The Golden Apples of the Sun

RADIO SHOW – June 2019 – Episode 424
June 9, 2019, 2:57 am
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Em Burrows curates this week’s edition of the Golden Apples of the Sun: “Inspired by the vinyl reissue of Mort Garson’s Moog masterpiece Mother Earth Plantasia (1976), I will be devoting a whole episode of Golden Apples of the Sun to plants! Plants, gardens, and pastoral landscapes have all been at the heart of folk and psych music for decades so this is going to be a rich and lovely show! Join me for a wander through the garden” – its a beautiful day for putting on the headphones on and lying amongst the plants…

Listen to the restream here


David Edren – Plant Charmer

Mort Garson – Ode to an African Violet

Katie Shlon – Our Mother of Sorrow Grotto

Brian Eno – In Dark Trees

Erasers – Leaves

Espers – Rosemary Lane

Mort Garson – Rhapsody in Green

The Blank Tapes- Super Bloom

Ultimate Spinach – Mind Flowers

Leafy Suburbs – Rainbow Eucalypt

Brendan Wells Plant Music – Music for Plants No 4

Jan Grunfeld – The Nightshade

The Biology of Plants – Moss

Enofa – Arboretum

Mort Garson – A Mellow Mood for Maidenhair


Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo Vol 1 and Vol2 Mixtapes


Two essential mixes by Visible Cloaks

Visible Cloaks Bandcamp

“The mixes serve as a roadmap to their own productions, which emphasize a similar palette: gauzy digital synths, warbling wind instruments, wooden vibraphones…

Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile make no secret of their influences, having laid them out in a series of online mixes over the past seven years. The first was 2010’s Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo, made up of an array of Japanese electronic and ambient music from the 1980s… a spacey 65-minute soundscape full of chimes and vaporous synthesizers… Music Interiors and Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo, Vol. 2 followed in 2013 and 2014, channeling hyperreal rainforest chirps and oddball synth pop; with last year’s Music Interiors Vol. 2: Interni Italiani, they picked up the thread in ’80s Italy, where Japanese exotica found itself mirrored in Mediterranean post-minimalism”

Excerpts from Pitchfork article by Philip Sherburne


Haruomi Hosono – “Down to the Earth“ from Mercuric Dance
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “A Rain Song” from Esperanto
Mkwaju Ensemble – “Ki-Motion” from Ki Motion
Haruomi Hosono – “Air Condition” from Philharmony
Mariah – “Shisen” from Utakata no Hibi
Yasuaki Shimizu – “(Untitled Pieces for Bridgestone)” from Music for Commercials
Mkwaju Ensemble – “Lemore” from Mkwaju
Seigen Ono – “Mallets” from Seigen
Masahide Sakuma – “WINDOWS/Hi!!” from Masahide Sakuma
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – “Agba’a” from Africa Genjoh
Yasuaki Shimizu – “(Untitled Piece for Tachikawa)” from Music for Commercials
Danceries – “Grasshoppers” from End of Asia
Phew – “Closed” from Phew
Haruomi Hosono – “Windy Land” from The Endless Talking
YMO – “Loom” from BGM


Haruomi Hosono – Down to the Earth

Ryuichi Sakamoto – A Rain Song

Mkwaju Ensemble – Ki-Motion

Haruomi Hoson] – Air Condition

Mariah – Shisen

Yasuaki Shimizu- (Untitled Pieces for Bridgestone)

Mkwaju Ensemble – Lemore

Seigen Ono – Mallets

Masahide Sakuma – WINDOWS/Hi!!

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Agba’a

Yasuaki Shimizu- (Untitled Piece for Tachikawa)

Danceries – Grasshoppers

Phew – Closed

Haruomi Hosono – Windy Land

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Loom





Radio Show – Sunday 26 May- Episode 423



Claude Mono discovers the old entwined with the new… sounds of love, psychedelic sounds, dreampop, lo-fi electronica, library, new age, private press, outsider sounds and more….

restream the show here

HQ Mixcloud edition here – no talk, extra tracks, better sequence

PLAYLIST (Mixcloud Edition)

Bibio – Capel Celyn (excerpt) – Phantom Brickworks

Biosphere – Black Mesa – The Petrified Forest

Tara King th. & Dominique Paturel Apres – Apres (excerpt) – Fantaisies Stellaires

Jacco Gardner – Eclipse – Somnium

Death & Vanilla – Nothing Is Real – Are You A Dreamer-

Bill Osborn – Bamboo and Rice – Praise Poems 4: A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s.

Bob Edmund – Saturday Thought – Paul Major: Feel The Music Vol. 1

Sound of Ceres – Gemini Scenic (Demonstration) – The Twin: Demonstration Tape

Karen O & Danger Mouse – Lux Prima (excerpt)

Vanishing Twin – Eggs – Choose Your Own Adventure

Stereolab – Seeperbold – Aluminium Tunes

Turn On – Turn On

Vanishing Twin – You Are Not An Island – Live on KEXP (5 Feb 2019)

Death and Vanilla – A Flaw in the Iris – Are You a Dreamer

Lisa Sonada – Goodbye – Karaoke Life

Larkin – Two Souls Dance – I Am The Center

Seefeel – Minky Starshine – Pure Impure

Blue Gas – Shadows From Nowhere

The Roger Webb Sound – Musette

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid – The Terran Invasion of Alpha Centauri Year 2794

Paper Dollhouse – Empty Rave

Paper Dollhouse – Siren (DB1 Redux)

Outerzone Jazs – Cavern Of Anti-Matter- Hormone Lemonade

Salty Miller One More Time – Seafaring Strangers

Mike Hurst – Lord I Don’t Have Time

Castlelrigg Stone Circle
May 19, 2019, 1:29 pm
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photo credit: a friend Rebecca currently in the UK – have used one of these on the Golden Apples banner thxs R

“This site, as so many of the entries above have said, is so clearly chosen for the fantastic way the mountains encircle this plateau. You can walk round and round and everywhere you see alignments of the stones with the mountains, echoes of the shapes in the skyline. This is the place to convince you that the landscape is sacred, that the space outside the circle is as important as whatever went on inside it. There have been many studies of the possible astronomical alignments here too – though personally the alignments with the landscape seem enough for me.

The circle is known as the Druid’s Circle, but I haven’t found any traditional stories which relate to the site. A relatively recent story concerns the experience of a Mr Singleton and his companion, who in 1919 saw some strange balls of white light moving among the stones”

More folklore + fieldnotes  + about 300 photos from Castlerigg Stone Circle over amongst the vast catalogue at Julian Cope presents The Modern Antiquarian

…and it looks great in winter too…


Radio Show – Sunday 19 May – Episode 422
May 19, 2019, 10:16 am
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Diger Rokwell dips his toe into the luna landscape for another installation of moon inspired Music: lunancy inspired music, howling atmospheres and cheese sounds.

Show restream here


Unknown artist – Moon Frequency

Air – Moon Fever

Bat for Lashes – Moon and Moon

Joni in the Moon – Yellow Moon

NASA – Apollo 11 Launch

Easy Star All Stars – On the Run (10 ft. Ganja Plant Remix)

Roots Radicals Meet Scientist and King Tubby – King Tubby’s Moon Dub

DubXanne – Walking on the Moon

Neil Armstrong – One Small Step, One Giant Leap of Mankind

The Rolling Stones – Child of the Moon

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Maiden of the Cancer Moon

Camel – Air Born

Air – La Femme d’argent

Dawn of Midi – Moon

Bruce Lee – Finger pointing to the Moon

Radiohead – Sail to the Moon

The Flaming Lips & Stardeath and White Dwarfs – Us and Them (feat. Henry Rollins)

Eels – Climbing to the Moon

Sounds of Nature Kingdom – Howling Wolf

Hank Williams – Howlin’ At The Moon

Bibio – Valley Wulf

Foals – Moon

(((O))) – Creation

The Orb – Back Side of the Moon

Melody Sheep – Blue and Beautiful (Neil Armstrong)

Psychemagik – Sister of The Moon

Porn for Pyros – Tahitian Moon

Radio Show – Sunday 12 May – Episode 421

The Boost Hero Man brings you the story of The Long Coat. This 8 part show follows the final walk of The Long Coat. Set to a host of southern gothic, dark folk and blues tunes.

Show restream here 

Mixcloud version here


2:02:08 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 1

2:02:58 – Monica Heldal – Conman Coming

2:06:10 – Sun Kil Moon – Heron Blue

2:15:02 – Fantastic Negrito – An Honest Man

2:20:00 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 2

2:20:54 – KALEO – Broken Bones

2:24:54 – The Bones of J.R. Jones – Hammers and Nails

2:27:41 – HoneyHoney – Thin Line

2:33:40 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 3

2:34:32 – Vandaveer – Pretty Polly

2:38:09 – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Fault Line

2:42:07 – The Lowest Pair – Scavenger Hunt

2:47:40 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 4

2:48:34 – Dorothy – Gun In My Hand

2:51:51 – Whiskey Shivers – Graves

2:54:58 – TheDeadTongues – Thunder and Crash

2:59:47 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 5

3:00:38 – Gustavo Santaolalla – All Gone

3:01:45 – Gustavo Santaolalla – Iguazo

3:06:27 – Gustavo Santaolalla – The Choice

3:09:40 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 6

3:10:47 – TheDeadTongues – Ebb and Flow

3:14:02 – Goodnight, Texas – The Railroad

3:18:56 – Bellstop – Trouble

3:23:35 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 7

3:24:43 – Brown Bird – Danger and Dread

3:28:26 – Rayland Baxter – Bad Things

3:33:38 – Monica Heldal – Ravensdale

3:38:40 – The Boost Hero Man feat. Madame Raven – The Long Coat Pt. 8

3:39:40 – Monica Heldal – The Road Not Taken

3:46:23 – The Dead Weather – Will There Be Enough Water

3:54:16 – The Huntress and Holder of Hands – Shake Off Your Flesh


RADIO SHOW – 5 May 2019 – Episode 420

Welcome to episode 420 of the show, our intrepid host Mark Davies takes us on a journey through ambient electronica and experimental electronica and contemporary psychedelia. Strap yourselves in as we leave this planet behind.

Listen to the show restream


Song Sung – I’m not in love

achim reichel – tanz der vogel in den winden – deutsche elektronsiche musik 3

Andrew Parsnip – Geese

Di Hexen – Gloomy Sunday

Astralasia – Twilight whirl

The drum club – Furry meadows

Eat static – Kothluwalawa

The Knife – Cherry on top – Shaking the habitual

Slowdive – Falling ashes – Slowdive

Stereolab – Come play in the milky way stars

Broadcast – Winter now – Ha,ha sound

Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology

Damien jurado – Silver Donna – Brothers and sisters of the eternal son

Spacemen 3 – How does it feel?

Magic lantern – feasting on energy – high beams

Brian Jonestown massacre – My love – Something else

Neu – Leb wohl – Neu 75