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Chernobyl Hauntology
June 7, 2015, 6:50 am
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Chernobyl News Footage 1

Chernobyl Doll

Chernobyl News Footage 3

Welcome to Pripyat original

Chernobyl News Footage 2

Chernobyl Triptych

This week I have been reading about Chernobyl and the ‘Zone of Alienation‘ – more often referred to by its less contemporary sounding but still pure sci-fi title of ‘The Exclusion Zone’. This 30km area of Ukraine and Belarus remains poisoned and largely off-limits to mankind, thanks to the radioactivity that was released and remains today 30 years after the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986.The story of Chernobyl is a tragedy for those that were killed, had to leave, and the next generation who have inherited the negative health impacts of radiation  – but from this tragedy has  also emerged a strange beauty.

The Zone of Alienation is now a holy grail for  those into the ‘Abandoned’ – I cannot really articulate how much I hate the phrase ‘Ruin Porn’ – and Chernobyl newsreel visuals and abandoned soundscapes are pure Hauntology. Now a triptych is being explored as a new generation of gaming enthusiasts (players and designers) seek to explore as the basis for creating post-apocalyptic environments the inspiration the derelict facilities of the Chernobyl Reactor and the abandoned streets, offices, apartments, bus stations and amusement parks of the nearby city of Pripyat where 50,000 people left the city on an afternoon with nothing other than what they could carry never to return. Have a look at the screenshots from S.T.A.L.K.E.R  Call of Pripyat is one of many examples.

Chernobyl Triptych – Hauntology

Watch below or listen here to  26IV by the sound artist Concretism

Chernobyl Triptych – Abandoned

Watch Adrian Musto’s excellent 2012 DIY documentary as he visits Chernobyl and Pripyat. It has an excellent hauntological introductory sequence of newsreel footage and a great atmospheric soundtrack. The scene in the dark hospital basement where the discarded clothes and shoes are found that belonged to the 27 firemen sent in 30 years ago is amazing.

Warning – A few early photos of the health impacts of radiation on children may disturb viewers

Inside Chernobyl Soundtrack

Get the Soundtrack on Bandcamp here

Chernobyl Triptych – Gaming

STALKER Call of Pripyat is the third chapter in the Stalker Chernobyl franchise and features – wait for it – “Photorealistic exclusion Zone – Pripyat town, Yanov railway station, Jupiter factory, Kopachi village and more, recreated by their true-to-life prototypes”.

More explorations

The two hour plus Battle for Chernobyl has amazing archive footage and also tells of the creation of the sarcophagus that encased Reactor 4

Knowledge Glue – 140 unseen photos

Huge Photo Essay by Andrew Leatherbarrow

Pripyat abandoned city drone footage




Flying Saucer Attack
June 6, 2015, 7:46 am
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Recent interest from the Golden Apples was sparked by the Peter Strickland directed video for “Instrumental 7” (he of Berberian Sound Studio and The Duke of Burgundy directorial fame). This band has an appropriate level of obscurity…

“Follow on LP 15 years later from Bristol Band from the early 1990s famous as part of the genesis of the lo-fi movement and a widely disseminated post punk DIY ethos which liberated the ubiquitous home four-track cassette recorder from its intended role as a humble tool for making demo tapes, and legitimised it as a medium for creating masterpieces…”

“This iteration of FSA consists only of bandleader David Pearce, and Instrumentals 2015 is 15 tracks, comprising “solo performances recorded in characteristically lo-fi manner at home, using guitars only on tape and CD-R.”





Radio Show – 31 May 2015 – Episode 221
June 5, 2015, 9:11 am
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Dr Gonzo and MFG present sounds of winter

Listen Here (select 31 May)


Dirty Three – Ashen Snow

Joseph Van Wissen – Rain Insects

Nico – Winter Song (The Heliocentrics Remix)

Joseph Van Wissem – Einklammerung

The Doors – Riders On The Storm

Sensation’s Fix – Cold Nose Part 2, Movement 3

Brian Eno – Slow Ice, Old Moon

The White Stripes – In The Cold Cold Night

Rokwell&Groom – Inpossible Alps

Apricot Rail – Rain Falls On Your Nose, It’s Red From The Cold

David Lynch – The Night Bell With Lightning

Jessica Pratt – Strange Melody

Joseph Van Wissem – Rain Insects

Joseph Van Wissem – Eiditic Reduction

The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreaming

The Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

Lloyd McNeill & Marshall Hawkins – Black Expatriate

The Go Betweens – Rarities

The Pixies – Winterlong

The Flaming Lips – Once Beyond Hopelessness

David Shrigley – Snowman

Gary Sloane & Clone – Blue Ice

Boards of Canada – Cold Earth

Burial – Near Dark

Joseph Van Wissem – Rain Insects

Sensation’s Fix – Into The Memory

Abbe May – Storm

Martina Topley-Bird- Snowman

Nick Drake – Saturday Sun

Mogwai – Hound Of Winter

Craig Leon – Three Small Coins

El Michels Affair – Glaciers Of Ice

David Shrigley – Snowman

Wiley – Born In The Cold (Mr Mitch Remix)