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Radio Show – May 22 – Episode 15
May 25, 2011, 12:29 pm
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Your hosts for Episode 15 Diger Rokwell and Amber Fresh (Rabbit Island)

Listen here


Vishnu – Free as Hyperbole
Prefuse 73 – Relief Choir – The Forest of Oversensitivity
Gold Panda – Before You Talked – Lucky Shiner
Gulls – Blister in the Sun – California Christmas
Les Rallizes deNudes – Deeper than Night
Black Moth Superrainbow – Forever Heavy – Dandelion Gum

The Stepkids – La La – Shadows of Behalf
Karl Hector adn The Malcoun – Girma’s Lament – Tamanrasset
Pussy Willow – Bombora Adora
Rabbit Island – Burning Flag
Koushik – Nothing’s the Same – Out of Window
Scout Niblett and Bonnie Prince Billy – Kiss – This Fool can die now
Rabbit Island – My Own Private – Oh God quick
Bon Iver – Beach Baby – Blood Bank EP
Yamasuki – Kono Samourai – Le Monde Fabluex des Yamasuki
Moon Duo – Ripples – Killing Time EP
Wooden Shjips – Contact – Vol. 2
Brim – Anti ganDJa – Those Shocking Shaking Days
Black Magic – Surfin Gipsy 63 – Java Java
Pugh – Love love love – Psychedelic 60s- Rare Track
Brainbox – Amsterdam,The First Days
Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue – Ambivalence Avenue
Jinja Safari – Stepping Stones – Jinja Safari
Washed Out – New Theory – Life of Leisure


Deer Antler Nature Woodland Forest Girl
May 22, 2011, 6:28 am
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Lindsay Brackeen

Radio Show – 15 May 2011 – Episode 14
May 21, 2011, 8:49 am
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Your Hosts for Episode 14 each playing a full set: Adam Trainer and Tristan Gibbs

listen here

Jonny Trunk – Le Train Fantome (single)
Jane Weaver with Samandtheplants and Wendy Flower – Silver Chord – The Watchbird Alluminate
Oval – Do While -94 Diskont
Gold Panda – Same Dream China -Lucky Shiner
Forest Swords – Miarches -Dagger Paths EP
The Books – Be Good To Them Always -Lost and Safe
The Caretaker – Lacunar Amnesia -Persistent Repetition of Phrases
Vashti Bunyan – If I -Were
Max Richter – Icoography -The Blue Notebooks
Espers – Daughters – Espers
Marc Wilkinson – Fiend discovered and titles – Blood of Satan’s Claw
Lubos Fiser – Sacrifice -Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
Broadcast – Valerie -The Ha Ha Sound
Paul Giovanni – Corn Rigs -The Wicker Man
The Go! Team – Willow’s Song -Proof of Youth Bonus Disc
Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy -The Campfire Headphase
Pikelet – Pillow Cvastle (Slo Mo Speedboat Remix) – Gameland EP
Alpine – Villages (Townhouses Remix) – Backyard/Indian Elephant
Hans Appelqvist – Jag en gok – Sifantin och morkret
Lia Ices – Grown Unknown – Grown Unknown
Treefight for Sunlight – What Became of You and I – Treefight for Sunlight
The Apples in Stereo Stream Running Over – The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone
Black Eagle Child – The Quarry Slide – Lobelia
Inch-Time – Cloud Hidden – As the Moon Draws Water
Ghost – Kiseichukan Nite – Hypnotic Underworld
Gilbert Fawn + Ambrose Knock – Beautiful Florist – Human Xerox
Adem – To Cure a Weakling Child +Boy/Girl Song – Takes
The Middle East – Jesus Came to My Birthday Party – I Want That You Are Always Happy

liquid crystal vision
May 14, 2011, 10:25 am
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this is totally psychic and just crazy…

The Transpersonals
May 14, 2011, 9:59 am
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The Endless House
May 14, 2011, 9:22 am
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An obelisk of noise that rose rudely above the treetops of the Bialowieska Forest, the Endless House project shone for a mere six weeks in the spring of 1973.
The outlandish brainchild of wealthy audiophile/maniac Jiri Kantor, its stated mission was ‘to become the cradle of a new European sonic community…a multimedia discotheque’ that should ‘surprise and delight’ artists and dancers alike.
For all the wide-eyed optimism of its manifesto, however, the enterprise was never unknowing in its flirtation with disaster and self-destruction. The brilliant Czech [Kantor] may have made his millions as the midas-touched entrepreneur/taste-maker behind Paris-based magazine Otium Internationa, but Endless House was always a vanity project as irredeemably vain as its maker.
Still, determined to enjoy this most glorious and (perhaps inevitably) most fleeting of follies, Kantor did succeed in attracting a host of weird and wonderful sound artists to The House’s utopian terraces. Indeed, when Felix Uran and Rasmus Folk performed opening night on the ‘Spaceship Earth’ stage, 500 revelers were there to enjoy the party.
Alas, with its five pneumatic dancefloors, domed ‘environment bars’ and unmanageable cyber-baroque decor, Endless House was in decay almost as soon as Dutch beat scientist Earnesto Rogers had sent his first bass drum rippling through its cavernous underbelly. With journalist berating the club’s indulgent, excessive sonics, and the dance (under)world increasingly unwilling to brave its unreasonable location, Endless House was losing $60,000 a night by the time Kantor himself played out with his melancholic proto-techno anthem ‘Warum ist alles so schnell passiert?’ (‘Why did it happen so fast?).”

listen here or here and a nice tribute mix here
out on Dramatic Records

Radio Show – 8 May – Episode 13
May 9, 2011, 10:35 am
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Claude Mono curates Episode 13 – a show best enjoyed as a complete single listening experience…

…our story begins here with a spooky atmospheric walk through the forest emerging from the darkness into the land of freak-folk, glitchy electronica, psych, krautrock and strange otherworldy sounds…


Artist Unknown – Ambient Glitch Interlude
Night of the Hunter OST – riverboat excerpt
Karel Erben – Kytice excerpt
Artist Unknown – Ambient Glitch Interlude
Jane Weaver and Andy Votel – Europium Alluminate Mixtape Excerpt
Heart – Magic Man
Broadcast And The Focus Group – The Be Colony
John Baker – Feedback MQ LP 43
Broadcast – I’m Here the World Begins
Jane Weaver and Andy Votel – Europium Alluminate Mixtape Excerpt
The Espers – Caroline
Agitation Free – Laila Pt 2
The Amorphous Androgynous – Guru Song
Mogwai – How To Be A Werewolf
Seekae – Mingus
Caribou – Lalibela
The Nova Saints – Sugar Coated
Rare Bird – Passing Through
And The Left Handed – Love Me Now
The Concretes – Miss You
Magnet – Willow Song

Sharron Kraus – Rejoice In Love
Travellers Two – Lareaola
Iron and Wine – Monkeys
Iron and Wine – Big Burned Head
Linda Perhacs – Demo
Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
Anois – Small Electric Battery
Pete Townshend – Begin The Beguine Demo

“… all the girls are in love with Trip…”