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Christina Vantzou
November 22, 2015, 10:43 am
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christina vantzou

Cristina Vantzou is a multi-medium artist and has shared a short film that features exclusive music from the Nº3 sessions, it’s a stand alone work of art—as intense as anything Vantzou has produced on her solo albums or as one-half of The Dead Texan. Here’s the breakdown, straight from the source:

Filmed in Belgium on Super 16mm, ‘Nº3’ follows a female, a pair of twins, and a cloaked group of figures performing minimalistic rituals in a strange landscape. A female walks into the distance and stares off into space, a group wearing black cloaks scatter and then form a line, and a pair of twins perform symmetrical, geometric choreographies. The rituals are not overtly cult-like, but rather evoke introspective states and act as metaphors for the subconscious mind. The film’s soundtrack pulls raw materials from my new full-length, also titled ‘Nº3’, and further abstracts these elements.

Article abbreviated from Self-Titled

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