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Vercetti Technicolor and the Giallo Disco Sound
January 27, 2014, 4:22 am
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Digging Giallo Disco visuals and sounds – is this a new genre?

Giallo Disco Records. Alessandro Parisi - La Porta Ermetica

Giallo Disco Records are proud to present Alessandro Parisi

Alessandro Parisi’s alchemical elecronic saga began in 2006. Born in Pordenone, travelling through Venice, Rome and now located in Treviso, Alessandro’s unique retro-futurist soundtrack re-imaginings are Italian through and through. Armed only with a TR707, Roland JX3P and an old Teac 244 Tape Recorder his music is organic, magickal and scary as hell…

La Porta Ermetica EP (and accompanying limited edition CD album) is a journey through mistical realms and Italian fog. All analogue hardware compositions mixed with seemingly EVP recordings of ghosts. Of course, one of these ghosts is the Queen of Italian Coldwave Mushy (Mannequin Records) whose ritualistic collaboration “Centrum in Trigono Centri” spills like ectoplasm from the ears of the possessed. Our special guest remixer for this release is the legendary Brassica (Dissident / Civil Music / Cyberdance / Nocturnes) which sees his cosmified rework of “Hesperius Draco” as a soundtrack to Timberland attending a voodoo ritual in an abandoned Detroit warehouse.

The limited CD contains bonus materials and an exclusive extended remix of Azot et Ignis, by Giallo Disco’s own Vercetti Technicolor, taking the original into uncharted cinematic territory.

Giallo Disco Records

Amazing sounds plus amazing cut/slash/mash visuals by Kerstin White – check out this one…


Radio Show – 19 January 2015 – Episode 153
January 20, 2014, 8:49 am
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Mark Davies selects…

Listen Here


Telemetry Orchestra – Silver Tongue – Out of nowhere

Telemetry Orchestra – Hover – Out of nowhere

Apparat – Sweet unrest – The Devils walk

Howling Cloud  – Spirits of Sclerophyll – Rural, regional and remote

Kris Keogh   – Stowaway – Sixs and Twelves

Jumbel – Appartment – Blok4

Apricot Rail – pouring milk out of the window (tin man spilt milk remix )

Erasers  – Autumn trees – Autumn EP

Four Tet – As serious as your life remix 2 – 7″ single

Brian Jones town Massacre – tempo 116.7 (Clean acid/dirty beats) – Smoking Acid

Tatonic  – Hippies – Late Night Inertia

Perth – Greasy moon – Whats your utopia?

Mental Powers  – The last Amethyst deceiver – Western Schism

Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle  – Sometime the wonder of life always prevails  – Perils of the Sea

Cocteau Twins – Road. river and rail – Heaven or Las Vegas

The Moon and the Melodies  – Why do you love me? – The Moon and the Melodies

Portishead – Magic doors – Three

Sensations Fix – Fragments of light – Fragments of light

Sensations Fix – Nuclear war in your brain  – Fragments of light

Chronicle Grime  – Career cats get Tiger suits – Anagram Jam

Jumbel – Rook – Bloc4

Lori Goldston – Wolf Obsured by Snow                                                                                – Film scores

Dr Phibes and the house of wax equations – I am the Sky – Marshmallow madness

Phantom band  – The Howling – The Phanton Band

Radio Show – 12 January 2014 – Episode 152
January 20, 2014, 8:38 am
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Mike Tucak presents his first Golden Apples with lots of local and Australian tunes.

Listen Here


Iain Archer – Canal Song (End of Sentence)

Badly Drawn Boy – Falling In A River

Not Drowning, Waving – Fishing Trawler (remapped by Will Pyett) – AUS

Magnet – Where Happiness Lives

Iron and Wine – Faded From The Winter

Bonobo – Prelude (Lapalux’s Finger on the Tape remix)

Chris Abrahams – After The Bridge (The Tenderhook OST) – AUS

Wayne Harris – Sunday Afternoon – AUS / LOCAL

Sophie Hutchings – Sunlight Zone – AUS

The Unthanks – Annachie Gordon

Sarah Blasko – Prelude to Don’t Dream Its Over – AUS

Sarah Blasko – Don’t Dream Its Over – AUS

International Karate – Everyone’s a Fucking Star

Errol H Tout – Campfires – AUS / LOCAL

The Morning Night – Crowd Around Her – AUS / LOCAL

Unknown – Unknown – AUS / LOCAL

Lake of Bass – Wildlife Researcher – AUS / LOCAL

Sophie Moleta – Mutitjulu – AUS / LOCAL

Air Ensemble – Lust In Space – AUS / LOCAL

Carus and the True Believers – Long Nights Are Gone – AUS / LOCAL

Damien Thornber and the Orphans – The Prayer – AUS / LOCAL

Rob Snarski and Dan Luscombe – I’m Calling You – AUS

Perry Keyes – Double On The Main Game – AUS

Kill Devil Hills – I Don’t Think This Shit Can Last Much Longer –  AUS / LOCAL

Sisterlove – The Hypnotist

Ghost Box Study Series Reviewed
January 8, 2014, 1:40 pm
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Ghost Box Study Series

The Ghost Box Study Series is a set of ten 7 inch singles featuring artist collaborations and each with a ‘study’ theme. I am very glad there is someone out there who would take the time to review the Ghost Box Study Series in an appropriate level of detail. Here is an example…

Study Series One

“The first single is a collaboration between Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club and comes under the general heading of Youth and Recreation (each single has its own thematic title). Things get off to a fairly funky start with the A side The Young People. Stevie Wonderish clavichord and disjointed beats beats are overlaid with more typically Ghost Boxy synth melodies in warm, sunfilled analogue tones. A haunted middle section has echoing zither shivers (‘terror zings’ as they’re referred to on the Radiophonic Workshop Out of This World effects LP), ratcheting scrapes like sticks dragged along railings and other murmurations. All of which suggests the approach of the young people with the strangely ‘whitewashed faces’ of which the voiceover speaks. It all ends with ominous, booming synth chords: they’re here, they’re at the door. The B-side, Portals and Parallels, has more beats and bass from the Moon Wiring end of the spectrum. The repeated pattern of a spiralling Belbury theme tune creates zooming false coloured photo title graphics in the mind, suggestive of some supernatural action series. Distorted, half-comprehensible voices can be heard leaking through from some other place. The middle-section shifts into an urgent, John Barry-esque style, which you could imagine being hammered out on a cimbalom (the sound of cold war spy thrillers). An odd, bumbling folk melody in the middle could be the signature of a friendly spirit sidekick, manifesting in order to aid our occult detective in his fight against malevolent forces.”

Read the reviews for the other nine records  hereAND thank you to Sparks In Electric Jelly – a very well read blog and lots more on Ghost Box, hauntology wyrd etc – we like

Erdal Inci – Master of animated GIFs…
January 8, 2014, 12:49 pm
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seeing is believing

erdal inci

…exploring natural effects
January 8, 2014, 12:00 am
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Instead of using reverb effects or a music studio, Audio Zero and Wikidrummers had drummer Julien Audigier play the same drum pattern in different environments to capture natural echoes and decay patterns. Nice analogue sounds and nice digital editing.

Discovered at The Awesomer 

January 7, 2014, 12:55 pm
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“Welcome to my grey world of sinister public information films, dusty archival sounds, Cold War Britain and weeping analogue synths. Not necessarily in that order. All music, stings and sounds created entirely from scratch, using vintage analogue synths, varispeed tape bouncing, reversing, field recording and self-sampling. I do not use pre-made samples, sounds or loops. In stereo. Mostly”.