The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 6 January 2019 – Episode 404
January 6, 2019, 8:58 am
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image credit: – ‘Dreamed’ is in the mix love the whole album

I’ve been on holidays and that means lots of music research and tape-splicing experiments down in the Mono Laboratory. You get to join me and listen to the results – a jigsaw of neo-motoric beats bubbling amongst beautiful melodies and strange heavenly things as the past meets the present… Claude

Restream the show here

Mixcloud HQ Mixtape (just the music) here

PLAYLIST (Mixcloud Edition)

Tara King th. – more here

Tara King th. & Halasan Bazar – TK16 pt.1 (Super Fedt) – Unreleased from 8 EP

Tara King th. – Cosmoscillations (excerpt) – Stellar Fantasies

Tara King th – Stellar Journey (Onepointwo remix)

Jon Brooks – Descent – Agri Montana

Vanishing Twin – Vanishing Twin Syndrome (Live on Cavalcade)

Tara King th. –  Magnetic Bounds – Uncolored Past (part.2)

The Galaxy Electric – Leaving – Blight makes right

Broadcast and the Focus Group – Love’s Long Listen-In – Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age

Saint Etienne – Angel (Broadcast Remix) – Continental

Saint Etienne – Angel of WoodhatchCults Of The Radio Age – Home Counties – 2017

Broadcast and the Focus Group – Round and Round and Round – Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

Cate Le Bon – Greta – Cyrk

J Dilla – Show Me What You Got (Instrumental)

Stereolab – Come Andy Play In The Milky Night – Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night

Splitting the Atom with Sonic Boom – Monkey Brain (excerpt) – Splitting The Atom Parts One and Two

Cavern of Anti-Matter – Sound Magic’s Death Ray Destroys the Vortex And Has Union With Infinity

62 Miles From Space – Time Shifts- Time Shifts

Misha Panfilov – Oueuni (paar tundi enne koitu) – Kallaste Elektrooniline Muusika EP

Stereolab and Nurse with Wound – Simple Headphone Mind

Retep Folo – Galactic End – Galactic Sounds

The Hardy Tree – Harringey House – Through Passages of Time

The Hardy Tree – Sketches in D Minor – Part 2 (excerpt)

The Owl Report – Distant Sun – The Owl Report

Starblood – The Sun Is Melting in the Sky – Dreamed

Starblood – Dreamed – Dreamed




Radio Show – 30 December – Episode 403
January 2, 2019, 9:45 am
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Mike Tucak curates the show and takes a few very immersive musical journeys into some specific soundtracks

Listen to the show restream here


Bonobo feat. Rhye – Break Apart

Bonobo – Second Sun

Rhye – Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix)

The Weight Of My Words – Kings Of Convenience (Fourtet Instrumental)

Alice Skye – Friends With Feelings

Taman Shud – Sea That Swells

Chris Abrahams – McHeath (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – The Iris Label (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – A Partnership (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – Bolshie (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – There’s Theives About (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – First Fight (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – Dredge (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – Tenderhook Theme (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

Chris Abrahams – Hard Word (Tenderhook Soundtrack)

David Thrussell – The Brothers At Rest (The Hard Word Soundtrack)

David Thrussell – Working On A Dream (The Hard Word Soundtrack)

David Thrussell – Horses Are On The Track (The Hard Word Soundtrack)

David Thrussell – No One Gets Hurt (The Hard Word Soundtrack)

David Thrussell & Francois Tetaz – Full Leather Rico (Under The Radar Soundtrack)

David Thrussell & Francois Tetaz – With A Sinister Groove (Under The Radar Soundtrack)

David Thrussell & Francois Tetaz – Beyond The Wall (Under The  Radar Soundtrack)

Sophie Moleta – Mutijulu              

Lake of Bass – Wildlife Researcher

Graham Tardif – Approaching (The Tracker Soundtrack)

Graham Tardif – The Chain (The Tracker Soundtrack)

Graham Tardif – After The Valley Of Sorrow (The Tracker Soundtrack)

Graham Tardif – All Men Choose The Path They Walk (The Tracker Soundtrack)

Graham Tardif – Gungalaira (The Tracker Soundtrack)

Graham Tardif – Friction (The Tracker Soundtrack)

Neil Young – Nobody’s Story (Dead Man Soundtrack)

Helen Gillett – Ride Into The Sun

Brittan Lane – The Parting Glass

Radio Show – 23 December – Episode 402

Peace and love with Jemima Dove on the Golden Apples.

Jemima celebrates the Solstice and traverses some of the fourth world space age folk baroque wonders that she has discovered in 2018.

Listen to the show restream here 


2:05:00       Bong Wish – My Luv

2:07:00       Matt Berry – Lay Your Love on me

2:13:00       Senay – Doy Doy Doymadim

2:18:00       Krurangbin  – Lady and Man

2:27:00       Time For Dreams – Death of Disco Dancer

2:32:00       The Roger Webb Sound – Moon Bird

2:37:00       Marta Sebestyen – Making Chaplets

2:39:00       Miko & Mubare – Komoma Ya-Ya-Ya

2:43:00       Marlui Miranda – Tchori Tchori ( feat. Uakti)

2:47:00       Naffi Sandwich ( Brenda Ray) – Everyday Another Dream

2:52:00       Eden Ahbez – Full Moon

2:59:00       Prelude – Edge of the Sea

3:04:00       Beverly Glenn Copeland – Ghost House

3:13:00       Tamum Shud – Lady Sunshine

3:18:00       Shin Joong Hyun & Kim Jung Mi – Wind

3:21:00       The Church – Tantalized

3:29:00       Matt Berry – Opium

3:32:00       Claude Lombard – L’Usine

3:35:00       Lake Ruth – Under The Waning Moon

3:42:00       Deradoorian – Mountainside

3:43:00       Clannad – Theme from Harry’s Game

3:47:00       Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore –   In Cedars

3:55:00       Nick Drake – Pink Moon

3:57:00       Emerald Web – Flight of The Raven

4:00:00       Bubble & Squeak – The Christmas Stick

Tara King & Halasan Bazar
December 24, 2018, 9:05 am
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From the archives. On the track ‘Rot Inside’ Tara King and Halasan Bazar do an almost perfect Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra. From the LP 8. You can enjoy the original LP and also an LP of unreleased tracks.
Back in 2014…

Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a sleepy mountain village in the Auvergne, and Tara King Th (FR) and Halasan Bazar meet for the first time, a musical blind date arranged by Steve Rosborough, boss of both bands’ Californian label Moon Glyph. Armed with an embryonic songbook of ideas exchanged over the internet, the newly formed sextet set up a makeshift studio in La Gargouille, the deliciously incongruous 70s-styled local discothèque, together with photographer/film-maker, Sébastien Tixier. Living and playing, singing, drinking and dancing together in glorious isolation amidst the snow  and disco balls, the collective rapidly bond, and the stage is set for them to merge their individual brands of psychedelia – Halasan’s introspective and whimsical folk-rock and Tara King’s  cinematic baroque pop – into one organic whole.

They rise to the occasion, swallowing influences, expanding their palettes with open minds, maturing startlingly before our very ears. Guitars shimmer and keyboards swirl and chime to form an atmosphere of giddy intoxication, while bass and drums provide a backbone of powerfully pulsating precision. In the foreground are the stoned, melancholic vocals of Fredrick Rollum Eckoff and the seductive and nuanced tones of Béatrice Morel-Journel. The songs are a delicious variety set to life by the detailed production of Arnaud Boyer. ‘Coeurs Croisés’ and ‘Ventolin’ come from a soundtrack to a halfdreamed Nouvelle Vague tale of espionage, sex and spilled blood. ‘Rot inside’ is aching dark romance. There’s crystalline fragility on ‘Cover’, bluesy swagger on ‘Door wrap’ and plaintive, primal howl on ‘TK16 Part 2’ and ‘Beneath the Golden Tree’. ‘Below your deepest expectations’ ebbs and flows in epic style, close-to-defeat yet defiant, while the tripped-out groove of ‘Try their best’ drones hypnotically before soaring heavenwards.

Sébastien Tixier’s documentary about “8” (Halasan Bazar & Tara King th.), a gorgeously bleached out, scarlet-tinged home movie, forms a perfect compliment to the recordings. The result is a truly adventurous and exhilarating collaboration, a testament to a week of intense creative expansion and singular vision, and the joyous experience of a whole new band, perfectly captured on both tape and celluloid.

Stellar Journey (Onepointwo remix) a remix from the 2017 LP – Stellar Fantasies on Petrol Chip Records – Petrol Chips is an Indie label founded by Ray Borneo who does all the Tara King videos going right back. 


Radio Show – 16 December 2018 – Episode 401
December 23, 2018, 6:31 am
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Dr Gonzo and special guest Vitamin D present The Golden Apples of the Sun on RTRFM 92.1

Explorations on “Morning Has Broken” – a cracking (perhaps at times crackling) selection of songs from the post-midnight-hours, through to breaking dawn and the glory of the sunrise…2pm

Listen to the show here


John Sangster – First Light – Australia and All That Jazz Vol 1

John Sangster – Sunrise – Australia and all That Jazz

Roberta Flack – Hey, That’s no way to Say Goodbye – First Take

Dan Gibson – Spring Morning on The Prairies – Solitudes

Phosphorescent – Sun, Arise (An Invocation, an Introduction) – Muchacho

My Morning Jacket – At Dawn – At Dawn

Fleet Foxes – Sun It Rises

Agitation Free – In the Silence Of The Morning Sunrise – Deutsche Elektronische Musik

Boards Of Canada – Dawn Chorus – Geogaddi

Caetano Veloso, Cesaria Evora and Ryuichi Sakamoto – E Preciso Perdoar – Red, Hot and Rio

King Tubby – Dawn Dub

Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining

Nouvelle Vague – Friday Night Saturday Morning – Novelle Vague

Flaming Lips – In The Morning of the Magicians – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Smog – The Morning Paper

Bert Jansch – Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning – LA Turnaround

Joni Mitchell – Chelsea Morning – Cluds

Build An Ark – Morning Glory – Dawn

Radiohead – Morning Bell – Amnesiac

Daedelus – Sunrise – Denies The Day’s Demise

Chemical Brothers – One Too Many Mornings – Exit Planet Dust

Mojave 3 – Got My Sunshine – Excuses For Travelers

Nick Drake – From the Morning – Pink Moon

Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning – Velvet Underground & Nico

Sir Psych – Meet The Morning (Rise and Shine)  The Active Listener Presents Sir Psych

Wandering Lake – Monday Morning Blues – From James’ Garden

Tim Buckley – Morning Glory – Live in London 1968

Virgina Astley – From Gardens Where We Feel Secure- From Gardens Where We Feel Secure

Claude’s Best of 2018
December 23, 2018, 6:06 am
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Claude’s Best of 2018 is not strictly ‘Golden Apples of the Sun’ but it definitely has a few great tracks that were played on Golden Apples during the year – read the sleeve notes and listen to the mixtape here

Eastern European Folk Ideas
December 15, 2018, 2:32 am
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It probably actually began back in 2003 and the music of Stephen R Smith with Hala Strana on Jewelled Antler Records…but here at The Golden Apples of the Sun we love Heather Trost and Jeremy Barnes of A Hawk and a Hacksaw. They helped us find beautiful music. Recently we discovered Peter Castle’s Best of European Folk blog post.

Hala Strana

A Hawk and a Hacksaw

A Hawk and A Hacksaw is based on the idea of collecting music and inspiration through travel. They are not of a place, but their music evokes places along a route. This is not an urban music. It’s rural; songs of the woods and roads where there are no sidewalks or street lamps to light your way. “A Broken Road lined with Poplar Trees” describes just this- the dirt from the summer sun, a melody from home on my tongue. The song “Babayaga” by Trost, is a tribute to the archetypal crone Babayaga, who sticks out her cane just as a child runs by… And “The Washing Bear” is a classic brass romp, connecting Serbian brass with it’s Southern brothers in Albania and Turkey…

Forest Bathing by A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Peter Castle presents his best of European Folk

Read the whole post with links here

Although most of what l actually perform myself is traditional English folk songs I don’t listen to a lot of that on recordings—I prefer it live. But I do listen to a lot of folk music from other parts of the world, particularly from Europe. I find much of it very exciting and it has influenced my playing. So this is a selection of some favourite recordings from Europe — some are tracks I’ve known for decades, others are recent discoveries.

Boban Marković Orkestar feat. Lajkó Félix