The Golden Apples of the Sun

Radio Show – 31 May 2020 – Episode 476
June 6, 2020, 11:07 am
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Mike Tucak explores music that has potential for healing and check out some chilled tunes from China, Sweden, Australia and beyond.

Listen Here


ocean experiments – Prelude

Expo 70 / SXBRS – oo70oo

Yue Xuan – Intro (Hou Chenzhong Remix)

Yue Xuan – Melancholia (Gavintoo Remix)

Howie Lee – Fused Pagoda

Loljud – Seagull Scream

Kallor – Frost

Joanna Knutsson – Kungsvagen 44

Gawurra – Burrmalala (Cyclone)

Gawurra – Djiwul (Green Weeds From Fresh Water)

Pond – Bali Waters

Brown Birds from Windy Hill – Sou’wester

Andrew Kidman and the Windy Hills – To Be Young

Shanghai Restoration Project – Wandering Songstress

Flash Beats Bone – Shen Bi Ma Liang

Thruoutin – market (Escaping Animals remix)

ocean experiments – Observatory 1

Kid Koala – Emperor’s Main Course

Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Seven

Hidden Orchestra – Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix edit)

Iimmune – Zhang

Brittan Lane – The Parting Glass

Radio Show – 24 May 2020 – Episode 475

Em Burrows hosts this edition.

Listen to the show restream here


Graham Miller and Steve Till     – The Observatory

Bo Hansson – Legend and Light

Sagor and Swing – In I Skogen

Trummer and Orgel – Arcadian Flowers

Sunforest – Overture to the Sun

Ash Ra Tempel – Day Dream

Cinderella – From Town to Town

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Hanoi 6

Jacco Gardner – Volva

Popol Vuh – Ah!

Clannad – Theme From Harry’s Game

The Bothy Band – Fionnghuala

Fairport Convention – Nottamun Town

Dr Strangely Strange – Sign of My Mind

Electronic System – Skylab

Neu – Weissensee

Cluster and Eno – Wehrmut

David Edren – Plant Charmer

Itsuroh Shimoda – Everybody’s Anyone

Tangerine Dream – Summer in Nagasaki

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Feet

Radio Show – 17 May 2020 – Episode 474

Claude Mono is back in the studio after what seems like forever as we slowly make our way back from isolation. The home-made editions of the Golden Apples produced over the last month or so have been amazingly creative and joyful listening. A very golden apples sounding episode of the golden apples with lots of unessential but yet essential sounds.

Listen to the show restream here – includes Claude’s sleeve note chit chat

Listen to the HQ Mixcloud mixtape edition here – just the music

PLAYLIST (Mixcloud Edition)

Golden Apples Theme

In Gowan Ring – Wandering Aengus (excerpt) – Compendium 2019

In Gowan Ring – Set a Candle in the Night – Compendium 2019

In Gowan Ring – Openhanded Spring (excerpt) – Moonlit Missive #15

Sproatly Smith – The Mermaid of Marden – A Trip of Hares

Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin – Amber Dwellers II (excerpt) – The Trappist & The Hare

Michael Merchant – Figs Grow in The Winter Time – Praise Poems 4

The New Hope Project – Love In Disguise (Space Love) – Praise Poems 7

Steve Hiett – More Rain In The Woods – Girls in the Grass

Warfield Spillers – Daddy’s Little Girl – Sky Girl- Compiled by Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae

Metal Voices – At the Banks of the River – Club Meduse

Harmonic 33 – Extraordinary People

Lilacs & Champagne – Roses & Kisses – Midnight Features Vol. 2 Made Flesh

Lily – Turn It Over Love – Taeko

Kraftwerk – Ruckzuck – Kraftwerk

Bing Ji Ling – Love to Love You Baby – Sunshine For Your Mind

Jane Weaver – Element – Architect EP

Jane Weaver – Element Loops Variation Mix – Loops In The Secret Society

Kraftwerk – Expo 2000

Kraftwerk – Techno Pop (Demo)

Pete Townshend – Baba ORiley (Demo)

Bertrand Burgalat – Pas Perdus – The Sssound Of Mmmusic

Bertrand Burgalat – Aux Cyclades Electroniques – Bertrand Burgalat Meets A.S Dragon

Cavern of Anti-Matter – High Street Spasm – In Fabric 

Cavern of Anti-Matter – In Fabric OST – The Dress Perspective (demonstration)

Lilacs and Champagne – Sensations

Northern Picture Library – Untitled #I – Alaska

Northern Picture Library – Into The Ether – Alaska

Northern Picture Library – Catholic Easter Colours – Alaska

Northern Picture Library – Untitled #I – Alaska

The Orchids – Thaumaturgy

Thief – Sunchild



Time Released Sound
May 16, 2020, 2:39 am
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OK I’ll skip the digital…

“As regards the packaging. We had a lot of time on our hands these days, and we have made use of it in an even more than usual over-the-top fashion! – TRS089 comes in two distinct physical versions. The first absurdly deluxe, and absurdly labor intensive limited edition boxes come in an edition of just 50 copies. Each of these seriously modified, lidded boxes is a naturalistic “specimen box” of sorts. The front and back are covered with 100 year old German botanical prints, are hand stamped as usual, outlined in gold, and all the labeling is hand typed on a vintage typewriter, and then hand applied. The edges of each box are rolled with metallic silver sunflowers. The interior lid features Japanese plant embedded fine art paper, the factory pressed CD on a hub, as well as a vintage photo of families and children enjoying their time in nature. Inside, each box is layered with naturalistic prints of birds and paper ephemera, small vintage floral cutouts, actual dried flowers and twigs and bark, and a 60 year old handmade, wooden, insect specimen “slide”. A 45rpm lathe cut record single, with remixes of two of the lovely tracks from the album fits snugly in its own forest green envelope, that has also been stamped, and adorned with an actual dried flower. And finally… each box comes wrapped in a large cut and folded botanical print, and is then tied up with vintage twine!”




Radio Show – 10 May 2020 – Episode 473

LXXVERS are Aarom Wilson and Saschy Singh – They take you on a deep, DJed journey through the GOATS spectrum, sprinkled with live instrumentation. Direct from their loungeroom, expect a relaxing tonic comprised of electronica, experimental, ambient, nu folk and more, all reimagined with FX, live flute and various other ‘instruments’ lying around their house. Delivered with love for all the amazing mothers and wonderful people out there who provide motherly care, warmth and inspiration for others

Listen to the show restream here

Listen to the HQ Mixcloud mixtape here

The mixtape is without talk breaks; a 2hr musical journey without interruption. For the broadcast version w/ Saschy & Aarom sharing info about the tracks, life and love (incl. for all the inspiring mothers and motherly figures who were listening when the radio program was broadcast on Mothers Day!) hit the show restream above


Brian Eno & Robert Fripp – Wind on Water

Szun Waves – Constellation

Oso Leone – Virtual U

Forma – New City

Twin Shadow – Perfect Day

Felicity Groom – Human

Fryars – Love So Cold (Lone Remix)

Mic Mills – H.A.A.R.P. (Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix)

Diger Rokwell – Journey

HTRK – More To Enjoy

Tale Of Us – Ricordi

Ian William Craig – Arrive, Arrive

Jumpel – Things Are Different

Photek – Modus Operandi

D33J -Park (Tape Version)

Rodrigo Gallardo – Kalimera

Susumu Yokota – Hagoromo

Mum – Faraway Swimming Pool

Kyson РOcean Tides (Henrik Jos̩ Remix)

Andy Rantzen – Will I Dream

How To Dress Well – & It Was U (Kid Smpl Remix)

Lucrecia Dalt – Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Bird’s Lament


Radio Show – 3 May 2020 – Episode 472
May 16, 2020, 2:21 am
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Dedicated to all those who may be feeling a bit nostalgic for the former days and a bit contemplative.  Hosted by yours truly Captain Melancholy, Kat Sav.  The show includes eastern European doomer music, a bit of Soviet synthpop, with a venture out into shoegazing, some Serbian rock and Serbian jazz-rock fusion, and of course the usual for golden apples pastoral folk with a pinch of psychedelic magic!

Listen to the show restream here


Blankenberge – Until the Sun Shines

Nautilus Pompilius – Zver’

Deerhunter – He Would Have Laughed

Kedr Livanskiy – Ariadna

Valentin Strykalo -Teni

Alyans – Na Zare

Linda Thompson – If I Were a Bluebird

David Thomas Broughton – Ever Rotating Sky

Lush – Desire Lines

Melnitsa – Golubaya Trava

Anne Briggs – Young Tambling

Van Gogh – Viline Vode

Currenty Joys – A Different Age

Suicide – Surrender

Smak – El Dumo

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand

Sharon Van Etten – Every Time the Sun Comes Up





Radio Show – 26 April 2020 – Episode 471
May 16, 2020, 2:07 am
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An excursion through the sounds of Sunday. A change in the air is about.

Your host is Joshua Fernandexz

Listen to the show restream here 


The Album Leaf – Prep

Night Tapes – Data Waterfall

Leafar Legov – Wave

Session Victim – No Sky, Blue Sound

Aaliyah – It’s Whatever

Mali-I – Jacky Says (Version)

Jon Hassell – Toucan Ocean

Outkast – Prototype

Karen Marks – Cold Cafe

Zilla – Section 001

Inre Kretsen Grupp – Loggia

Minor Science – Second Language (Tender Phonemes)

Aine O Dwyer & Graham Lambkin – The Medicine Man

D.K – The Three Realms

Neinzer – Elliptical Footsteps

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes

Tornado Wallace – Voices

Ka Baird – Pulse

Talking Heads – Seen And Not Seen

The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig and Kanzler Z – Pink Rhythm

Future Times – Hit Man

Tornado Wallace – Lonely Planet

Joviale – Storm

Bullion – O Vermona

Jessy Lanza – Kathy Lee

Love Tractor – Seventeen Days

Renee – Lay Me Down

Joan Bibiloni – Sa Fosca

Leafar Legov – Fade