The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 4 September 2016 – Episode 285


Claude presents Part 2 of the kaleidoscope commenced in last week’s Golden Apples – experimenting further and exploring tempo and melodies across tracks and the theory that it is the set not the song more

Listen to the show re-stream here – with Claude’s audio sleevenotes – Select 4 September

HQ Mixcloud here – Just the music


Least Carpet – Cobwebs – Least Carpet II

Jane Weaver – Cascade In Dark – The Silver Globe

Arborea – Ghost – Fortress of the Sun

Lutine – Espera (Kemper Norton mix) – Died of Love Remixes

Hundred Waters – Caverns – Hundred Waters

The Dandelion Set – Memoir Of A Black Spider – A Thousand Strands 1975-2015

Paper Dollhouse – Folklore – Devon Folklore Tapes Vol.IV Rituals & Practices

Carl Turney & Brian Campbell-SumerIsIcumenIn – Merry May

Broadcast – The Aphid Sleeps – Mother is the Milky Way

The Dandelion Set – Judy Switched Off The TV – A Thousand Strands 1975 – 2015

Hushpad – Little Ways – For Kites and String

Hushpad – The Love Song of Harold Angel Esquire – For Kites and String

The Dandelion Set – Imogen’s People – A Thousand Strands 1975-2015

Cosmic Analog Ensemble – La Fonte des Glaces – La Fonte des Glaces

Broadcast – Test Area vs Belly Dance – The Future Crayon vs Extended Play

Ennio Morricone – Amore Com Delore – Le foto proibite di una signora per bene

Good Vibrations (tracking session at Gold Star) – The Beach Boys

Dorit Chrysler – Theremin meets Synchrocyclotron – Live at CERN 2016

May Roosevelt – The one where girl finds out – Panda (A Story About Love And Fear)

ION featuring May Roosevelt – Andel

DJ Shadow feat. Matthew Halsall – Ashes to Oceans- The Mountain Will Fall

The Orb – Once More (FT Explores Satan and Evening Session)


Radio Show – 24 July 2016 – Episode 279

david bedford golden apples edit (Medium)

Join the Gilbert and George of music as Robin Thomas and Claude Mono immerse you in a flotation tank for two hours of super relaxing exclusive vinyl from their decades old record collections….and lots of anecdotes from Robin

Listen Here (Select 24 July)

PLAYLIST is indeed a beautiful noise….

Vakula – The Seance – A Voyage to Arcturus

George Winston – February Sea – Winter into Spring

Shadowbox – Angels Flight – Shadowfax

Colin Chin – Ayers Rock – Intruding on a Silence

Wim Martens – Close Cover – Close Cover

Mike Oldfield – Argiers – Boxed

David Bedford – Penelope’s Shroud- The Odyssey

Brian Eno, Morbius, Roedelius – Base & Apex – After The Heat

Brian Eno – On Some Faraway Beach – More Blank Than Frank

Iasos – Rainbow Canyon – Celestial Soul Portrait

Hans-Joachim Roedelius – Geschenk des Augenblicks – Geschenk des Augenblicks

Vakula – 19 Hours Prior to Arcturus – A Voyage to Arcturus

Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene Part 2 – Oxygene

Pink Floyd – Us and Them – Dark Side of the Moon

Vangelis – Baccanale – Heaven and Hell

Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 – also played on Mark Davies vs. Krautrock

Cluster and Eno – Selange – Cluster and Eno

Amo Duul II- Morning Excuss – Vive la Trance

David Sylvian – Boy with the Gun – Secrets of the Beehive

Michael Brook – Distant Village – Angels in the Architecture


Radio Show – 3 July 2016 – Episode 276

Graeme Watson presents Episode 276

Listen Here (Select 26 June 2016)


Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik (Blond:Ish Remix)

Public Service Broadcasting – E.V.A. (Dutch Uncles)

Banco de Gaia – China (Clouds not Mountains)

Chris Cohen – Yesterdays on my mind

SFT – Hole Entry

Vetiver featuring Vashti Bunyan  – Sleep a Million Years

Anthony Phillips – Title Inspiration

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – Alvin Smith is a Hawk I see

Funki Porcini – Last Night Over Norway

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Auto-CAD Disaster (Apricot Rail Remix)

Boards of Canada – Dandelion

Max and Harvey – If I don’t make it home

Beck – Phase

Time and Space Machine – Flow River Flow

Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix)

Mutual Benefit – Love’s Crushing Diamond

Robert Creely – The Long Road

Mojave 3 – Blue Bird of Happiness (Manitoba Remix)

Beck – Cycle

Eartha Kitt – Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Sunforest – Magic in the Mountain

Buffalo Daughter – Airport Rock

Neon Indian – Should have taken acid with you (Body Language Remix)

Dead meadow – Babbling Flower

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Autumnal

A Mountain of One – Here Goes Nothing

Real Estate – Here Comes Sunshine

Bryce Dessner – Garcia Counterpoint

Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve – Third Mynd

Beyond thee Wizard’s Sleeve – Tomorrow, Forever


Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music

female electronic music pioneers

Originally broadcast on April 1, 2010, Avant-garde and outsider arts site UbuWeb shared a 40+ year audio retrospective Women In Electronic Music 1938-1982 hosted by Jon Leidecker and Barbara Golden, featuring the work of Clara Rockmore, Bebe & Louis Barron, Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel, Eliane Radigue (above), Suzanne Ciani and many others.  Listen to it here


Part 1

Clara Rockmore – Vocalise (Rachmaninoff) (recorded 1987)
Johanna M. Beyer – Music of the Spheres (1938, recorded 1977)
Bebe and Louis Barron – Forbidden Planet / Main Titles, Overture (1956)
Daphne Oram – Bird of Parallax (1962-1972)
Delia Derbyshire – Dr. Who (1963)
Delia Derbyshire – Blue Veils and Golden Sands (1967)
Delia Derbyshire – Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO (1966)
Else Marie Pade – Faust and Mephisto (1962)
Mirelle Chamass-Kyrou – Etude 1 (1960)
Pauline Oliveros – Mnemonics III (1965)
Ruth White – Evening Harmony (1969)
Ruth White – Sun (1969)
Micheline Colulombe Saint-Marcoux – Arksalalartoq (1970-71)
Pril Smiley – Koloysa (1970)
Alice Shields – Study for Voice and Tape (1968)
Daria Semegen – Spectra (Electronic Composition No. 2) (1979)
Annette Peacock – I’m The One (1972)
Wendy Carlos – Timesteps (1972)
Ruth Anderson – DUMP (1970)
Priscilla McLean – Night Images (1973)
Laurie Spiegel – Sediment (1972)
Eliane Radigue – Adnos III (1980)
Maggi Payne – Spirals (1977)
Maryanne Amacher – Living Sound Patent Pending: Music Gallery, Toronto (1982)

Part 2

Monique Rollin — Etude Vocale (1952)
Jean Eichelberger Ivey — Pinball (1967)
Gruppo NPS – Module Four (1967)
Jocy De Oliviera – Estória II (1967)
Tera de Marez Oyens – Safed (1967)
Franca Sacchi – Arpa Eolia (1970)
Sofia Gubaidulina – Viente-non-Vivente (1970)
Beatriz Ferreyra – l’Orvietan (1970)
Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971 (1971)
Françoise Barrière – Cordes-Ci, Cordes-Ça (1972)
Jacqueline Nova – Creation de la Tierra (1972)
Teresa Rampazzi – Musica Endoscopica (1972)
Lily Greenham – Traffic (1975)
Annea Lockwood – World Rhythms (1975-97)
Megan Roberts – I Could Sit Here All Day (1976)
Laurie Anderson – Is Anybody Home? (1977)
Laetitia de Compiegne Sonami – Migration (1978)
Constance Demby – The Dawning (1980)
Miquette Giraudy (w/Steve Hillage) – Garden of Paradise (1979)
Ann McMillan – Syrinx (1979)
Doris Hays – Celebration of No (from Beyond Violence) (1982)
Brenda Hutchinson – Fashion Show (1983)
Barbara Golden / Melody Sumner Carnahan – My Pleasure (1997)
Joan La Barbara – October Music (1985)


Here is a great two part article with words, pictures and music. Links below to article reproduced and edited with permission from Wombeatz, a Leeds-based organisation dedicated to the training and promotion of women in music technology. Visit the Wombeatz website for more information.

Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music Part 1

Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music Part 2

Daphne Oram Still Point
daphne oram

Daphne Oram in her studio


Shiva Feshareki

Shiva Fesharki working on the turntable scoring of ‘Still Point’ working from the detailed pencil draft pages remaining in her archive.

Still Point – Experiencing untold history unfold.

On Friday 24 June London’s DEEPMINIMALISM festival presents the never before performed Still Point composed by electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram and brought to life by London Contemporary Orchestra and composer Shiva Feshareki, who performs on turntables an electronic manipulation of the recorded orchestra, in duet with the live orchestra.


Those into the history of electronic music will be familiar with the name Daphne Oram and her involvement with The BBC Radiophonic Orchestra which she co-founded. Oram used her time out of hours, often working late into the night, to collect the newly purchased reel-to-reel machines together in a vacant studio. By linking them up via a mixing desk and playing test oscillator recordings into them, she was able to complete her first experiments in purely electronic music.  Oram’s goal was to create a machine that would directly link the composer to the sound in almost the same way that a painter can see the effect of his brushstrokes on a canvas in real time. Read more about Daphne Oran and the ‘Oramatics System’ in this excellent article over at Resident Adviser

In 1948, whilst working as a radio programme engineer at the BBC Daphne Oram began work on a new and highly innovative symphonic piece entitled ‘Still Point’. Completed in April 1950, it was submitted to the BBC for the Prix Italia only to be turned down on the basis that the adjudicators wouldn’t understand the “acoustic variants and prerecording techniques” utilized.

Still Point’ predates the work of an entire generation of composers and artists in its radical use of live electronics including turntable manipulation and sampling with live orchestra….The record cutting process is the part I am most excited about, as we will be cutting dubplates in rehearsal directly as the orchestra plays, using a 1950s lathe run by sonic-scientist Aleksander Kolkowski). It will be a rare experience”


James Bulley from the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) discusses Daphne Oram’s ‘Still Point’

Shiva Feshareki artist, composer and turntablist discusses Daphne Oram’s ‘Still Point’

Radio Show – 15 May 2016 – Episode 269

Detroit Hygenic League

Known within the Golden Apples of the Sun collective as ‘The Encyclopaedia’ and also as ‘The Most Radiophonic Voice Ever’ you can delight in the atmospheric musical selections and monologues of Tristan Gibbs

No playlist as Tristan suggests listen and experience

Listen Here (Select 15 May)

Radio Show – 8 May 2016 – Episode 268

owl hauntological edit crop

Relax as The Golden Apples of the Sun features music selected by Claude Mono. A soundscape journey through wyrd dark Britannica, psych folk, west coast AOR, strange haunting electronica and general musical haze – best heard lying between the large wooden speakers of a 1970s Quadrophonic system.

Listen to show re-stream here with playlist – select 8 May

Listen to HQ Mixcloud here  – just the music

PLAYLIST (Mixcloud Versions)

Claudine Longet – Sleep Safe and Warm (Lullaby)

Frittata – Lullaby

Krzysztof Komeda – Lullaby (Diederik Idenburg remix)

The Rowan Amber Mill – Processional Waltz (Beltane version)

Sproatly Smith – The Maypole Song

Sproatly Smith – Beltane Rain

Matt Berry – October Sun

The Accidental – Time and Space

Incarnations – Meet me at Midnight

Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven

The Eleventh House with Bob Reitman – A Kind Of Funny Feeling

Torn Sail – Birds (Frankie Valentine’s Air Sign Mix) – Remixes

Crosby Stills and Nash – Guinnevere – Crosby Stills and Nash

Time and Space Machine – Mount Mountain (Original Mix)

The Holydrug Couple – You Don’t Wake Up – Noctuary

The Holydrug Couple – Dreamy – Moonlust

Klaus Johann Grobe – The Active Listener Sampler 39 – Baby lass uns sein

Memory Tapes – Run Out – Seek Magic

Tod Dockstader – Night Wolves – Electronic Vol. 1

Mangabros – Stoma (The Dandelion Set Re-Seed)

My Demon Sister – Hooray! For Dollywood (Glamour Graygun Mix)

Tod Dockstader – Seance- Electronic Vol. 1

The Predicate Production Guild – As She Entered Make Do and Mend Volume Five (Zola Jesus And Prefuse 73)