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Radio Show – 20 October 2013 – Episode 140
October 22, 2013, 12:44 pm
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Claude Mono presents…

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Greanvine – Long Way Around the Sea – An Angel Shone

The Owl Service – The Church Grimm – The Bitter Night EP

The Owl Service – Psychomania – Cine (The Director’s Cut)

Andy Votel – Urbanite Rocks – Styles Of The Unexpected

Yellow Hammer – I Like Blue – Finders Keepers – Make Do & Mend Disc 3 – David Holmes

Broadcast – The Booklovers (Andy Votel Remix)

Mellow – Instant Love (Andy Votel rmx)

People – Glastonbury – “Its the vibe man”

Rotary Connection – I Want You Know

Eunice Collins – At The Motel

Express Rising – Worry Your Time

Express Rising – Answering Echo

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Stripped Down)

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychmagic Remix)

Barbarella – The Sound of My Heart – Bedroom Cassette Masters Vol 1

Fatal Suit -Prelude To A Dream – Bedroom Cassette Masters Vol 2

Cheap Booster Rocket – Mars Day Trip – Submariner – Bedroom Cassette Masters Vol 3

Frozen Lonesome – Tea With Mary – Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 Volume Vol 4

Pye Corner Audio – Deep End – Sleep Games

Underset – Moon Rover

Underset – Moon Rover (Orange 2112 Remix)

Death And Vanilla – Library Goblin- Death And Vanilla

Death And Vanilla – Run Rabbit Run- Death And Vanilla EP

Death And Vanilla – From Elsewhere Death And Vanilla

American Gypsy – Golden Ring – As We Travel



Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume 4
October 20, 2013, 5:17 am
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bedroom cassette masters 4 poster

Volume Four just out…

BCM Bandcamp

BCM Facebook

When he is not busy being a self-archivist, musician & writer, Simon Holland finds time to curate the on-going Bedroom Cassette Masters project and runs the ever-expanding BCM label. One of his own projects featured on BCM is Carrillion.

Carrillion Bandcamp

Carrillion Facebook

Cassette Culture in the Digital Age

“Tapes had personality. They had weight and substance when you held them. They had artwork and stories behind them. Sometimes you carried a favorite tape around with you, just because. I remembered the art of a good mixtape: Whether you were making them for a girl you had a crush on or as a soundtrack for your own driving, cleaning or moping, things like pacing, fit, and flow needed to be considered. Most importantly, tapes were the antidote to the Paradox of Choice. You had to love the music on your tapes because you couldn’t hit a scroll wheel to skip to another artist if you didn’t”.

Read the  full article by Blake Madden

…always searching…
October 20, 2013, 4:36 am
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Express Rising
October 20, 2013, 4:05 am
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Express Rising_Cover

Over a decade ago, Dante Carfagna issued a somewhat anonymous LP under the Express Rising heading. In this masterful follow up Dante has swapped out breakbeats and samples for guitar, Wurlitzer, banjo, steel guitar, synthesizer, and an arcane drum machine…

some early Express Rising…

A Facebook Fan Site

Radio Show – 13 October 2013 – Episode 139
October 19, 2013, 8:17 am
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Another instalment of the show that attempts to take you to far away places and distant galaxies. Today’s show is brought to you by Mark Davies. We take in astral traveller Pierce Van Der Merwe’s Flooting Groovitude project, some Kraut rock goodness, a re-release of early work by Six Organs of Admitance, a smattering U.K based Psych/prog/folk  (old and new) and a track by Chilean space rockers Folkazoid.

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Holy Shit – Maus is dead – Stranded at two harbours

Broadcast and the focus group – The be colony – Broadcast & The Focus Group Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

Pond – Torn asunder –  Frond

Gang Gang Dance – Vacuum – Saint Dymphna

Flooting groovitude  – Chill mix with live flute – N/A

Jon Hopkins  – Aabandon window – Immunity

Gonjasufi – Klowds  

Follakzoid – 99 – II

Sebastian Teller – La Ritournelle – La Ritornelle

Lilacs and Champagne – honest man – Danish and blue

Gong  – Flying teapot  – Radio Gnome invisble part 1

A.R & Machines – Globus IM selben boot   – Deutsche Elektronsciche Musik 2 experimental German rock and electronic music 1971-83

Harmonia – Sonnenschein – music von harmonia

GILA – In a sacred manner – Deutsche Elektronsciche Musik 2 experimental German rock and electronic music 1971-83

Six Organs of Admitance – Bury dreams- RTZ

Mount Kimbie – the Intimacy – Song Islands Vol.2

Silver Apples – Love fingers – Silver Apples

Clinic  – For the season II – Free reign II

BEAK – Spittin Feathers –  split 12” with DD MM YYYY

Soft Hearted Scientists – Montain delight – Wandermoon

ANNAMY  – Snowflakes – woodpecker


Radio Show – 6 October 2013 – Episode 138
October 19, 2013, 8:06 am
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Claude Mono presents

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Heathered Pearls – The Worship Bell (Foxes In Fiction Remix) – Loyal Reworks

Gazelle Twin – Never Let Me Go – Speak Machine

Chrome Canyon – Generations – Elemental Themes

Spazzkid – Forgiveness – Desire

Spazzkid – 40 Winks – Desire

Michael Andrews – Manipulated Living – Donnie Darko OST

Madonna – The Sweet Machine  Intro – Sticky and Sweet Tour DVD

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – La Liliarona – Trentemoller Late Night Tales

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Tupelo -45

Trentemoller – Haven – Into The Great Wide Yonder

David Crosby – I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here – If Only I Could Remember My Name

David Cosby  – Music Is Love  – If Only I Could Remember My Name

Jane Weaver – Heart Of Gold  – Mojo Harvest Revisited

Joni Mitchell – Circle Game (Raunchmaninoff’s Mountaintop Dancefloor Remix)

Wrong Signals – Waiting On A Beach  – The Outer Church

Paper Dollhouse  – Swans – The Outer Church

Daughter – Love (Cortez Club Mix)

Synkro – Mountains – Acceptance EP

Flight Facilities  – Clare De Lune (feat Christine Hoberg)

Emeralds feat John Elliott – Genetic  – Does It Look Like I’M Here

Tangerine Dream  – Sun Son’s Seal (John Ov3rblast Remix)

Tangerine Dream – Purgatorio – Purgatorio

Nimble Animal – Back-n-Forth

Mr Beatnick  – Synthetes

Boards of Canada  – Jacquard Causeway – Tomorrows Harvest

Boards of Canada – interludes – Music Has A Right To Have Children

Radio Show – 29 September 2013 – Episode 137
October 19, 2013, 7:47 am
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Jamie Lee presents.

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the peddlers – on a clear day you can see forever

the peddlers – stormy weather

pond – o dharma

the doors – when the music’s over

amon tobin – nightlife

dj food – colours beyond colours

afternoon’s in stereo – on the way to lucia’s

perth – drank and kites and tomorrow

mount kimbie – brave’s chords

Daedalus – eureka

boards of Canada – nothing is real

explosions in the sky and david wingo – alone time

washed out – falling back

nightmares on wax – om sweet H(Om)e

the internet- matt’s apartment

naik – zoo trip

shawn lee and his ping pong orchestra – kiss the sky

adrian younge presents venice dawn – 1969 organ

the cinematic orchestra – man with a movie camera

terry callier – promenade in green