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The Menhir Motorway – Short Film
April 30, 2016, 9:13 am
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Adam Scovell curates the Celluloid Wicker Man blog which collates his own writings and film work which include a number of super 8 productions to be found at Celluloid Wicker Man Films. Adam’s passions include Folk Horror, Landscape in Film and Literature, Film Music And Sound Analysis, British Art House and Cult Cinema. He has also written on Hauntology themes.

The Menhir Motorway is Adam’s first film for 2016. It is a super-8 looking at the Ballard-scapes found on the peninsula of The Wirral, specifically in Wallasey. It examines the links between the urban menhir known as Grannies Rock and the nearby motorway’s concrete labyrinths and pathways. The film’s music is by In Atoms from Liverpool and it is voiced by Paul Carmichael. It is the first in a planned series of shorts looking at neglected, liminal spaces. Watch another Adam Scovell short film Salthouse Marshes also featuring the music of In Atoms

Listen to In Atoms on Bandcamp





The Assistant – Gristleizer
April 24, 2016, 7:40 am
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The Assistant - Gristleizer

The Assistant - Gristleizer 2

The Assistant is Oliver Cherer. “Gristleizer” is the just released 12. The Delusions of Adequacy (thanks) review of the track had this to say about “Gristleizer”: “…certainly a leap away from the more playful BBC Radiophonic Orchestra stylings of The Assistant’s first release.  Combining shadowy mechanised-voodoo percussion with swarming insect synth sounds, there are strong echoes of the industrial clank of Throbbing Gristle and the sci-fi horror scores of John Carpenter films in the track’s hypnotic entrancement…”

The Assistant appears on the Polytechnic Youth label established in 2014 to release music that is: “library sounds, electronic experiments in kosmische, primitive electronics and as a soundtrack to physical education  – a micro label for vinyl heads”.

Rabbit Island live in The Re Store basement

amber fresh

Rabbit Island is one of the musical journeys of Amber Fresh.

The View From Here is an RTRFM special project to produce a series of films capturing live and intimate performances by West Australian acts in a variety of unique locations.

Recently Rabbit Island did a View From Here performance recorded in the basement of the legendary local family run continental shop The Re Store in Leederville – home of many amazing food journeys.  Its a beautiful performance and made even more so as she is joined by Nicholas Allbrook and some of his special sounds.

Filmed by Sam Price and Lewis Potts, Produced by Chris Wheeldon, Sound engineering & mixing by Adrian Sardi. With a big thanks to Moreno and Nick at The Re Store.

the re store leederville (Medium)

Listen to and join in with Rabbit Island’s music here

Watch some other View From Here performances here –  The Golden Apples definitely recommends Mei Saraswati Band

P.S. After listening to these recent performances I remembered that Amber and Mei both played at the very first ever Golden Apples of the Sun event at The Bird back way in 2011. We have not had one since – I need to get onto that – I had to look around very carefully to find the poster but I found it eventually.

GoldenApples Event_A3_3


Glove of Bones – A Film
April 23, 2016, 10:52 am
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Glove of Bones

Get the soundtrack here and find out a bit more here

April 18, 2016, 2:09 pm
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Lutine - White Flowers

Front & Follow present White Flowers, the debut album from Lutine. The album reflects a shared love of traditional folk and modern classical, distorted through a lens of medieval and baroque music, traditional Indian and Chinese music, dream/synth pop, minimalism, experimental music and 60s/70s folk. Both familiar and uncanny (inspired equally by Thomas Hardy and The Twilight Zone), Heather and Emma have produced a startling set of songs exploring classic themes in a unique and bewitching way.

Lutine Died of Love

Front and Follow present Died of Love a new collection from Lutine, featuring reinterpretations of their 2014 album White Flowers. Lutine combine vocal harmonies with delicate instrumentation on a mixture of original and traditional folk songs. Their debut album ‘White Flowers’ was released in 2014 through Front & Follow. Lutine are Heather Minor and Emma Morton, brought together by a shared love of traditional folk and modern classical, distorted through a lens of medieval and baroque music, traditional Indian and Chinese music, dream/synth pop, minimalism, experimental music and 60s/70s folk.

As featured ever so briefly in an excerpt on Episode 266 of The Golden Apples of the Sun


Radio Show – 17 April 2016 – Episode 266

clockwork-orange-record shop


golden apples april 17 2016 edit (Medium)

Claude Mono

This sound journey is a true audio bell curve commencing with the vinyl crackle of dust from the nettles style original British acid folk, some US Espers-esque psych folk and prairie modern from Meg Baird and Speck Mountain…the show then meanders through the hazy electronica of Noveller, Lutine and Haelos heading towards a single epic extended high through 20 minutes of a most (in)famous Nurse With Wound and Stereolab collaboration. Over the bell curve and new West Coast meets East Coast from Heron Oblivion and finally some crystalline lo-fi timeless moments from the Golden Apples archives of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Watch this stunning Nurse With Wound video….and think of it as 20 minute Golden Apples trailer….

Listen to show re-stream Here (select 17 April 2016)

HQ Mixcloud Here (just the music)


Tea & Symphony – Dangling – Jo Sago

Tea & Symphony – Yourself – Jo Sago

Meg Baird – Stars Unwinding – Don’t Weigh Down The Light

Speck Mountain – Chlorine Fields – A Kind of Awe and Reverence and Wonder

Lutine – Sallow Tree (Excerpt – Sarah Angliss & Stephen Hiscock mix) – Died of Love

Noveller – Glacial Wave – Glacial Wave

Haelos – Dust

Throwing Snow – Clasp – Glower Clasp EP

Wheldon Thornley – Manhattan 5-4-2016

A Year In The Country – Tick Tock – In Every Mind

Stereolab – The Long Hair Of Death

Stereolab & Nurse With Wound Simple headphone mind

Lubos Fiser – The Visit – Valerie and Her Week of Wonders OST

South African Combo – Orgiastic Ritual – The Reincarnation of Isabel OST

Book Of Shadows – Peace Star – In the cities of Your Eyes

Heron Oblivion – Beneath Fields

The Hardy Tree – The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath – The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath –

Anois – Lampionwood – Tree House Whispers

Epic45 – Weathered – Ghosts I Have Known (reworked by The Toy Library)

Paper Dollhouse – Daisies – A Box Painted Black



Radio Show – 10 April 2016 – Episode 265
April 13, 2016, 9:57 am
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Presented by Dave Clark

Listen Here  (Select 10 April 2016)


2:01:00      Qua & Stina – Green Robin- Tea for Two

2:05:00      Haushka – Wonder – Snowflakes & Car Wrecks

2:09:00      Shank – Oust – Difficult Easy Listening

2:14:00      Mike Nock & Lawrence Pike – Cloudless – The Beginning & End of Knowing

2:17:00      Laura Groves – The Inky Sea

2:22:00      Atom – Wellen & Felder II – Liedgut

2:24:00      Carlos y Gaby – Happy Summer Solstice

2:29:00      Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

2:34:00      The Remote Viewer – Walsh Ambrose

2:40:00      Static – Headphones

2:46:00      Isan – Cutlery Favours – Lucky

2:52:00      Hermann & Kleine – Hello, This One Is For You – Putting the Morr back in Morrissey

2:58:00      Hermann & Kleine – Sitting Next To You – Kickboard Girl EP

3:08:00      Bill Vanloo – Tones (For Sarah)

3:13:00      M. Caney/K.Joory – Darling

3:19:00      mum (b.fleischmann remix) – Please Sing My Spring Reverb

3:25:00      B.Fleischmann – Where Have You Been – Sidonie EP

3:32:00      Solvent – Tonka Truck – Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey

3:37:00      Solvent – Some Assembly Required – Solvent City

3:42:00      Faust – It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl – Deutsche Elektronik Musik

3:50:00      David Bowie (DFA Remix) – Love Is Lost – Hello Steve Reich Mix

3:54:00      Superpitcher – Jackson – Pop Ambient 2012

3:57:00      Elpoep – The Wind Blows – Autumn