The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 2 April 2017 – Episode 315

…Claude returns and weeks of field study, archaeological digging, explorations of secret rural Holloways, learning the Rites of Mu, and Hypnagogia all come together…its a strange beautiful musical trip….

Show re-stream here

Mixcloud HQ here  – just the music plus BONUS TRACKS (almost 2 hours)


A Year In The Country – For My Gentle Scattering – Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels

A Year In The Country Flutter Once More – Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels

The KLF – The Rites Of Mu (Narrated By Martin Sheen)

The Assistant – Gristleizer

Lilacs and Champagne – Sensations

Jon Brooks. – Please Drive Carefully – Shapwick

Mrjonthehat – Lullaby from The Wicker Man

Laurie Spiegel – Appalachian Grove I – The Expanding Universe Reissue

Walker Brothers – The Electrician – Nite Flights

LTJ Bukem Music (Original 12)

Sam Mcloughlin – A Stirring (Crazywell Pool) – Devon Folklore Tapes Volume III: Inland Water

L Pierre – The Kingdom – The Island Come True

Exceeding Death – Mad Girls Love Song by Sylvia Plath

S. Mcloughlin & A. Cooper – Lantern – Natural Lancashire – Supernatural Lancashire

Laetitia Sadier and Source Ensemble – Double Voice, Extra Voice – Finding Me Finding You

Lilies On Mars – No Way – Dot to Dot

The Stargazer Lilies – Well Versed To Verb Doubt – We Are The Dreamers

The Stargazer Lilies – Golden Key – Door To The Sun

Andy Votel – Shallerova – All Ten Fingers

Lillies of Mars Dream of Bees – Dot To Dot

Broadcast – Minus One – The Noise Made By People

Broadcast – Black Cat – Tender Buttons

The Group – Quasars – The Feed-back

Tom Dissevelt – Drifting – Electronic Movements

Broadcast – Belly Dance – The Future Crayon

Mellow – Instant Love (Andy Votel Remix) – Another Mellow Winter

Isan – Cutlery Favours  – Lucky Cat


Jon Brooks – Autres Directions – Autres Directions

The Hardy Tree – Harringey House – The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath

The Hardy Tree – The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath – The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath

Lake Radio – Ghost Translator – Hypnagogia

Dope Lemon – Honey Bones – Honey Bones

Laura Cannell – Time Burns Falling Stars (Peverelist remix) – Swooping Talons Remixes

Lake Radio – Chant II (2017 Rework)


Jon Brooks – Autres Directions
March 25, 2017, 9:44 am
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Jon Brooks – Autres Directions – Clay Pipe Music
“Whenever I’m travelling, I take with me a means of recording ambience and constantly listen out
for interesting situations where sound can be captured and transformed. Field recordings play a
significant part in the tapestry of the album. The textures underpin, envelop and frame the work,
adding a sense of context and grain.
I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted the textures and atmospheres to be on an equal
footing to the melodies. The ‘wake up’ music which begins the album, I composed as a piece that
could, theoretically, be played by a ferry company to wake passengers upon their early morning
arrival into dock, over the small speakers installed in ferry cabins. To create the atmosphere, I took
the recorded piece onto a ferry, bound for France, and played it back in the cabin over a speaker,
capturing the playback with a microphone, allowing the sound and reverberant space of the ferry
cabin to influence the ambience of the piece.
Other ways of bringing the ambience of situations into the recorded pieces involved playing back
textures (that I’d created electronically in the studio) in various places (disused barns, country
lanes etc) and capturing them again on a microphone and building pieces around those
atmospheres. I also noticed that, preparing to leave the ferry, there were various metallic pitched
drones that just seemed to hang in the air, combining naturally with idling car engines – these
became music and it was from these distinct pitches that I added complimentary electronic textures
around them.”

Radio Show – 26 Feb 2017 – Episode 310

The Golden Apples resident Hauntologist with the original BBC Radiophonic voice returns to play music and explain things you did not know you needed to understand. Tristan Gibbs presents this edition of the Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show.

Listen here (Select 26 Feb 2017)


Graeme Miller and Steve Shill – Travelling Theme – The Moomins

Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club – Moonling – Other Voices 09

Hatfield and the North – Fol De Rol – Hatfield and the North

Matt Berry – The Pheasant – Witchazel

Shirley Collins – Pretty Polly – Lodestar

Anne Briggs – Everytime – The Time Has Come

The Durutti Column – Madeleine – The Return of the Durutti Column

Basil Kirchin – Silicon Sessions- Silicon Chip Single

Wendy Carlos – March from a Clockwork Orange – A Clockwork Orange OST

Jonny Trunk – Glam – Scrapbook

Pram – The Owl Service – The Museum of Imaginary Animals

Kevin Ayers – Girl on a Swing – Joy of a Toy

Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club – The Music Room – Other Voices 09

Colin Newman – fish 12 – Provisionally Entitled ‘The Singing Fish’

Julianna Barwick – Vow – The Magic Place

Nuno Canavarro – [Untitled] – Plux Quba

Z – Fremen – Visions of Dune

Arthur Russell – Calling Out of Context – Calling Out of Context

Gastr del Sol – Eight Corners – Mirror Repair

Slapp Happy – Small Hands of Stone – Sort Of

Slapp Happy/Henry Cow – Giants – Desperate Straights

Art Bears – Rats and Monkeys – Winter Songs

Matt Berry – From the Manger to the Mortuary – Witchazel


Radio Show – 5 February 2017- Episode 307


This edition of the Golden Apples is hosted by Claude Mono. It commences with a soundscape from Under The Skin the unsettling sci-fi film that creates a strange brooding dystopian landscape within contemporary Glasgow and its surrounds. More soundscapes from A Year In The Country, Broadcast, Pram, The Dandelion Set, Stereolab and space-psych from Our Solar System…immersive listening…

Listen here (select 5 February 2016)

HQ Mixcloud here – just the music


Mica Levi – Creation – Under The Skin Soundtrack

Mica Levi – Lipstick To Void – Under The Skin Soundtrack

Mica Levi – Love – Under The Skin Soundtrack

A Year In The Country – The Dark Chamber – The Marks Upon The Land The Dark Chamber EP

A Year In The Country – The Dark Chamber (Waiting For A Moment Of Stillness Mix) – The Marks Upon The Land The Dark Chamber EP

A Year In The Country – For My Gentle Scattering – Airwaves Songs From The Sentinels – The Marks Upon The Land

Broadcast – Teresa’s Song (Sorrow) – Berberian Sound Studio

Broadcast – The Sacred Marriage – Berberian Sound Studio

Broadcast – The Be Colony-Dashing Home-What on Earth Took You – Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

John Hill feat Susan Christie – Europa – Six Moons of Jupiter

The Invisible – Lifes Dancers (Floating Points Remix)

Hintermass – The Rituals of Reversal – The Apple Tree

David Colohan and Richard Moult – Sundial – The Marks Upon The Land Wild Hope Flowers

Hintermass – The Apple Tree – The Apple Tree

Mndsgn – Camelblues – Yawn Zwn

Stereolab – Anonymous Collective – Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Our Solar System – In Time – At the Edge of Time

Desert Dwellers – Shiva Nataraj (Banco De Gaia Remix)

The Dandelion Set and Alan Moore – Harps Ascend – A Thousand Strands 1975 – 2015

Lispector – The Game – A Kind of Awe and Reverence and Wonder

Angel – Driving (Down) – Sky Girl

The Dandelion Set and Alan Moore – Imogens People – A Thousand Strands 1975 – 2015

Antena – Frantz [Nouvelle Vague Mix] – Versions Speciales

Pram – Earthing and Protection – Sargasso Sea

Mica Levi – End Credits – Jackie Original Soundtrack

Twincities – Cadaver Dogs – Assembly Field The Cross Hill Recordings



Radio Show – 27 November 2016 – Episode 297
November 30, 2016, 12:37 pm
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On todays show Mark Davies will be your host for your favourite 2 hours of the week and will gently guide you through a smorgasbord of musical delights. He’s got a big box of records as vinyl is really the only format worthy of the show. We’ll be checking out some UK Hauntology, Doom folk from Canada, Scandinavian psych, Argentinian folkatronica as well as taking in some soundtrack and library music from Europe.Sit back and glisten.

Listen to the sho re-stream here (select 27 Nov)


Folkazoid – Arabic Hash – Folkazoid EP

GOAT – Bondye – Commune

Grim Tower – Anarchic breezes- Anarchic breezes

Stereolab – Animal or vegetable (a wonderful wooden reason)  – Refried Ectoplasm

Broadcast – Accidentals – work and non-work

Pram – Shadows – Helium

Erasers – By your side – Stem together

Juana Molina – Las Edades – WED21

Penguin cafe orchestra Рchartered flight РMusic from the penguin caf̩ orchestra

Dungen – Det du tanker idag ar du I morgon – Ta det lugnt

Dungen – Det Tar tid – 4

Efterklang – Prey and predator – tripper

Alain Goraguer – La Planette Sauvage  – Soundtrack La Planette Sauvage

Piero Umiliani – Effetti Musicali – Effetti Musicali

Serge Gainsbourg – Danger – Les annes Psychedeliques (1966-71)

AIR – Napalm love – Pocket Symphony

Damien Jurado – Walrus – Visions of us on the land



GHOSTS OF FUTURES PAST: Sampling, Hauntology, and Mash Ups
September 10, 2016, 10:38 am
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Simon Reynolds presents a companion to Chapter 10 with lots of extra interesting things

Get the footnotes for the other chapters here


For more ephemera have a read of Simon’s recent and personal post  Landscape and Loss on his Blissblog

Radio Show – 4 September 2016 – Episode 285


Claude presents Part 2 of the kaleidoscope commenced in last week’s Golden Apples – experimenting further and exploring tempo and melodies across tracks and the theory that it is the set not the song more

Listen to the show re-stream here – with Claude’s audio sleevenotes – Select 4 September

HQ Mixcloud here – Just the music


Least Carpet – Cobwebs – Least Carpet II

Jane Weaver – Cascade In Dark – The Silver Globe

Arborea – Ghost – Fortress of the Sun

Lutine – Espera (Kemper Norton mix) – Died of Love Remixes

Hundred Waters – Caverns – Hundred Waters

The Dandelion Set – Memoir Of A Black Spider – A Thousand Strands 1975-2015

Paper Dollhouse – Folklore – Devon Folklore Tapes Vol.IV Rituals & Practices

Carl Turney & Brian Campbell-SumerIsIcumenIn – Merry May

Broadcast – The Aphid Sleeps – Mother is the Milky Way

The Dandelion Set – Judy Switched Off The TV – A Thousand Strands 1975 – 2015

Hushpad – Little Ways – For Kites and String

Hushpad – The Love Song of Harold Angel Esquire – For Kites and String

The Dandelion Set – Imogen’s People – A Thousand Strands 1975-2015

Cosmic Analog Ensemble – La Fonte des Glaces – La Fonte des Glaces

Broadcast – Test Area vs Belly Dance – The Future Crayon vs Extended Play

Ennio Morricone – Amore Com Delore – Le foto proibite di una signora per bene

Good Vibrations (tracking session at Gold Star) – The Beach Boys

Dorit Chrysler – Theremin meets Synchrocyclotron – Live at CERN 2016

May Roosevelt – The one where girl finds out – Panda (A Story About Love And Fear)

ION featuring May Roosevelt – Andel

DJ Shadow feat. Matthew Halsall – Ashes to Oceans- The Mountain Will Fall

The Orb – Once More (FT Explores Satan and Evening Session)