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Radio Show – 5 July 2015 – Episode 226
July 5, 2015, 2:38 pm
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A sound journey through Psych Folk – Electronica – Baroque Folk – Poetry as read by Sylvia Plath.. All that is Wyrd on The Golden Apples of the Sun with Claude Mono

Listen Here (choose 5 July 2015)

HQ Mix on Mixcloud


Krzysztof Komeda – Lullaby (Rosemary’s Baby Theme) – Rosemary’s Baby OST

Frittata – Lullaby

Mike Bancroft – Lullaby Remix

Demdike Stare – Quiet Sky – Tryptch

Ruby Throat – The Swan and the Minotaur (Troubled Man) – We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold

Tierceron – Steve Tyler – John Barleycorn Reborn Rebirth

The Story – The Wicker Man – John Barleycorn Reborn

The Advisory Circle – Innocence Elsewhere – As The Crow Flies

E.L Heath – The White Lady’s Hand Haunted Woodland Volume Two

Murmur Mori – Willows Song (The Wicker Man)

Ike Yard – Traffikers

Demdike Stare – Bardo Thodol – Tryptch

Comus – Waves and Caves – Anthology

Comus – The Herald

The Owl Service – The Dorset Hanging Oak – A Garland of Song

2econd Class Citizen – Change (What Were Creating)

Telling The Bees – Sweet Dream – The First Active Listener Acid Folk Sampler

The Owl Service – Pram

Sylvia Plath – Sylvia Plath reads Lady Lazarus

LFO, Aphex Twin – Simon From Sydney, Untitled (Pram Remix)

The Focus Group – Chordfl – The Electrik Karousel

Tages – You’re Too Incomprehensible

Spanky and Our  Gang – I’d Like To Get To Know You

Paper Dollhouse – Silence/Your Heart/Siren  – Aeonflower

murmur mori – Willow’s Song
July 5, 2015, 2:25 am
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self-titled murmur mori – is a concept ep compounded by six tracks plus a secret one.  The traced musical journey it’s marked as initiatory.

Also the No Title EP is the one that has the ‘Willows Song’ as featured in The Wicker Man’  but also twisted covers of ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘In The Year 2525’…

2econd Class Citizen
July 1, 2015, 3:10 pm
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Brighton based 2econd Class Citizen makes folk music for the digital age.

Radio Show – 28 June 2015 – Episode 225

researcher, musicologist and social media recluse Tristan Gibbs hosts the Golden Apples of the Sun

Listen Here

Vokal Ansambl Gordela – Zinskaro

Art Bears – The Hermit – Winter Songs

Jenny Hval – White Underground – Apocalypse, girl

Spirogyra – An Everyday Consumption Song – Bells, Boots and Shambles

Jonny Trunk – Lesbian 77 – Scrapbook

Füxa – Outer Drive – Very Well Organized

Vangelis – Wait For Me – Blade Runner OST

The Advisory Circle – Causeway Ballet – From Out Here

Trevor Jones – Love Theme – The Dark Crystal OST

Dead Can Dance – In The Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed are Kings – Serpent’s Egg

Alejandro Jodorowski – Fuck Machine – The Holy Mountain OST

Pram – Sleepy Sweet – North Pole Radio Station

Comus – Winter is a Coloured Bird – Diana Maxi Single

Marc Wilkinson- Ralph Saves Margaret – Blood on Satan’s Claw OST

Belbury Poly – Scarlet Ceremony – The Owl’s Map

Braen Raskovich – Evasioni Psichiche (Part One) – Abnormal Sensations

Gastr Del Sol – Rebecca Sylvester – Upgrade and Afterlife

Soft Machine – Dedicated to You But You Weren’t Listening – Volume Two

David Grubbs – A Dream to Help Me Sleep – Rickets & Scurvy

Jim O’Rourke – Something Big – Eureka

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci  Murder Ballad – Spanish Dance Troupe

Colleen – I’m Kin – Captain of None

Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let’s See – World of Echo

Radio Show – 21 June 2015 – Episode 224
July 1, 2015, 2:55 pm
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Graeme Watson presents..

Listen Here


Future pilot AKA vs Two Lone Swordsmen – The Gates to Film City

Award Winning Advertisements – Vintage Airflight Advertisement

Lamb – Transfatty Acid (2014 Filthy Remix)

Bruford – The Saharha of Snow Part 2 (excert)

Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge (excerpt)

001011000010011 (Cancer) – Naonian Style

Throbgoblin – Roaming the Hills

Rainbow Generator – WanDjina

SFT – Slope

Jimi Goodwin – Didsbury Girl (dub)

Jane Weaver – Arrows – The Silver Globe

Jane Weaver – The Amber Light

David Abir / Infant reader – Lesson One Movement, a study 33 (excert)

Gold Panda – My Father in Hong Kong

Wild Peace – Monday 5am

Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Hans Peter Lindstrom   Runddans (Erol Alkan Rework)

Jacco Gardiner- Hypnophobia

Jacco Gardiner – Grey Lanes

Amorphous Androgynous – In Mind

Amorphous Androgynous – Mountain Goat

Dusty Springfield – I Start Counting

Bernard and Edith – Rosemary

Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Hans Peter Lindstrom   Ohr, Um Am Amen (Aftermath)

Bernard and Edith – Stormy Weather

Cary Mulligan – Let No Man Steal Your Thyme

Fink – Pilgram (Paula Temple Remix – Ambient Time)

Go March – Rise (Psychemagik Remix)

Ashra – Oasis

Wesley Fuller – Change Your Mind


Radio Show – 14 June 2015 – Episode 223
July 1, 2015, 2:44 pm
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Claude Mono hosts the Golden Apples of the Sun

Listen Here

HQ 320 kbps Mixcloud Here


Hong Kong In The 60s – Cobb’s Box – My Fantoms

Hong Kong In The 60s – Shadow Of The Bear – My Fantoms

Hong Kong In The 60s – Diaryland (Grovesnor Remix) – My Fantoms Remixed

Broadcast – Mother’s Milk Means Music (at home in the universe) – Mother Is the Milky Way 2009 Tour EP

Antena – Noelle A Hawaii – Camino Del Soul

Antena – Camino del Sol – Camino Del Soul

Antena – Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix)

Arkitekture – Theme – Inside Chernobyl Soundtrack

Arkitekture – Reactor 4 – Inside Chernobyl Soundtrack

Emerald Web – Flight Of The Raven

Harmonic 33 – Extraordinary People – Alphabet Zoo

Koushik – Corner of Your Smile – Out of My Window

Koushik – In A Green Space – Out of My Window

A Reminiscent Drive – I want to remember this moment always – Footprints

Coco Steel and Love Bomb and Love Bomb – The Sunset A Reminiscent Drive Remix

Sapelo (YZ Remix) – Larry Jon Wilson

Pill Party In India – Magic Mountain – The Time and Space Machine Mix

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty – The Time and Space Machine Dub

Psychic Sherpa – Different Light   – Richard Norris Mix

Radio Show – 7 June 2015 – Episode 222
July 1, 2015, 2:23 pm
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Diger Rokwell local artist and producer extraordinaire hosts the show. He also has a new psychedelic 4 track extended play out called SEEDS

Listen Here (strangely in single-track mono – some ghost in the machine – sorry)


Dolphins into the Future – Memory of Self

Bonobo – Return to Air – Flashlight EP

Mdnsgn – Afternoon Shuffle – Yawn Zen

Silk Rhodes – Horizon Line

The cheebacabara – Paisley Garden

Fehfarben – 14 page

Lee Armstrong Express – Chicken n Waffles

Shintaro Sakamoto – A Stick and Slacks

TRASE – TRASE Sketch-3

Emerald Web – Jupiter Stone

Brogan Bentley – Last Light

Kucka – Flux 98

Blood Orange – Schooled

Mndsgn – Post98

FattyDL – fRONTIN’

Pekka Pohjola – Sekoilu Seestyy

Meat Puppets – Aurora Borealis

Tame Impala – Eventually

The Magic Latent – Moon Lagoon Platoon

Diger Rokwell – Travel to the Outer Reaches

Planetary Movements (Cancer) – Signs of the Zodiac

The Pyramids – Memory Rituals

CoS – Perphaps Next Record

Alemayehu Eshete – Kenoru Iebetchahe

Lee Fields and The Expressions – My World (instrumentals)

The Poets of Rhythm – plus plus

Gitah – Spiritual Dub

Jean Luc Ponty – Puppet’s Dance

Dj Day – Four Hills

Ras G – Take It Slow

Nil Frahm – Says

Laraaji – I am Ocean



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