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Link Wray – Link Wray – 1971

link wray crop

Scorpio Woman – from – Link Wray (1971)

Fallin Rain from – Link Wray (1971)

Link Wray’s 1971 self-titled comeback LP marked the start of a comeback that never happened. It was, like so many LPs of the time, acclaimed by many critics but bombed in sales. It was the first of three LPs recorded between1970-1973. These relatively unknown and hard to find recordings are now being rediscovered through a recent resurgence in alt country and ‘cosmic country’ driven by the output of reissue labels such as Light In The Attic and Numero. Ace Record recently reissued the Link Wray LPs as the 3-Track Shack, a reference to recording each being made on a basic Ampex tape  recorder in a leaky roofed chicken coop which had been converted into a rehearsal space on Link Wray’s brother’s farm. The shack was not designed with comfort in mind, and little thought had been given to acoustics but the lo-fi sound was incredible. The three albums have been out on CD before, but never remastered from the original tapes. You can even hear the frogs croaking outside the shack…

From the sleeve-notes of 3-Track Shack

“Extracting elements from his own country, blues and gospel roots and somehow melding them together with the very landscape itself, he created an organic blend of downhome music that was imbued with a primitive spirituality. There is an unpolished, spontaneous feel to the music which sparks it greedily into life, and the Accokeek earth seems to be ground deep into every groove. Acoustic guitars, mandolins, dobros and piano paint a rustic picture of timeless valleys, ancient mountains and endless ranch land with Link’s bluesy electric guitar flowing through them like a powerful river with only the floorboard-stomping percussion keeping it tethered to its course…”


Radio Show – 20 March 2016 – Episode 262

craig mcelhinney golden apples edit crop (Medium)

A show in Two Parts as Craig McElhinney and Claude Mono have a little love battle

The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show welcomes the always immaculately musically dressed Craig McEhinney and one of his trade-mark Golden Apples three part mixes…Claude plays a Golden Apples mix in the tradition of the Ladies of the Canyon featuring private press and obscure psych, baroque, and quiet folky funk….

Re-stream the show here

HQ Mixcloud of Craig’s selections here – also check out his earlier Golden Apples mix here

HQ Mixcloud of Claude’s selections here

Craig McElhinney Golden Apples 2016


PART 1 “Remember that time you…”

pablo ferrara – alchimia

piero umiliami – risaie

bob lind – black night

the cyrkle – kites (OST The Minx)

gabor szabo – magical connection

PART 2 “How did they get here”

OM – Sinai (intro)

gunter schickert – apricot Brandy

comus – the herald

lilacs and champagne – maple st

fennesz – live excerpt

laraaji – I am sky

PART 3 “Does anyone at the bar consider themselves a romantic?”

Mystic Moods Orchestra – A dream

Ittiologia -Alghe Romantiche (Romantic Algae)

Sentridoh – Colix

Jauntarah Piero Umiliani – excerpt from Paesaggi

Fennesz – Endless Summer (remixed

CLAUDE plays….

Barbara and Ernie – Listen To Your Heart – Prelude To – 1971

Jan & Lorraine – Bird of Passage – Gypsy People 1969

Caroline Peyton – Call of the Wild – Intuition – 1977

Wendy and Bonnie – Children Laughing – Genisis – 1969

Cass Elliot – Didn’t want to have to do it – Here’s A Song – 1964

Rena Sinikin – Make Music – Make Music – 1973

Bridget St. John – Autumn Lullaby – Ask Me No Questions – 1969

Nancy Priddy – And Who Will You Be Then – You’ve Come This Way Before – 1968

Heaven & Earth – A Light Is Shining – Refuge – 1973

Billie Davis – Living In The Past – Billie Davis – 1969

Karen Beth – April rain – The Joys of Life – 1969

Sibylle Baier – I Lost Something In The Hills – Colour Green – 1973

BONUS Tracks on Mixcloud

Catherine Howe – Up North – What A Beautiful Place – 1971

Becky Severson – A Special Path – 1972

Barbara Keith – Fisherman King – 1969

Marion Arts and Robbie Laven – Mirage – 1978

Ora Corgan
March 25, 2016, 6:48 am
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Parentheses Records Sampler
March 13, 2016, 9:46 am
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parentheses records

A good friend of the Golden Apples is Alexis Courtin of Parenthèses Records. The label has its origins in Fremantle’s now long gone KULCHA Multicultural Arts hub. Parentheses is into musicians keen to apprehend cultural cross-collaboration and musical exploration spanning through various idioms sitting at the crossroads between tradition and continuum – its also the musical home of Masonik for whom sound artist Wheldon Thornley has hosted the Golden Apples. This is just a little sampler mix trying to give a sense of the label’s objective to engage dialogue between musicians and thus create new inter-cultural collaborative work. Featured artists in the set included Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen’s duo collaboration RESIDUAL being reinterpreted on Re-Residual and Daramad recorded by a young recording engineer and enthusiast by the name of Tom Wearne over a weekend at a beach house overlooking the sea in Safety Bay, Western Australia reflects both the cultural diversity and multi-instrumentalism of Daramad, and the Persian classical background of two of its members is a strong influence in their sound.

Mixcloud Here


Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen – Minky Star – Residual

Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen – Autumn Music – Residual

Lena – RE- Autumn Music (Lebna Edit) – Re- Residual

Daramad – Isfahan – Daramad

Daramad – Galactica – Daramad

Field Recordings – Islamic Call To Prayer

Masonik – The thickness of Human Ink – Masonik EP

Masonik – Rising Lotus (live)

Masonik – Music From Solomon’s Shadow


Radio Show 13 March 2016 – Episode 262
March 13, 2016, 9:41 am
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mind entry

Claude Mono gives away loads of ‘bliss coins’ the official currency of the Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show – recommended for listening sitting between the speakers of a large quadrophonic sound system…

Re-stream the show here (select 13 March)

Mixcloud HQ here – no talking just music  – track sequence enhanced for listening


Intro Song of Wandering Aengus – Poetry Class

Broadcast – City In Progress – The Noise Made By People

Broadcast – Dead The Long Year – The Noise Made By People

Unloved – Far From Here – Guilty of Love EP

Unloved – Damned – Guilty Of Love

Kane Ikin – Intro – Sync Textile

Kane Ikin – Slowburner – Sync Textile

Lutine – Died of Love – Espera (Kemper Norton mix)

Lutine – Died of Love – Synnove (Shape Worship mix)

Ithaca Trio – Fluidic Space – We Like Ambient (Curated by The Sly and Unseen)

Visionary Hours – Reaches Into Silence – We Like Ambient (Curated by The Sly and Unseen)

Nicolas Godin – Bach Off

Air – La Femme D’argent (live 2002)

Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen – Minky Star – Residual  >> check out the Golden Apples Parentheses Records sampler mix here

Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen – Autumn Music – Residual

Lena – RE- Autumn Music (Lebna Edit) – Re- Residual

Daramad – Isfahan – Daramad

Daramad – Galactica – Daramad

Field Recordings – Islamic Call To Prayer

Free Design – Lullaby (J-Nova Remix)

Roxanne Roll – Rhiannon – Roxanne Roll Rising Remix

Classixx – Hanging Gardens

Lover Lover – Embers


Radio Show – 6 March 2016 – Episode 261
March 12, 2016, 11:12 am
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Presented by…Gonzo, MFG, Penny Lane & Dusty Diamond

Listen Here (Select 6 March)


Robert Aiki, Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – Wasp Happening

Ami Shavit – Alpha 1

Matmos – Memento Mori

Boards of Canada – Dawn Chorus

Jane Fonda – Workout…

Hailu Mergia and The Walias – Tche Belew

Sexwitch – Lam Plearn Kiew Bao

Deerhunter – Ad Astra

Bowie – Win

Karin Krog – Images In Glass

Advisory Circle – And The Cuckoo Comes To Town

Nonkeen – Saddest Continent on Earth

Connie Constance – The Answer

Bahasa Malay – Spazio Nour

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Le Souvenir

Walls – Altai

Adrian Younge – April Sonata

Alessi Brothers – Seabird

E.R – Woyene

Craig Leon – Visit

Anenon – Camembert

Floating Points – Nespole

Sensation’s Fix – Cosmic Saudade

Mei Saraswati – Show (dreams in hyde park)

Tidelines – Lying

Leafy Suburbs – Rainbow Eucalypt

Vishnu – Soft Served Circuit Breaker

John Cale – Buffalo Ballet

Radio Show – 28 February 2016 – The Director Edition 2

Golden Apples The Director Edition 2 crop (Medium)

‘THE DIRECTOR’ is a limited edition series of The Golden Apples of the Sun. Edition 2 is hosted by Adam Trainer, ex-Music Director at RTRFM from 2010 – 2013. Adam still presents the Post-rock specialist show Posted and as his alter-ego ‘Dr Trainer’ has a number of noted academic works to his name including ‘Perth punk and the construction of urbanity in a suburban city’ and his contributions to ‘The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality’. Adam is passionate about music

…”I will be playing selections from 1960 to the present day, encompassing freak folk, outsider music, kosmische blissouts, vaporwave incantations and various other sonic territories in-and-out-between. Your Sunday afternoon consciousness drift”….

Show re-stream Here (select 28 Feb 2016)

Mixcloud of the full show Here


Ananda Shankar – Metamorphosis – Ananda Shankar

…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – After the Laughter – Source Tags & Codes

Eden Ahbez – Full Moon – Eden’s Island

Antena – Achilles – Camino Del Sol

Leafy Suburbs – Machete Beat – Slow Light

The Advisory Circle – Get In the Swim – Mind How You Go

Bruce Haack – Incantation – The Electric Lucifer

Essendon Airport – Wallpaper Music – Sonic Investigations (Of the Trivial)

Ennio Morricone – Escalation – Escalation

Gatekeeper – Flame of Displeasure – Young Chronos

Alain Gorageur – Meditation Des Enfants – Le Planete Sauvage OST

Mordant Music – (0) Comments – SyMptoMs

Luke Abbott – Brazil – Holkham Drones

Gong – A Sprinkling of Clouds – You(Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 3)

The Moody Blues – OM – In Search of the Lost Chord

memorex dawn – galleria – outlet


Hieroglyphic Being and the Configurative or Modular Me Trio – Strange Signs in the Sky      The Seer of Cosmic Visions

Leila – Space, Love – Like Weather


Lagos Disco Machine – Yeah She LIkes Kinky Things  – Warm Orange EP

Kuupuu – Lintopolku – Sous juju

Ginnungagap – Guenevere of the Ganges – Remeindre

Shuttle358 – Years Later – Can You Prove I Was Born

Yasmine Hamdan – Hal – Only Lovers Left Alive OST

Building Instrument – Alt E Bra – Buuilding Instrument

LabField – Members Crossed – Bucket of Songs

Tiny Vipers – Forest on Fire – Hands Across the Void

Mara – The Gift of Life – Surfacing