil Stroud – Tribe

Ginoli – Cannoli

Cow Cablin – Carte Blanche

Dom Mariani and The Majestic Kelp – Walking on the Ocean

Psychedelic Porn Crumptets – Pi

Stephen Bailey – Demure

Erasers – Leaves

Rhibosome – Time (Ku-Ling Bro Mix)

Fdel – Fuller Culture

Liminal Drifter – Beach Fair

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A few more Golden Apples local edition mixes can be found here 




Radio Show – 6 August 2017 – Episode 332 – Perth 2017

In what has become a bit of a tradition over the last few years, a pre-Radiothon all-local edition – so relax and enjoy a handcrafted sound collage of sun-drenched music from Perth and surrounds

… and please explore and experience the music and go out and see artists playing their music live because that is what it is all about….share the love

Show re-stream here (select 6 Aug)

HQ Mixcloud here – just the music plus extra tracks


Sacred Flower Union – Forest of the sky night time in the reef – Better Homes & Goblins

Akioka – Groove On The Eternal Now

RadarMaker – Sashegyi – Drawn like Spires

Stephen Bailey – Silo – Silo

Edie Green – Drowning – The Sea That Binds You

Edie Green – The Sea That Binds You – The Sea That Binds You

Mt. Mountain – Floating Eyes – Dust

Ghost Drums – Rain Parade Remix Original Past Life

Peppermint Showers – New York Darkroom

Blue Child Collective – Salt Spray – Saturn Saw The Seaside

Human Buoy – Vitamin C

Stephen Bailey – Mr. Fair – Silo

Antelope – Dusk – Antelope EP

Fait – Reverie – Sonder

Dara Nafasi – South of Mount Azuma – For Those of Little Dust

Makee – Bord – Makee EP

Phil Stroud – Sometime Last Year

Mike Midnight – cL cL

The Caseworker – Hold On To The Road (Makee Remix)

Superengine – Sailing – Shadows Meet – Listen to nusic Guru Ross Chisholm discusses Superengine  on The Land That Time Forgot or RTRFM

Superengine – Intermittent Lies – Shadows Meet

Ghost Drums – Beautiful Florist – Tigers Remix – Ghost Drums Remixes

And An A – Ambition

The Triffids – Tender Is the Night (The Long Fidelity) – Born Sandy Devotional


Want more? … more Golden Apples curated music from Perth and Western Australia here

Golden Apples – local editions – mixes

…by request the links to blog pages and the local edition mixes

Golden Apples of Western Australia 2017


Sounds from Western Australia 2016

Diger Rokwell presents Western Australian sounds


Golden Apples od Perth 2015

Perth – local music for local people

With Love from…Perth



Radio Show – 7 August 2016 – Episode 281 – Perth


sounds from western australia edit 2 (Medium)

golden apples local 2016 edit 2 (Medium)

Photo Credit – Yallingup Beach Tea Rooms – 1980s – from the amazing Surfing Down South Book – check it out – stories and pictures

Like the Postcard of Sounds from Western Australia The Golden Apples presents another special edition of sounds from Perth and Western Australia – Musicians with deeply real and sometimes completely tangential links to place. The sounds of now meet the sounds of then….

amazing music from right here – go out and get some

listening options:

re-stream the show and Claude’s verbal sleeve notes  – here – Select 7 August

just the Music HQ Mixcloud here


Wilson Tanner – Further Than Your Headlights – 69

Errol H Tout – That 6 (Remix)

Erasers – Leaves (Live) – RTRFM’s The View from Here

Fait – Halcyon – Atmosphere

Tourist Kid – Dedication to Ellis B – A Circulation

Original Past Life – Bear Hotel (Tourist Kid Remix)

Original Past Life – Bear Hotel – The Times of Ceylon

The Triffids – Field of Glass – Field Of Glass (Live)

The Triffids – Rent

Lanark – Anywhere But Here – Anywhere But Here

Gum – Carnarvon – Glamourous Damage

Gum – Elafonissi Blue – Glamourous Damage

Mark Ronson featuring Kevin Parker – Daffodils – Uptown Special

German Humour – Maybe You Could Read My Mind III – Dutch Courage

Mt. Mountain – Diablo – Cosmos Terros

Mt. Mountain – The Villain

Zealous Chang – Spacetime

Leafy Suburbs – Claps – Psychic Lease

Rabbit Island with Nicholas Allbrook – 11 12 13 – RTRFM’s The View from Here

Mei Saraswati Band – Dash (Live from Camp Doogs 2015)

Ta-ku – Trust Me – Songs To Make Up To

Ta-ku – Love Lost – Songs To Break Up To

Karli White – Cream (Mixcloud Bonus)

Steve Cobby & Stephen Mallinder – Trans Europe Express (Mixcloud Bonus)

Stephen Mallinder – Del Sol (Mixcloud Bonus)


Radio Show – 5 June 2016 – Episode 272 – Perth

Diger Rockwell Western Australian Special

In Western Australia its a winter holiday long weekend special with Diger Rokwell presenting an all Western Australian sojourn exploring the big sky sounds, laidback noodles and the earthy tones of this fair state that we live within. Tune in, and get amongst 2 hours of all Western Australian sounds…isolation creates beauty

Listen Here (Select 5 May 2016)

HQ Mixcloud Here


Erasers – Bright Points – Pouring Dream

Perth – Old at Heart – What’s Your Utopia

Eleventeen Eston – Pale Geranium Lake – Delta Horizon

Mei Saraswati – O Sea of all Bestowalls

Lowaksi – Great Coffee

Maxy Bills – Seeding Suns

YLEM – Afterglow

Naik – Time races by

Pogo – What is I?

Catlips – Silver Smoke

Long Body – Stay Vacation

Rabbit Island – Space, Man

Nicholas Allbrook – Karrakatta Cemetery

Fait – Lucid Dreaming

Silver Hills – Sunsets on the West Coast

Mt Mountain – Moon Desire

Hamjam – Double Ride

Pond – Sorry I was under the sky

Tame impala – It is Not MEant to Be

Benjamin Witt – Deadfish

The Sleepy Jackson – Good Dancer

Methyl Ethel – Rogues

Denmark/ Van Gough – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Gum – Elafonissi Blue

Mining Tax – Footy

Joni in the Moon – Yellow Moon

Felicity Groom – Better Days

Lucy Peach – Be So Good

Radio Show – 9 August 2015 – Episode 231 -Perth

Golden Apples of Perth

golden apples book cover collage crop (Medium)

Golden Apples Perth 2015 crop (Medium)

…Yes – its another all local Golden Apples of the Sun Perth edition

Listen Here (select 9 August 2015)

Mixcloud HQ Here – just the music plus BONUS tracks


Ourobonic Plague – Rzionr Nrzfm – Communion

Karli White – Let It – Karli Whites Childhood Scissors

Mundaring Weird – Don’t Weight (Lower Spectrum Remix) – Lower Spectrum Remixes

Original Past Life – Times of Ceylon

Akioka – What to do with a Dying Dove

Erasers – Golden Tones

Diger Rokwell – Travel to the Outer Reaches Unreleased

Diger Rokwell – Seeds – Seeds

Probehead – Rainwalker – Collected Samples 2004-2013 – 08

Fait – Halycon

Probehead – Recliner Rewind – David’s New Chair

Eleventeen Eston – Indian Blue

Flower Drums – Walking At Night – 28 Mansions

Absent Hearts – City of Glass – City of Glass and Sky of White

Vishnu – Water Tones II

Savoir – Eternal (Harvey Sutherland Remix)

Probehead – Aethyr Transition Module – Collected Samples 2004-2013

David McComb of The Triffids – Calenture (demo) – Calenture

Golden String – Silk Carapace

Leafy Suburbs – Claps – Psychic Lease

Catlips – Walk Home

Lilt – Don’t Tell Me

Runner – Spooking – Cloud Kingdom

HYLA – Come Find Us – Fever Calls Late EP

Apollo’s Son – Mirror Of Ra – Demo’s

Superengine – Its You – Maddest King Alive Mix – Triangulation

BONUS – Mixcloud

Ku Ling Brothers – Octagon Head – Creach

Balkans Malay – Rodopi

Erasers – Returning Home

Radio Show 10 August – Episode 181- Perth

GAotS Local Edition 2014 v2

Claude Mono presents Perth – local music for local people – weird and wonderful

…apologies to lots of artists not in the mix – there was about an hour of complete fab stuff on the cutting room floor – Part 2 is assured

Listem HERE

Mixcloud HQ Steam – just the music – HERE

Postcard from Perth

Leaving (aka Rupert Thomas) – Belief Systems – New Needs

Mei Saraswati – Spiritual Journey Pt1

Sian Brown – Love Me Like Water – Aurora Cat

Mei Saraswati – Spiritual Journey Pt2

Jane Harris – Misery – New Weird Australia, Western Schism

Gilded – Expand Contact – Terrane

Gilded – Tyne – Terrane

The Triffids – Too Hot To Move Too Hot To Think (Demo) – The Black Swan

Cow Parade Cow – Windsurfing Music – Big Sky

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Motorolla Borealis

Coel Healy – Kep – Bleak Summer

Elk Bell – I Never Wanted You Like I Now Do – Superfragilistic

Water Graves – Low Tide – Water Graves EP

The Lammas Tide – The Murky Deep – Boost Hero Man Remix

Scenic – Kelly Watch The Stars

Eleventeen Eston – Shoelace episode 1 (Hugo’s theme prelude) – Delta Horizon Cassette

Eleventeen Eston – Panulirus Cygnus – Delta Horizon Cassette

Mei Saraswati – Swamp Gospel

Mei Saraswati – Show

Cow Parade Cow – Before The Sharks – Before The Sharks

Cow Parade Cow – Back To The North – Before The Sharks

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Panacea (feat. Kučka) – Omniliberation

Sacred Flower Union – Sprite – Field of Dreams

Rokwell and Groom – Impossible Alps – New Parts

Mind Canary – Never Listen

Tame Impala – Stranger in Moscow

Stina – Hinkley

Flower Drum – Swim Down -Ylem Remix

Joni in the Moon – Sorrow Tree 1 – Sorrow Trees

SMRTS – Palanka Calling

Mudlark – Fine Ointment – Zimdahl

Furchick – Coming down in Coral Bay – Suck

Lower Spectrum – Introduction – Lower Spectrum EP

perth – Lazy Boy (Ghost Drums Remix)