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The Orb featuring The Kakatsitsi Drummers – Glastonbury 2013
April 6, 2015, 7:48 am
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Glastonbury Music Festival 2005

PLAY LOUD – The Orb and the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana – beautiful combination of all that is organic and all that is electronic I just love the way it starts just all loose and no-one quite knows whats going on and then all of a sudden the rhythm just flows….and was that a Pat Metheny sample? – Claude


The Sundowners – both of them…
April 6, 2015, 7:46 am
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We like The Sundowners

The other Sundowners…

Not to be confused with the legendary original sunshine pop The Sundowners and their track Always You composed by pop genius Roger Nichols the timeless, idealistic lyrics were written by Tony Asher (who wrote most of the lyrics with Brian Wilson on Pet Sounds) not by his regular partner Paul Williams. Sunshine pop hardly gets any sunnier than on this track: great production, strings galore …wow

The much more orchestrated album version


UPDATE 2018 – discovered the Roger Nichols demo – it can be found as a bonus on the Full Circle LP – 2008 – sublime


Radio Show – 5 April 2015 – Episode 214

facebook gattaca exterior edit

Claude Mono presents this specially curated edition. This journey starts with the haunting ethereal sounds of Paper Dollhouse and continues across an electronic landscape of many different shapes and forms from Giallo Disco and Post-House to 90s electronica – towards a Kraftwerk-esque endpoint from Perth’s own Lyndon Blue as Leafy Suburbs plus a bonus live performance of Solar Barge on the Mixcloud … as always to be enjoyed with headphones on…

Listen Here

Mixcloud HQ Stream (RECOMMENDED – Remastered from the reel to reels with a better track sequence and no banter and a bonus extra live track from Solar Barge)


Syd Arthur – Edge of the Earth – On an On

Syd Arthur – Edge of the Earth – Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Remixes

Rob – Haunted – Maniac Soundtrack

Fort Romeau – Folle – Insides (nice Boiler Room set here)

Mr Beatnick – Sun Goddess – Don’t Be Afraid

Vercetti Technicolor – Jungle Witch Hunt

Vercetti Technicolor – Operation Munich (Extended Version)

Chris Evans – Ironside – Hercules

The Orb – Valley – Live 93

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds – Live 93

The Orb feat Kakatsitsi Drummers – Little Fluffy Clouds – Live Glastonbury 2013

Stereolab – Brakhage – Dots and Loops Peel Sessions

Stereolab – Miss Modular – Dots and Loops Peel Sessions

Stereolab – Metronomic Underground – Dots and Loops Peel Sessions

Paper Dollhouse – Siren – Aeonflower

Paper Dollhouse – Helios – Aeonflower

Leafy Suburbs – Garden Path-Expensive Illusion – Slow Light

Leafy Suburbs – Claps-Pocari Sweat – Psychic Lease




Radio Show – 29 March 2015 – Episode 213


masonik edit (Medium)

Guest curator Wheldon Thornley presents the Golden Apples joining Claude in the studio. Wheldon is a core member of totally out there Arts Collective Masonik and many side-projects including his own musical production project Electronic Migration Panel.

Wheldon began playing the Hammond organ for progressive rock band The Plenty Child in the early 90’s. Wheldon holds a Bachelor of  Arts (Film and TV Major). In 1993 he won the Film & Television Institute award for Best Original Music in the ambient short film category. In P Brigade and the Clock; he worked with more experimental compositions involving audio collage, spoken word, noise and electronics. He was a member of the improvising ensemble Talent+ 1; performing in various Artrage events in the early 2000’s.  As a sound engineer he has worked with bands such as Sentience & Wormhole. He has independently released his own electronic audio / video projects, under the name Electronic Migration Panel. He runs his own multimedia business;  specialising in video & audio post production, film and audio archiving and restoration work.

masonik editions

Check out some incredible recent editions such as the above here including Masonik DVD blu-ray and vinyl inspired by Aleister Crowley’s wax cylinder recordings…..and so much more

Listen to the show Here (choose 29 March)


Silver Mount Zion – Built Burnt (Hurrah, Hurrah)
Silver Mount Zion – Take These Hands And Throw Them In The River
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra
Brian Eno / Jon Hasell – Delta Rain Dream
Brian Eno – Becalmed
Masonik – Rembetiko Lament for Neo Symnra
Masonik – Transformed Usher
Masonik – Centre Ascension
The Orb – Valley (1996 John Peel Session)
Boards of Canada – Music is Math
Susumu Yokota / Rothko – Brook & Burn
Rothko – Shock of Self
The Future Sound Of London – ill flower
The Future Sound Of London – FLAK
Electronic Migration Panel – Fall Away
Electronic Migration Panel – Unfolder
Rupert Gregson Williams – Everyone Knows Everyone
Pink Floyd – Love Scene (Version 6)
King Crimson – Matte Kudasai
Nick Drake – River Man

Masonik.Org – all the resources

Electronic Migration Panel audio projects on Soundcloud

wheldon Thornley tardis