The Golden Apples of the Sun

Radio Show – 16 January 2022 – Episode 559
January 19, 2022, 12:54 pm
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Em Burrows curates musical explorations that traverse through the new and old across the diaspora of psych folk and prog.


Show restream here


Camel – Mystic Queen /

Pink Floyd – Julia Dream /

Trees – Fool /

Espers – Rosemary Lane /

Pneumatic Tubes – Summer’s Children /

Death and Vanilla – Moogskogen /

Spirogyra – Furthest Point /

Caravan – Winter Wine /

Unknown – A Nocturnal Waltz /

Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free /

Arborea – Black Is The Colour /

Harold Budd – Madrigals of the Rose Angel /

Hareitis Harper – Intro /

Hareitis Harper – Lute Interlude /

Femme Vanille – Another Time /

Lake Ruth – Greenfield Industrialist /

Kim Jung Mi – Your Dream Like A Stream

Radio Show – 9 January 2022 – Episode 558
January 19, 2022, 12:44 pm
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Grant Warner and K L from Ambient Zones swing by with an intriguing selection that spans the music spectrum from the Library sounds of Piero Umiliani – the jazz of Bob James – the folky-prog of Terry Riley and the beats of artists like Fila Brazilia and Funki Porcini


Show re-stream here


2:00:00       Fila Brazilia – It Loved to Happen

                     Piero Umiliani – In The End (Instrumental)

                     Bob James – Storm King

2:10:00       Geoff Krozier – Khan Khallili Bazaar

                     Kid Spatula – Another Fresh Style

                     Terry Riley – In The Summer

                     Freescha – Shiver Me Timbers

2:28:00       Proswell – Frog Tiramisu

                     Hayner Boehm – Playing Time and Beyond

                     Tones On Tail – Instrumental

                     Tipsy – A Night On the Town

2:40:00       Funki Porcini – Terminal C3 UK

                     Alessandro Alessandroni – Verso L’Infinitio

                     Wunder – Nitz’s Kakao

2:50:00       Karamasov – Boere Joensson

                     Undermedvetenheten – Tillfallig

3:00:00       Ween – Joppa Road

                     Rolf Kuhn – Early Morning

3:10:00       The Sea and Cake – Bird and Flag

                     Angel 1 – A (Excerpt)

                     Populous – Drop City

                     Lonnie Holley – Keeping a Record of It

3:30:00       T. Stewart – Become Another Eagle Returning to Korea ’34

                     Everything is Everything – Witchi Tai To

                     Les Rita Mitsouko – Un Soir Un Chien

                     John Phillips – Window

3:50:00       Daniel Schell & Dick Annegarn – Granvelle

                     Tennis – Duckshelf (Jan Jelinek Pet Sounds Mix)

Radio Show – 2 January 2022 – Episode 557
January 3, 2022, 8:22 am
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Not everything was bad in 2021 – there was some incredible music so I thought I’d start the year by going backwards…retro…retrospective… its mostly music from 2021 but also a few things I only discovered for the first time in 2021 which explains why an obscure Lee Hazlewood track appears in the mix…

Claude Mono


Show restream here

HQ Mixcloud Mixtape here (just the music)


Gazelle Twin and NYX – Glory – Deep England

Nicholas Britell – Fire for the Kindling (excerpt) – The Underground Railroad Vol 2

Nicholas Britell – Caesar’s Theme – The Underground Railroad – Vol 1

Nicholas Britell – Caesar’s Theme (Foundation Track) – The Underground Railroad Vol 1

Mirage – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – Mirage

Discount Heaven House Band – Live At Las Pulgas – Discount Heaven House Band

Emile Mosseri – Infinite Love – Kajillionaire OST

Emile Mosseri – Love Theme – Kajillionaire OST

Emile Mosseri – Fake Falsey People – Kajillionaire OST

Lana Del Rey – Patent Leather Do-Over – Behind the Iron Gates (Insights from an Institution)

Celestial – Endless – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

The New American Orchestra – Memories Of Green – Blade Runner Orchestral Adaptation, 1982) Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight

Andrew Wasylyk – Last Sunbeams of Childhood – Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation

Beautify Junkyards – Reverie – Cosmorama

Kit Sebastian – French Disko (Stereolab Cover)

Stereolab – Retrograde Mirror Form – Switched On Volume 4

Astral Brain – Treasures – The Bewildered Mind

Vanishing Twin – The Lift – Ookii Gekkou

Soccer96 feat Salami Rose Joe Louis – Sitting On A Satellite – Dopamine

George & Jaqueline – A Love Story Set in Kaleidoscope Dreams (excerpts)

Immersion feat Laetitia Sadier – Riding The Wave

The Liminanas and Laurent Garnier – Saul – De Película

The Liminanas and Laurent Garnier – Saul s’est fait planter – De Película

Lee Hazelwood – Your Sweet Love – The Very Special World Of Lee Hazelwood

The Hardy Tree – November 1938 –Stagdale EP Part 2

Gazelle Twin and NYX – Fire Leap


Gazelle Twin and NYX Deep England

Glory starts at 12:47


Read the story of the Mirage LP here

Emile Mosseri

As featured in Kajillionaire

Lana Del Rey

Check out The Golden Apples of the Sun 2021 Poetry Edition here

Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight

Only heard this twenty year old track from 2002 for the first time in December 2021. Featuring a sample from ‘Memories Of Green’ by The New American Orchestra from Blade Runner Orchestral Adaptation, 1982

Astral Brain

Lee Hazelwood

One of the last things that caught my attention in Dec 2021 was Episode 2 of Station Eleven – A Hawk From a Handsaw.  The phrase “to know a hawk from a handsaw” from Hamlet means to be able to correctly perceive reality and how Hamlet may be pretending when appearing to be suffering from madness. Lee Hazlewood’s Your Sweet Love was played in this episode.

Peter Blake does Dylan Thomas
December 31, 2021, 1:02 am
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Dylan Thomas ‘Under Milk Wood’ illustrations by Peter Blake


“To begin at the beginning

It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black, the cobble streets silent and the hunched, courters’ and rabbits’ wood limping invisible down to the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea…”

A longtime admirer of Dylan Thomas, Blake has always been fascinated by the radio play and remembers first hearing Under Milk Wood while at the Royal College. He said:

“I still love it and still play a recording of it at least twice a week. I get new things all the time, even now.”

This 2013 documentary tells the fascinating story of Peter Blake’s 25 year obsession with ‘Under Milk Wood’ Dylan Thomas’s extraordinary ‘play for voices’.

Richard Burton reads Under Milk Wood


“Poetry is Frozen Music” – The Golden Apples of the Sun Poetry Edition here

A series of videos from National Museum of Wales here

Sproatly Smith Yuletide Mixtape – 26 December 2021 – Episode 556
Weirdshire Beating The Bounds – The first compilation
Home of Weirdshire

On December 26 its a special edition of The Golden Apples of The Sun. Carefully tune your shortwave radio to receive a signal from deepest winter in Herefordshire, UK. Our special guest is occasional Golden Apples curator Ian ‘Sproatly’ Smith – his last show was actually in 2011… Creator of the Weirdshire mini-festival and its three great music compilations – its like Glastonbury Fayre but at the slightly smaller Babar Café in Herefordshire. Weirdshire is amongst other things a live music and DJ night and has had the pleasure of hosting folk legend Steve Ashley, fantastic Scottish duo Burd Ellen, the sublime Nancy Wallace, and gorgeous banjo of Jacken Elswyth. About his Golden Apples selections Ian says: “Expect some old and some new tunes, some Yuletide wyrd treasures, its a bit folky, but there is also some library loveliness, a little bit country, a little bit easy”.

Please check out more of great the music including the Sproatly Smith LPs at their Bandcamp page.

Steve Palmer described the music of Sproatly Smith in his review review of 11:59 in the legendary Terrascope:

“The Sproatly Smith canon of marvellous music began in 2009 with the stunning debut album “The Yew & The Hare,” followed by a slew of weird-folk albums of equal quality. I was struck by the band’s use of folk melodies, unusual instruments and strange recordings, all of which made for very atmospheric listening. Later, the Weirdshire compilation packages built on the band’s Herefordshire roots, bringing in other groups and artists to the roster”.


RTRFM Show restream here

Sproatly Smith Yuletide Mixtape to stream on HQ Mixcloud here


Pro Arte Orchestra – The Box Of Delights TV Theme

Steve Ashley – Spirit Of Christmas

Sileas – Love Came Down At Christmas

Johnny Hawksworth – Christmas Glitter 2

William Wildo Zeither –  Carol Of The Bells

Burd Ellen – Cutty Wren

Arianne Churchman/ Sam McLoughlin – Cutty Wren – Tangerines In Socks

Alison Cotton – Coventry Carol

Nancy Wallace – See Amid The Winters Snow

The Hardy Tree –  Stagdale In The Snow

Hannah Peel – I Believe In Father Christmas

The Hollyridge Strings – Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Jake Thackray – Joseph

The Faraway Folk – Cherry Tree Carol – The Faraway Folk

New Scorpion Band – The Christmas Goose

Stories Of Jesus – Clive Palmer

Jacken Elswyth – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Octophonic – Xmas Treasure Hunt

The Free Design – The Now Sound Of Christmas

Michelangelo – Winter Setting

Big Boss Man – Christmas Boogaloo

Nadia Cattouse – Red And Green Christmas

Bobby Goldsboro – Look Around You (It’s Christmas Time)

John Denver – Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)

Smoke Faeries – I Wonder As I Wonder

Richard Hawley – Silent Night

Tammy Wynette – One Happy Christmas

Margo Guryan – I Don’t Intend To Spend Christmas Without You

Graeme Miller & Steve Shill – The Moomins Theme

Jean Ritchie – Winter Grace

Plinth – Hearth (Part 1)

White Winter Hymnal – The Owl Service

Greanvine – Winter Now (Broadcast Cover)

Sproatly Smith – The Mistletoe Bough

Johnny Hawksworth – Christmas Glitter 5

Esquivel – Snowfall

Shirley Collins – The Christmas Song

The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year

Father Christmas (end titles)


Another Mixtape: From the Archive here – Sproatly Smith on the Golden Apples way back in 2011 includes a download mixtape from our days pre-Mixcloud.

Interview: Sproatly Smith interviewed in Terrascope here

Loungcecore Exclusive: Sproatly Smith’s reclusive alter-ego Ken Easy the 70’s loungecore d.j. and Hammond organ playing band leader superstar – his mixtapes here and his Facebook here

Linda Smith
December 24, 2021, 11:58 pm
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Slightly modulated words from the review of Till Another Time: 1988-1996 by Glenn Kenixfan over at A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed and the Linda Smith bio at Captured Tracks

More about Linda Smith as she ever so briefly featured in Episode 555 of The Golden Apples of the Sun curated by Danny

Linda Smith first became known to The Golden Apples of the Sun via Sky Girl – perhaps one of our favorite compilations of all time.

When Linda Smith purchased a 4 track cassette recorder in the mid-1980s, it was not with the intention of launching a solo career. At the time, she was playing guitar in a band called the Woods, and thought it would be useful for sharing demos with her bandmates. In the end, the 4 track outlasted the Woods, but Smith had already started toying around with her own songs. The new hobby followed her from New York back to her native Baltimore, and over the next decade she’d release several albums worth of delicate, bewitching solo music on cassette. 

In the early Nineties, American indie saw a lot of Yank bands draw inspiration from the C86 and shoegaze styles in the UK. And while loads of those acts stuck close to the sound of the original points of inspiration, a few more expanded on that stuff. The resulting boom of indie here was amazing, with scenes around Slumberland Records and other labels yielding some of the best records of the era.

Amid all that, one would find out about a band or artist from a compilation appearance, and that’s how I first heard of Linda Smith. Her two numbers on the Slumberland Records compilation Why Popstars Can’t Dance were haunting and evocative. The cuts were also a tiny bit at odds with the rest of the material on the set. Still, Linda Smith’s talents were unique, and if she was making music far too complex to be labelled folk, and too lovely to be shoegaze, she was consistently striking out on her own terms to create something unique. Baroque in spots, stark in others, her songs were DIY but they were also expertly composed, reflecting a neat blending that could earn the tunes comparions to both The Raincoats and Syd Barrett. Collected now, finally, the material is set to charm a new generation.

Sparse and gentle, Linda’s music is tinged with lovelorn melancholy despite the sweetness of her voice. Over ‘60s pop-indebted melodies on tracks like “A Crumb Of Your Affection”, she delivers observations like “I’d been so hungry for so long, I’d forgotten how to eat” with an earnest softness. Elsewhere, her voice takes on a post punk deadpan, as on “I See Your Face” when she glumly repeats “someone speaks and I hear your name.” The effect of both modes is a haunting charm, equally reminiscent of early Cherry Red Records and ‘60s yé-yé.

Till Another Time: 1988-1996, out today via Captured Tracks, is full of the best from this Baltimore / New York musician, and a listener now is likely to be surprised at just how rich and robust this stuff remains. “In This” is a cousin to the stuff Pam Berry did with Glo-Worm, while “All I Did” and “I See Your Face” owe debts to the Velvet Underground and Young Marble Giants. These are drone-y, but still lovely, as is the sublime “Gorgeous Weather”, a number that was dream pop decades before anyone thought of that term. Elsewhere, “Wandering You Know” and “I Just Had To” sound like proto-jangle-rock, as if Linda’s deconstructing the form in front of us. A comparison to some Galaxie 500 material could be made about lots of what’s here but it always seemed as if Linda was a composer more interested in tightly resolving a melody, rather than letting things remain ambiguous and diffuse.

I So Liked Spring – December 2021

Poems by Charlotte Mew (English 1869-1928); Music by Linda Smith. Originally released in 1996 by Shrimper, this reissue contains a different mix by George Hagegeorge. “…built around poems by Charlotte Mew written in the 1910’s and 1920’s. Not since the Schramms’ lovely settings of Dickinson have such antique words been set, like jewels, into a pop form…”

Captured Tracks

Founded in 2008 by Mike Sniper, Captured Tracks has grown into an unwavering Brooklyn institution of independent music. Captured Tracks has dedicated its output to championing artists and bands with undeniable talent, and in its twelfth year of existence, the label celebrates 300+ releases to date and looks to the still-growing roster’s future ahead. Captured Tracks takes demos.

Radio Show – 19 December 2021 – Episode 555
December 23, 2021, 9:51 am
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The Golden Apples of the Sun welcomes guest presenter Danny with brain-frazzlers, heart-melters and trance-inducers spanning 120 years.


Listen to the show restream here


2:01:00       Psychic Oscillations – Sax Solfa

2:08:00       Priscilla Ermel – Floresta

2:13:00       Colin Riley – Moss

2:22:00       Jim Williams – Walk To My Still Beating Heart

2:23:00       Jim Williams – Baloo My Boy

2:28:00       Various – Espiritus-Bosques Girando Al ritmo Del Sol

2:35:00       Renaldo And The Loaf – Honest John’s Indian Gets The Goat On The Way To The Cowboys Conga

2:38:00       Insides – Undressing

2:43:00       Linda Smith – I Just Had To >> More on Linda Smith here

2:47:00       Yama Warashi -Set Fire To The Village

2:53:00       “Blue” Gene Tyranny – Leading A Double Life

3:02:00       Togi Suenaga – Taishikichou

3:04:00       Bernard Szajner – Ressurector

3:14:00       Carl Stone – Shing Kee

3:30:00       Jean-Cohen Solal – Captain Tarthopom

3:36:00       Mustafa Kus and Imece – Sefer Tasi

3:39:00       Sharron Krauss – No Westlin’ Winds

3:46:00       Insolito Universo – Transmutada

3:53:00       Fog – We’re A Mess

3:57:00       Playdate  – Tape VII Am

Radio Show – 12 December 2021 – Episode 554
December 23, 2021, 9:37 am
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Bob White (aka Boost Hero Man) presents a selection of music from the GroundUP label featuring artists like Bokante and Snarky Puppy.

“We’re definitely not a Fortune 500 company,”

Michael League Founder GroundUp


Listen to show restream here


2:02:26      Snarky Puppy – Something – Family Dinner, Vol. 1

2:09:54      Bokante + Metropole Orkest (Conducted by Jules Buckley) – Fanm – What Heat

2:20:11      House of Waters – Renew – Rising

2:21:33      House of Waters – Kites – Rising

2:29:36      Roosevelt Collier – Exit 16 – Exit 16

2:37:52      Roosevelt Collier – Happy Fee – Exit 16

2:45:27      Snarky Puppy – What About Me? – We Like It Here

2:51:52      Terrace Martin – Curly Martin – Velvet Portraits

2:59:13      Bokante + Metropole Orkest (Conducted by Jules Buckley) -Don’t Do It – What Heat

3:08:52      Mark Lettieri – Daggertooth – Deep: The Baritone Sessions

3:10:52      Mark Lettieri – Ridgehead – Deep: The Baritone Sessions

3:16:21      Mirrors – Can’t Stop Moving – Mirrors

3:21:08      Malika Tirolien – CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Higher

3:25:32      Malika Tirolien – GROW – Higher

3:30:31      Tigran Hamasyan – Levitation 21- The Call Within

3:37:22      Tigran Hamasyan – Ara Resurrected – The Call Within

3:45:37      Forq – Lullabye – Four

3:52:59      Snarky Puppy – Lingus – We Like It Here

Radio Show – 5 December 2021 – Episode 553

Graeme Watson is special guest VIP curator for Episode 553. Graeme was one of the original members of the Golden Apples Collective when the show first went to air over a decade ago and plays a beautiful selection of memories and could be memories your ears will love.

Graeme says:

It’s episode 553 of the program, and the 33rd time I’ve been selecting the tunes since the program began a decade ago. It’s a mix of electronica, symphonica, and folktronica that takes in a wide range of musicians from around the globe and through the decades.”


Show restream here


Hoavi – Sosnovka Voices – Music for Six Rooms

Eydis Everson & Slow Meadow – Fyrir Mikael (Slow Meadow Rework) – Rework

Kishi Bashi – Theme from Jerome – Omoiyai

The Levitation Orchestra – Life is Suffering / Send and Receive Only – Illusions and Realities

Andrew Wasylyk – Blossomlessness #2 – Balgay Hill: Morning in Magnolia

Glenn Fallows and Mark Treffel – Hidden in the Pampas – The Globeflower Masters Vol. 1

Baaba Maal – Souka Nayo (Thievery Corporation Remix) – A Six Degrees Collection: Traveller ‘00

Hint – Quite Spectacular – Ortakabin Fever

Jaden featuring Babe Rainbow – Our Psychedelic Love Story – CTV3: Day Tripper Edition

Hierloome – Flesh to Flower- Cycles

Saint Etienne – Little K – Ive Been Trying to Tell You

DJ Food – Quadraplex (A Trip to the Galactic Centre) – Kaleidescope Companion

Omer Faruk Tekbilek, Arto Tuncboyacryan, Brian Keane, Ara Dinkjian & Hassan Isikkut – Mystical Garden – Mystical Garden

Marshall Brown – Awakened on the Weekend (reprise)

Marshall Brown – Awakended on the Weekend – Ay Es Em  Ar

Glen Campbell – Youre Young and Youll Forget – By The Time I Get to Phoenix

Anna Phoebe – Manchild – Icons

Brian Eno & Toto – Prophecy Theme from Dune (1984) – Film music 1976- 2020 1984

Spike Jackson – Walking So Free – Bob Stanley Presents 76 In The Shade

Gilbert O’Sullivan – Miss My Love Today – Bob Stanley Presents 76 In The Shade

Andy Bell – Ghost Tones – The View from Halfway Down

Royksopp – Eple (Bjorn Torke Remix)

Farhot – Yak Sher – Kabul Fire

Guedra Guedra – Berber is an Alien – Vexillology

Tame Impala – Is It True (Four Tet remix)

Sir Baby Girl – Cactus Song – Golden Bday Mixtape

Radio Show – 28 November 2021 – Episode 552

Diger Rokwell weaves with three CD players, a show dedicated to the sun’s movement in our celestial sky. As we rotate on our axis for two hours an aural collage of solar themed music and vibrational moments of sunny dispositions will warm the mind and soul. Tune in, radiate out. 


Show restream here


Brian Eno – First Light

Sam Gendel – Eternal Loop

The Cinematic Orchestra – Dawn

Jack Davies and the Bushchooks – Sunrise

Simon & Garfunkle – The Sun is Burning

john Cameron – Liquid Sunshine

Release Music Orchestra – Sundance

The Heliocentrics – Return Journey

Kan Kick – Sun Soul

Onyx Deimos – Sunflower love feat Taku

DJ Shadow – High Noon

Atomic Forest – Sunshine Day

The Heliocentrics – Made of Sun

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – From the Sun

Wilson Tanner – Sun Room

Tantrika Malasiya – Ancient Taoist Music for Perineum Sunning

The Verve – A Man Called Sun

Green-House – Sunflower Dance

Cleo Sol – Sunshine

MndSgn – Afternoon Shuffle

Caribou – Sun

Bicep – Sundial

Spliff Peso – Smoking while the Sunsets

Jazzanova – Bohemian Sunset

Boards of the Canada – Sundown

Vanessa Van Buren – Fading Light

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – Evening Star

Nina Simone – Here Comes the Sun