The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 24 January 2016 – Episode 255

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This edition is in two parts

Part 1 – The Hare and the Moon – Grey Malkin Mixtape

Part 2 – Claude Mono  Atmospheric Horizontal Dance Music Ramblings

The Hare and The Moon first appeared on the Golden Apples during the very beginnings of the show a few years ago and our earliest explorations of the hauntology, and folk horror genres. Grey did a Golden Apples mix a year or so ago (listen here) and we are happy to have another one. The selections provide a hint towards the Hare and the Moon sound. Grey Malkin, creative force behind The Hare and the Moon uses the term ‘spook folk’ to describe the sound of The Hare and The Moon. The songs are all original traditional ballads and Grey Malkin as producer lays down a sound-bed to experiment with and to conjure up a mood or atmosphere that befits the subject matter of the lyrics or text. Often the songs are about death, murder, ghosts and talking ravens – well the best ones anyway.

Deeper listening is possible by checking out the three LPs ‘Hare And The Moon’, ‘The Grey Malkin’ and most recent ‘Wood Witch’. There are also some beautifully packaged limited editions over at Roger Linney’s Reverb Worship and some very atmospheric extended remixes here. The musical influences of The Hare and The Moon include the dark folk sounds of artists such as  Stone Breath or Pentangle’s moodier numbers, as well as the acid folk bands that were prevalent in the UK in the 1970’s such as Mellow Candle and Caedmon.

Listen to the show re-stream Here (select 24 January 2016 edition)

Part 1 – Grey Malkin’s Mixtape as HQ Mixcloud Here

Part 2 – Claude Mono’s Atmospheric Dance Music Ramblings as HQ Mixcloud Here


Part 1 – Grey Malkin’s Mixtape

Grey Malkin – Introduction

The Hare and The Moon – The Midnight Folk

Cat’s Eyes – Opening Credits Theme – The Duke of Burgundy OST

Pentangle – Hunting Song – Basket of Light

Ulver – Little Blue Bird – A Quick Fix Of Melancholy

Gazelle Twin – Unflesh – Unflesh

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Blood Chant – Bwyd Time

Coil – Cardinal Points – Gold Is The Metal (with the broadest shoulders)

James Blackshaw – White Goddess – White Goddess

Jason Faulkner, Sandra Kerr – Uncle Feedle – Bagpuss: The Songs & Music

Art Bears – The Slave – Winter Songs

Rob St John and the Coven Choir – Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey – Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey

Nick Hudson – My Antique Dead – My Antique Son

Menace Ruine – Salamandra – Alight In Ashes

COB – I Told Her – Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart

Palace of Swords – Ringstone Round (The Hare And The Moon Remix)

The Hare and The Moon – O’Death – Wood Witch

Part 2 – Claude Mono’s Atmospheric Dance Music Ramblings

Sieben – Ogham on the Hill (remix) – John Barleycorn Reborn

The Horses of the Gods – John Barleycorn (excerpt) – John Barleycorn Reborn

Martyn Bates – The Resurrection Apprentice – John Barleycorn Reborn

The Rowan Amber Mill – Blood And Bones (Ciderdelica Mix) – We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold

Amorphous Androgynous Syd Arthur remixes Syd Arthur – Morning’s Recall

The Heartwood Institute – Astercote (excerpt) – Astercote

Assembled Minds – Through the Morris Light

Assembled Minds – The Forest Light Initiation Ceremony

Maribou State – Moon Circles – Truths EP

Heathered Pearls – The Worship Bell (Foxes In Fiction Remix) – Loyal





Radio Show – 17 January 2016 – Episode 254
January 24, 2016, 3:53 am
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Golden Apples of the Sun Episode 254 is directed by Tristan Gibbs, one of the Golden Apples founding curators. You will learn many musically essential things to know simply by listening to Tristan. Re-stream link in the comments.

Listen Here (select 17 Jan 2016 edition)


Heather Leigh – Fairfield Fantasy – I Abused Animal

John Cameron – Psychomania Front Title – Psychomania OST

Z – Harkonnen – Visions of Dune

Masahiko Sato – The Notice is Notice – Belladonna OST

Earth – His Teeth Did Brightly Shine – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II

Julia Holter – Vasquez – Have You In My Wilderness

Harmonia – Ueber Ottenstein – Live 1974

Cavern of Anti-Matter – Pulsing River Velvet Phase – Other Voices 06

David Bowie – An Occasional Dream – Space Oddity

Laura Cannell – Conversing in a Dream – Beneath Swooping Talons

Joanna Newsom – You Will Not Take My Heart Alive – Divers

Masahiko Sato – Valle Incantata – Belladonna OST

Colleen – Babies – Everybody Alive Wants Answers

Masahiko Sato – TBSF – Belladonna OST

Z – Bene Gesserit – Visions of Dune

Oneohtrix Point Never – Freaky Eyes – Garden of Delete

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Chariots of Silk – Unicorn

ToiToiToi – Odin’s Jungle – Other Voices 07

Mariah – Shinzo no Tobira

Eric Feremans – Theme from The Antwerp Killer – The Antwerp Killer OST

Radio Show – 10 January 2016 – Episode 253
January 13, 2016, 1:09 pm
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space lady 2

space lady 1

Dave Clark curates his second edition of the Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show. His exquisite sound selection and the inclusion of the way too infrequently featured ‘Space Lady’ automatically ensures he will be returning again…

Listen Here – Select 10 January show


2:00:00 – Build An Ark – The Yes Song – The Stars Are Singing Too

2:04:00 – Rarebit – Convergence – Daizo

2:13:00 – Hailu Mergia – Hari Meru Meru – Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instrument

2:19:00 – Lewis Baloue – It’s a New Day

2:23:00 – The Space Lady – Major Tom

2:29:00 – Cokiyu – Drag the Beast – Your Thorn

2:35:00 – Actress – Uriel’s Black Harp – R.I.P.

2:39:00 – Andrew Pekler – Rockslide – Cue

2:45:00 – Virtual Boy – Viking

2:49:00 – Olafur Arnalds – Near Light – Living Room Songs

2:52:00 – James Ruskin – Cast Down

3:03:00 – Cyclobe – Replaced By His Constellation – The Visitors

3:11:00 – Ay-Shay – Warn U

3:14:00 – Iasos – The Angels of Comfort

3:25:00 – Sand Circles – Inner City Haze

3:28:00 – Samantha Glass – Return To The Sky

3:32:00 – Marumari – Rocket Summer 1 – No. 4 Supermogadon

3:36:00 – Balam Acab – Welcome

3:40:00 – Chris Watson – Galapagos

3:43:00 – Inch Time – Cloud Hidden – As The Moon Draws Water

3:48:00 – Bibio – Cherry Go Round – Hand Cranked

3:55:00 – Trudi – LÃt Mig Se Dig




Radio Show – 3 January 2016 – Episode 252
January 5, 2016, 10:18 am
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Its a new dawn its a new year….

Jesse JBomb Yuen presents the first edition of The Golden Apples of the Sun for 2016.

Prepare to relax with intensity as you are hit with a tranquillity bomb….

Here – Listen to the show re-stream (select 3 jan 2016)

Here – HQ Mixcloud


Phil Cohran and Legacy – White Nile – African Skies

Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Longshan Temple – Into Forever

Farm – Crystal Shingles – The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun OST

The Dragons – Expert from A Sea for Yourself OST – A Sea for Yourself OST

The Dragons – Big Mike Requiem – BFI

Harvey Mandel – Christo Redentor – Christo Redentor

Harvey Mandel – Wade in the Water – Christo Redentor

Tosca – Mrs. Bongo – No Hassel

Money Mark – Insects are all around us – Mark’s Keyboard Repair

Hexstatic vs. Guitar Vader – Perfect Bird – View Master

Steven Jesse Bernstein – More Noise Please – Poison

Date palms – Night riding the skyline – The Dusted Session

Henri Texier – Le Elephant – Varech

Mapping The Futures Gone By – Sluice Box Tavern – Contact Field Orchestra(

Elizabeth Parker – The Frozen World – The Living Planet, Music for the BBC TV Series

Steve Maxwell Von Braund – Monster Planet (Andy Votel edit) – Monster Skies Compilation

Piano Magic – Halloween Boat – A Trick of the sea

Perth – Original Food – Babes, Water, Waves

Barrio Lindo – Copla feat El negro Palma – Sistema Respiratorio

Vulcans – Star Trek


Radio Show – 27 December 2015 – Episode 251
January 2, 2016, 12:22 pm
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This week’s edition of The Golden Apples of the Sun contains twice its normal curatorial energy as guest host Aarom Wilson is joined in the studio by his guest host Saschy Singh…

Listen Here  – select 27 Dec edition


Sebastian Mullaert – In The Blurry Mist Of Yourself (Wa Wu We remix)

Circles – Tranquilo Gonzales

Floating Points – Silhouettes

Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better

Rex Ilusivii (The King Of Illusions) – Mirrors

Tame Impala – Cause I’m A Man (HAIM remix)

Bearface – Hotline Bling

khampa inthisane & didier malherbe   ancient memories  khaen sax & co… – down the mekong

Pink Floyd – First Recording Session w/ Syd Barrett – Chunk 1

Stationary Dance – Savant

KEDA – Hwal – Eobu Nolae

Mecanica Popular – Siempre Tu

Grouper – Clearing

Coco Rosie – Lilies Of Innocence feat Antony Hegarty

Spire – Some Day; Mornings

JLIN – Black Ballet

Alwyn Lewis – Better One (Act 1, Part 1)

Beach House – Sparks

Normil Hawaiins – British Warm