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Radio Show – 29 January 2012 – Episode 52
January 29, 2012, 9:59 am
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Pastoral acoustic folk, dark folk, psych, eerie soundscapes, vintage synth, BBC radiophonics, new electronica and more…the early Human League stuff is particulary raw both aurally and visually but yet remains totally essential…

Claude Mono hosts

Listen Here


Adderbury Creation Myth – Adrian Corker – The Way of the Morris OST

Wyrdstone – ‘M Enilla Chyfaill – Cuffern

Wyrdstone – Hecate’s Garden – Cuffern

Wyrdstone – Lost At Ty Canol – Cuffern

Flying Lotus – Aunties Harp

The Unthanks – Gone To The Kye – Lust

Artist Unknown – interlude – Justin Weaver’s Medieval Psychout

Pamela Wyn Shannon – Moss

Belbury Poly – The People – The Owls Map

Festival – Blind Us All – Come Arrow Come

Sun Araw – Fit For Ceasar – Ancient Romans

The Stepkids – Shadows On Behlaf – Stepkids EP

Sun Araw – Implovium – Ancient Romans

Pocketknife – Intro – Fader Strange Alchemy MIxtape

Broadcast and The Focus Group – What I Saw – Fader Strange Alchemy MIxtape

The Creatures  – Inoa ‘Ole – Feast

The Creatures  – Gecko – Feast

Trentemoller – Sycamore Feeling – Into The Great Wide Yonder

Ennio Morricone – Astratto 3 – Crime and Dissonance

Ennio Morricone – Paura E Aggressione – Crime and Dissonance

Krzysztof Komeda and Mia Farrow – Rosemary’s Baby Theme Rosemary’s Baby OST

Magdalena Solis – Klara Has A Vision – Hesperia

The Glove – Relax – Robert Smith Vocal Demo – Blue Sunshine

Whirling Hall Of Knives – Saw The Recurrent Future – Saw The Recurrent Future

The Goner – Bitemarks – Bitemarks EP

ABoneCroneDron – Sheila Chandra

Alchemists of Sound intro excerpt

Delia Derbyshire – Liquid Energy Rhythm

White Noise  – Your Hidden Dreams – Electrical Storm

Broadcast – Through The Gates of Yesterday – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Belbury Poly – Seed Ships  – From An Ancient Star

The Human League – Being Boiled – 1978 Demo

Sun Glitters – Beside Me (Blackbird Remix) – Everything Could Be Remodelled

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Mitt Der Welt – I a Moon

check out these syths…

really raw but some CLASSIC glitch in this …

“…My guess is that Martin’s Jupiter 4 was playing the main squarewave riff, while Ian’s System 100 was doing drums. The tape player was probably used for the chunk-chunk-chunk bassline”.


January 29, 2012, 5:23 am
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Caethua – Her albums weave plaintive, emotionally resonant songs together with field recordings and ambient soundscapes to create vignettes of an alternate and deeply personal universe.She seems to inhabit her narrative albums as a witness herself, or they her as a sibyl. Which is not to say that her songs are the otherworldly sounds of a possessed medium — the opposite is, in fact, the case. Her music is brought to life by the evocative realism of her lyrics and the emotional clarity that carries through her adopted voices. Here
Raf Spielman for Foxy Digitalis

Roots of the new acid-folk
January 29, 2012, 4:29 am
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Just finished reading Rob Young’s Electric Eden and Jeanette Leech’s Seasons They Change. Both great books and both mentioned before on the Golden Apples as they are superb launch-pads for the further self-discovery of obscure experimental psych folk. In Seasons They Change a few artists were noted for being there following the long drought of the 80s and at the very commencement of the 90s new ‘acid-folk’ scene…

In Gowan Ring.

“The music of In Gowan Ring is rather timeless, archaic perhaps but not from a clearly-defined period”

Stone Breath

Stone Breath is part of the earth. Metal, hair, wood, skin, flesh, leaf, breath, and bone make our songs. We sing hymns to God and the green wood. Stone Breath is not new. It is cracked. Broken. Imperfect. Hidden. Weathered by the seasons.

more interesting Stone Breath connected sounds here

The Itidarod 

Unfairly panned by the critics “…a few merely curious moments– and then only as harbingers– cannot salvage this thing, a mostly shapeless lump of sparse almost-folk, almost-anti-folk that will frustrate your ears and have you begging for one fully-realized song” (Read more if you can take it) – but now more kindly remembered for thier early wanderings into wierd folk and for thier inspiration on groups such as The Espers and early connections to Fern Knight.

Radio Show – 22 January 2012 – Episode 51
January 26, 2012, 5:23 am
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Georgia Anne Muldrow

Mods Go Psych….

Stopping by for thier first very visit to the Golden Apples music-o-torium its RTRFM’s own Microgroove, an acknowledged local King of Soul,  founder of  the  sadly now closed  JazzFunkSoulShop and serious vinyl collector – he is joined for this  sprawling selection by musician, musical improvisor and fellow collector Gareth ‘Purple Behaviour” Mealor.  From Shabazz Palaces via Sun Ra to The Style Council? …now this is a trip…

Listen Here


Blood Sweat & Tears – Meagan’s Gypsy Eyes – Child is Father to the Man
Money Mark – Sunday Gardena Boulevard – Marks Keyboard Repair
Beach Boys – Looking At Tomorrow (welfare song)- Surfs Up
Fred Neil – The Dolphins- Fred Neil
Tyrannosaurus Rex – Cat Black – Compilation: All Day Thumb Sucker
The Zombies – Beechwood Park – Odyssey & Oracle
Beady Eyes – Three Ring Circus – Different Gear Still Speeding
Money Mark – Slow Flames – Third Version EP
Barbara & Ernie – Searching the Circle – Prelude to…
Andy Bey – Tune Up – Experience and Judgment
Purple Behaviour – No Boundaries – Jamming With Angels
Weldon Irvine – Time Capsule – Compilation: Cream of Jazzy Vibes
Purple Behaviour – Purple Energy – Jamming With Angels
Sun Ra – And Otherness – Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
Staff Carpenborg and the Electric Corona – All Men Shall Be Brothers of Ludwig – Compilation: Psych Funk 101
The Style Council – Ghosts of Dachau – Shout!
The Style Council – Blood Sports- Walls Come Tumbling Down
The Church – I’m a Rock – Sing-Songs
Tame Impala – Midnight Juggernauts Remix – Solitude is Bliss
Georgia Anne Muldrow – March for Africa – Kings Ballad
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Chocolate Reign – Kings Ballad
Shabazz Palaces – An Ecxo from the hosts that process infinitum
Black Up
Shafiq – Changes – En’a Free Ka
The Creation – Life is Just Beginning – How Does it Feel to Feel
D R Hooker – Forge Your Own Chains – Compilation: Forge Your Own Chains
Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls – Escape from Prism – Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls
Jon Lucien – Kuenda – Rashida
Tim Buckley – The River- Best of Tim Buckley
Mathews Southern – Comfort – Woodstock
Purple Behaviour – Distinctive Behaviour – Jamming With Angels
Common – Between Me You and Liberation – Electric Circus
The Five Stair Steps – Dear Prudence – 7 inch

Radio Show – 15 January 2012 – Episode 50
January 19, 2012, 12:42 pm
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Jane Harris – Misery Cares – Released by: Meupe / Badminton Bandit – 2011

Unhalfbricking – Fairport Convention Released by Island Records –  1969

Tristan Gibbs hosts Episode 50 – Hauntology, soundtracks, psych folk, electronica, old and new, and most importantly of all amazing local sounds from some of the artists who will be playing in person for your listening and visual pleasure at our very first Golden Apples Festival. Let the love begin…

Listen Here

Jonny Trunk – Busy Busy – Scrapbook

Marc Wilkinson – Mark Alone – Blood on Satan’s Claw OST

Walter Schumann – Pretty Fly – Night of the Hunter OST

Lubos Fiser – Letter 2/Friends – Valerie and her Week of Wonders OST

The Advisory Circle – Hocusing for Beginners – Other Channels

Vashti Bunyan – Diamond Day – Just Another Diamond Day

Jane Harris – Misery Cares

Lesley Duncan – Love Song – Gather in the Mushrooms

Orriel Smith – Tiffany Glass – Fuzzy-felt Folk

Espers – Sightings – III

Fairport Convention – Autopsy – Unhalfbricking

Claude Vasori – Folk Guitar – Fuzzy-felt Folk

Nate Young – Comes Unbidden – Stay Asleep (Regression, Vol. 2)

Moon Wiring Club – Elizabethan Automata – Clutch It Like a Gonk

Balam Acab – Expect – Wander/Wonder

Andrew Sinclair – A Dream of Deserts – Harghada Dreams

Mei Swan – Perch

Ermine Coat – M.E. – LP

Rabbit Island – Juliasarahtarasam – O God, Come Quick

Basil Kirchin – Concept Suite Featuring the Atonals: “Secret Conversations Between Instruments”

The Books – Be Good to Them Always – Lost and Safe

The Focus Group – Lifting Away – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Francoise Hardy – Le Premier Bonheur du Jour

The Focus Group – Modern Harp – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Gong – Love Is How Y Make It – Angels Egg

The Focus Group – String Sine Romance – Hey Let Loose Your Love

PJ Harvey – The Mountain – White Chalk

Deerhoof – Qui Dorm, Nomes Somia – Deerhoof vs Evil

Harmonia – Notre Dame – Deluxe

Tristram Cary – Music for Light (Short Orange) – It’s Time for Tristram Cary

Stereolab – Pinball – Fluorescences EP

Rangers – Zeke’s Dream – Pan Am Stories

The Golden Apples of Brazil 2
January 13, 2012, 9:03 am
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If you enjoyed last year’s  The Golden Apples of Brazil then you are going to enjoy this evem more. Your host Claudio Monaro has again searched long and hard to pull together an intricate tapestry of all that is good about Brazillian Psych, Tropicalia, Folk, and Electronica. The original gear, the new stuff and those paying respect. There is such a vast amount of high quality music out there that you can really only consider this as a sampler. In the last few years with ‘Folk as the new Funk’ becoming the mantra (especially here at the Golden Apples)  some incredible music that you  previously just could not get is now available on low cost reissues. There are also some fantastic recent compilations that you can use as your launch-pad. So sit back put the stereo on LOUD or get the head phones on and dig this…

Listen Here

Mixcloud HQ Mix Here 320kbps with just the music and none of that annoying Claudio chit chat


Geraldo Azevedo and Aleu Valena – Virgem Virginia

Ah Vida Avida – Marconi Notaro

The Gentleman – Sorriso Selvagem

Os Mutantes – Garden of Notes Documentary feat Devendra Banhart

Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba

Os Mutantes – Ave Ghengis Khan

Intro / Manha (Demo) – Azymuth

Os Novos Bainos – Mistério do Planeta Cores – from documentary

Des Leis – Marcos Valle

Madlib – Medicine Show – Flight To Brazil Medicine Show

Mauricio Maestro featuring Nana Vaconcelos – Ancient_Truth_Verdade_Anterior

Madlib – Medicine Show – Flight To Brazil Medicine Show

Marcos Valle – Freo Aerodynamica (instrumental)

Apollo Nove – Trae Um Alivio

Mauricio Maestro featuring Nana Vaconcelos – Quantas_Vezes

Cibelle – Train Station

Marcos Valle – Voo cego – Ventu Sul

Marcos Valle – Mi hermoza – Ventu Sul

Modulo 1000 – Teclados

Azymuth -Caca A Rapossa

Lucas Santtana – Suzer Violão Mashup

Troubleman – Switch

lula cortes & ze ramalho – culto a terra

Suba – Na Neblina Dos Sonhos

Satwa – Amigo

Marcos Valle – Vinte e seis anos de vida normal

Mauricio Maestro featuring Nana Vaconcelos – Verdade Anterior (Instrumental)

Arthur Verocai – Sylvia (live on KCRW 2010)

Paulo Bagunca A E – Tropa Maldita

Sidney Miller – Espera

Sidney Miller – Dos Anjos

Burro Morto – Cataclisma

Jose Mauro – Apocalipse

Orqestra De Tambore De Alagoes – Acao Dinamica Ao Cacador

Faviola e o Bano do sol – O Tempo

Some launch-pads…

Mr Bongo’s Psychedelic Pernambuco 

“A compelling and surprisingly tuneful cauldron of weirdness!” – Mark Hudson (The Daily Telegraph)
Pernambaco is a region in the North East of Brazil. It’s Capital Recife has never enjoyed the fame of Rio De Janiero or Sao Paulo. It is a port city famous for its African-influenced styles and wild fusions. In the 1960s and early 70s it was also the centre of an experimental music scene that provided a local answer to Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso’ s Tropicália movement. The Pernambuco bands were influenced by western psychedelia, Indian music and local styles, and were all different.

Os Mutantes – Gardem of Notes

Os Mutantes have been over 30 years one of the most influential groups to emerge from Brazil  and an inspiration for artists as varied as Beck, Devendra Banhart, and almost anyone into freak-folk and psych. Amazing if you imagine a 1960s Brazil where three teenagers form a band  and who liked to dress up in strange costumes and play psychedelic music with their own handmade guitars. Now imagine this band playing music so strange and so beautiful that the right-wing military government of Brazil declared them a national threat, arresting many of their friends and band mates. The Garden of Notes is an animated short that blends original animation, colourful fantasy, performance clips and archival photographs – it was written by Jeff McCarthy and narrated by Devendra Banhart

The version of Ave, Gengis Khan was from their debut self-titled album of 1968 which also featured the track Baby which has been covered by everyone – one of the most well-known versions by Bebel Gilberto.  The version of Bat Macumba was from Tecnicolor It was recorded in Paris in 1970, after Os Mutantes left Brazil to escape the military dictatorship – the tapes were lost until writer Carlos Calado, working on an Os Mutantes biography, uncovered them. It was released in 2000, with artwork bySean Lennon

Novos Baianos was a group from Salvador in the Bahia state who played rock and MPB (Music Popular Brazil). The band featured the fabulously named Baby Consuelo on vocals and percussion and also made a fabulous lo-fi documentary Novos Baianos F.C. filmed in 1973 at the hippie commune in Rio where they lived and performed.

Madlib Medice Show is a series of mixtapes from Madlib out on Stones Throw. For Madlib Medicine Show No. 2: Flight to Brazil, Madlib sends us on an 80-minute guided tour through three of four decades of Brazilian funk, psychedelic, prog-rock and jazz

Mauricio Maestro and Nana Vasconcelos recorded an album in 1976 with the singer Joyce. The sessions were only released in 2009 after being picked up by Far Out Recordings.  Far Out asked Maestro and Vasconcelos to get together and record a follow-up, 35 years later. That album is 2011’s  Upside Down. Joyce does not appear and instead Maestro leads most of the vocals. It is a darker affair with extended song structures,  a dense, hypnotic affair – elements of jazz and folk – with reviewer citing Nick Drake comparisons.

Marcos Valle – Freo Aerodynamica was from the selt-titled Marccos Valle which he recorded with group Som Imaginário and was originally released in 1970 but the instrumental I played is from the 2011 “Tudo – Discografia De 1963 A 1974”  eleven CD!!! box set – Dusty Grooves gets is just right: “Some of the most amazing music ever recorded – honest!”

The Catetano Veloso track Joia came of Brazil 70 the incredible follow up to Tropicalia on the Soul Jazz Records label which has amazing music from Brazil.

São Paulo is the largest city in South America and home to an estimated 19 million people. São Paulo Confessions is the grand work of Serbian-born musician/composer Suba who was about to become one of Brazil’s most prominent producers when he tragically tragically passed away in November 1999 – on it he mixed up a cross-genre soundscape of electronic beats and sampled loops with traditional Brazilian music. Suba, also produced Bebel Gilberto’s early work but tragically only one studio album. He died during a fire in his São Paulo apartment and studio where most of his music was also lost. The album Tributo was a tribute album is almost the sequel that never was. Sao Paulo Confessions and Tributo can be enjoyed together as a single cohesive listening experience.

Satwa’s self-titled album is a Brazilian 70’s dreamlike, acid-folk acoustic guitar orientated “trip”. It was a private press LP originally released in 1973 and provides emotional, luminous Latin psych vibes. The duet is composed of the legendary Lula Cortez and Lailson de Holanda Cavalcanti. One reviewer describes it as “an other highway to Heaven!”. Satwa, often cited as Brazil’s first independent record, is a mellow starburst of acoustic jangle.

Arthur Verocai – first reissue on Luv and Haight – best reissue on Mr Bongo

Arthur Verocai – Sylvia – this is the beautiful live recording which extends the track and has a magical flute solo

The 1972 self-titled album allowed Verocai to take his interest in instrumental music even further. “I always wanted to compose soundtracks in great style, as in the cinema, but this wasn’t possible with television work,” he says. “My opportunity came when I was recording this album. I created a rhythmic cell in the acoustic guitar with the harmonic line. I added bass and the non-conventional drums and the percussion with a very smooth orchestration in blocks (four trumpets and a flute) plus the delicate touch of the strings (12 violins, 4 violas and 4 cellos). At the end of the song, Oberdan Magalh?es played and sang with his flute.” The resulting track is “Sylvia”.

Modulo 1000  – a great interview here

Far Out Spaced Odyssey is the third in the Brazilika series and this one is mixed by Andy Votel of Finders Keepers Records fame and is subtitled “Subtropical Sunstroke Psych-Out,” Votel’s contribution took Far Out on a sharp swerve left into the strange fringes of Brazilian rock to unearth old artists who seemingly had as much in common with the oddball psychedelia Votel puts out on his Finders Keepers imprint as they did with the more traditional Latin music which is Far Out’s normal stock-in-trade. A great revew by Resident Advisor here.

Radio Show – 8 January 2012 – Episode 49
January 12, 2012, 10:30 am
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Diger Rokwwell plays Tangerine Dream and then goes everywhere… what else would you expect… its the Golden Apples

Listen Here


Tangerine Dream – Movements of a Visionary

Balam Acab – Oh Why

Pink Priest – Tell Me Something Awesome Before (Balam Acab Remix)

Wolves at The Door – Matthew Dalby

Feist – Caught a Long Wind

Bon Iver – Holocene

Chromatics – I’m On Fire

The Go Team – Air Raid Guitar

Pond – Fantastic Explosion in Time

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Jello and Juggernauts

Jonti – Nodlews Way Home

The Stepkids – Wonderfox

Madlib and Freddie Gibbs – Deep (Instrumental)

Fatima – innervisions

Lower Spectrum – Closed

Seekae – Void

The Blank – Clouded

Sepalcure – Eternally Yrs

Collarbones – Closed

Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23

East Of Eden – Ballad of Harvey Kaye

The Poets of Rhythm – Smilin’ (While Your’e Crying)

The Budos Band – Raja Haje

E*Rock – Animata Wassidje “Tamala Remix”

Bibio – Light Seep

Tame Impala – It Is Not Meant to Be

Rabbit Island – My Own Private