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Radio Show – 10 July 2016 – Episode 277

Golden Apples Hauntology Special 2016 crop edit (Medium)



Somewhere between the stars and the gutter, and somewhere between the height of inflated expectations and the trough of disillusionment are to be found the wonderful often passed-over musical genres that deserve to be explored further. The Golden Apples of the Sun Explorations Series No 1 – Hauntology.

Claude says…

“…By way of a brief introduction let me just say I think Hauntology is a rich and rewarding musical and visual aesthetic but one that can be done really badly – you know a bus-ride of nostalgia and electronics – full of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, British public information films of the 1970s, eerie soundtracks, concretism, and brutalist architectural imagery – well there certainly is some of that but hopefully a little bit more such as some crucial reference points and an incredible live track from Broadcast, some drum and bass, and 80s band  Japan? …so lets begin…”

RTRFM Show Re-stream – with Claude’s verbal sleeve notes full of Hauntology anecdotes to take to the pub

Mixcloud HQ – Heavenly with just the music


The Focus Group – Sinistralle (Logotone) – We Are All Pan’s People

The United States Of America – Cloud Song – The United States of America

White Noise – Your Hidden Dreams – Electric Storm

Joe Meek and the Blue Men – I Hear A New World – I Hear A New World

Ruth White – The Clock – Flowers of Evil

Boards Of Canada – 5.9.78 – A Few Old Tunes

Theme – Children of the Stones

Substations Danger – Public Information Films

The Advisory Circle – Erosion of Time – Other Channels

The Changes – Opening Titles

The Advisory Circle – Frozen Ponds – Other Channels

Pram – The Owl Service

The Spirit of Dark And Lonely Water – Public Information Film 1973

Mort Garson – I’ve Been Over The Rainbow – The Wozard of Iz An Electronic Odyssey

Broadcast – You Can Fall – The Noise Made By People

Mort Garson – Big Sur – The Wozard of Iz An Electronic Odyssey

Broadcast – Where Youth and Laughter Go – Future Crayon

The Focus Group – Clockbell – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Belbury Poly – The Moonlawn and Scarlet Ceremony – The Owls Map

The Focus Group – Hey Let Loose Your Love and Baroque Face – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Death and Vanilla – From Elsewhere – Death and Vanilla

Death and Vanilla – Ghosts in the Machine – Death and Vanilla EP

Broadcast- Hammer Without A Master – Black Session Bootleg

Broadcast- Hammer Without A Master (Underdog Remix) – Warp Remixes

Monade – Ode to a Keyring

Japan – Ghosts Klause Devore cover version

Rufige Kru – Ghosts Of My Life

Broadcast – Drums On Fire – Extended Play Two

Sunset – The Wickerman Soundtrack

Hintermass – Electric Element – The Apple Tree

Hintermass – Luftglider – The Apple Tree

Roj – You Are Here

Hong Kong In The 60s – Exploring The Landscape – Places

Broadcast – Winter Now – Ha Ha Sound



Radio Show – 3 July 2016 – Episode 276

Graeme Watson presents Episode 276

Listen Here (Select 26 June 2016)


Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik (Blond:Ish Remix)

Public Service Broadcasting – E.V.A. (Dutch Uncles)

Banco de Gaia – China (Clouds not Mountains)

Chris Cohen – Yesterdays on my mind

SFT – Hole Entry

Vetiver featuring Vashti Bunyan  – Sleep a Million Years

Anthony Phillips – Title Inspiration

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – Alvin Smith is a Hawk I see

Funki Porcini – Last Night Over Norway

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Auto-CAD Disaster (Apricot Rail Remix)

Boards of Canada – Dandelion

Max and Harvey – If I don’t make it home

Beck – Phase

Time and Space Machine – Flow River Flow

Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix)

Mutual Benefit – Love’s Crushing Diamond

Robert Creely – The Long Road

Mojave 3 – Blue Bird of Happiness (Manitoba Remix)

Beck – Cycle

Eartha Kitt – Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Sunforest – Magic in the Mountain

Buffalo Daughter – Airport Rock

Neon Indian – Should have taken acid with you (Body Language Remix)

Dead meadow – Babbling Flower

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Autumnal

A Mountain of One – Here Goes Nothing

Real Estate – Here Comes Sunshine

Bryce Dessner – Garcia Counterpoint

Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve – Third Mynd

Beyond thee Wizard’s Sleeve – Tomorrow, Forever


The eeriness of the English countryside
July 10, 2016, 4:15 am
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The eeriness of the English countryside (Medium)

Pastoral interlude

On the eeriness of the English countryside…

“Such concerns are not new, but there is a distinctive intensity and variety to their contemporary address. This eerie counter-culture – this occulture – is drawing in experimental film-makers, folk singers, folklorists, academics, avant-garde antiquaries, landscape historians, utopians, collectives, mainstreamers and Arch-Droods alike, in a magnificent mash-up of hauntology, geological sentience and political activism. The hedgerows, fields, ruins, hills and saltings of England have been set seething….”

Excellent in-depth and immersive article with pictures in the Guardian

Gregory Crewsdon – Cathedral of Pines
July 10, 2016, 4:03 am
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“It was deep in the forests of Becket, Massachusetts that I finally felt darkness lift…”

‘I think my pictures are really about a kind of tension between my need to make a perfect picture and the impossibility of doing so.’

 —Gregory Crewdson

The Golden Apples loves these beautiful intricately setup photos that each have a mysterious other-worldly painting like quality.Analysis’s excerpts thanks to JJACPhotography Blog – thanks.

Cathedral of the Pines (2013–14) was made during three productions in and around the rural town of Becket, Massachusetts. In images that recall nineteenth-century American and European paintings, Crewdson photographed figures in the surrounding forests, including the actual trail from which the series takes its title. Interior scenes charged with ambiguous narratives probe tensions between art, life, connection and separation, intimacy and isolation. – Gagosian Gallery

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines book

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 2

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 3

Gregory Crewdson - Cathedral of Pines 1

In Untitled, Summer 2006 below, when viewing the photo, the eye is drawn to the boy standing in the misty light. The surrounding bush and dark tree trunks which naturally frame the photo, draw the viewer’s gaze upwards to the bridge and light source, which also appears to be the boy’s focus.

Gregory Crewdson - Untitled, Summer 2006

In Untitled (Brief Encounter) a photo scene from Brief Encounters which is the title of his movie that has been ‘filmed over a decade’ an oblique line is located along the side of the street and the top of the building, which implies movement and direction. Another line in the foreground curves round a building and continues down the footpath, eventually merging with another line from the building’s roofline. The car’s tracks in the snow are curved lead in lines, which draws the viewer’s vision towards the receding car. All lead in lines appear to eventually join at a focal point below the movie theatre sign. The way I see this image, Crewdson’s intended point of focus is not actually the car but the wording written in the sign – Brief Encounter.

Insight to Crewdsons painstaking preparation can be seen in how the photo also incorporates the use of texture. Crewdson worked in cooperation with the town which resulted in the main street being closed to allow snow to accumulate. This has created a natural texture of fallen snow, and allowing the car tracks to remain, creating a brief encounter.

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 4

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 5

Can you really believe that these images are elaborately staged photos without digital enhancements?