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Radio Show – 7 August 2016 – Episode 281
August 7, 2016, 8:54 am
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sounds from western australia edit 2 (Medium)

golden apples local 2016 edit 2 (Medium)

Photo Credit – Yallingup Beach Tea Rooms – 1980s – from the amazing Surfing Down South Book – check it out – stories and pictures

Like the Postcard of Sounds from Western Australia The Golden Apples presents another special edition of sounds from Perth and Western Australia – Musicians with deeply real and sometimes completely tangential links to place. The sounds of now meet the sounds of then….

amazing music from right here – go out and get some

listening options:

re-stream the show and Claude’s verbal sleeve notes  – here – Select 7 August

just the Music HQ Mixcloud here


Wilson Tanner – Further Than Your Headlights – 69

Errol H Tout – That 6 (Remix)

Erasers – Leaves (Live) – RTRFM’s The View from Here

Fait – Halcyon – Atmosphere

Tourist Kid – Dedication to Ellis B – A Circulation

Original Past Life – Bear Hotel (Tourist Kid Remix)

Original Past Life – Bear Hotel – The Times of Ceylon

The Triffids – Field of Glass – Field Of Glass (Live)

The Triffids – Rent

Lanark – Anywhere But Here – Anywhere But Here

Gum – Carnarvon – Glamourous Damage

Gum – Elafonissi Blue – Glamourous Damage

Mark Ronson featuring Kevin Parker – Daffodils – Uptown Special

German Humour – Maybe You Could Read My Mind III – Dutch Courage

Mt. Mountain – Diablo – Cosmos Terros

Mt. Mountain – The Villain

Zealous Chang – Spacetime

Leafy Suburbs – Claps – Psychic Lease

Rabbit Island with Nicholas Allbrook – 11 12 13 – RTRFM’s The View from Here

Mei Saraswati Band – Dash (Live from Camp Doogs 2015)

Ta-ku – Trust Me – Songs To Make Up To

Ta-ku – Love Lost – Songs To Break Up To

Karli White – Cream (Mixcloud Bonus)

Steve Cobby & Stephen Mallinder – Trans Europe Express (Mixcloud Bonus)

Stephen Mallinder – Del Sol (Mixcloud Bonus)


Oh Yeah
August 7, 2016, 8:46 am
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Can Oh Yeah LIve Audience 2

Can Oh Yeah LIve Audience

Can Oh Yeah LIve Audience 4

Streetmark – Dreams
August 3, 2016, 1:03 pm
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Streetmark - Dreams


STREETMARK the band was founded 1968 in Düsseldorf. By 1977 they released only their second record “Eileen” with Wolfgang Riechmann, a solo recording artist, who had joined the band on vocals and keyboards. Tragically he was murdered in 1978, before the release of his own solo record “Wunderbar”. Sky re-released “Eileen” in 1979 with the new title “Wolfgang Riechmann and Streetmark” with one bonus track. Later on the record was renamed “Dreams”. The beautiful Wolfgang Riechmann track “Himmelblau”  was recently featured on the Golden Apples in Mark Davies vs. Krautrock  

Wolfgang Riechmann


Radio Show – 31 July 2016 – Episode 280
August 3, 2016, 12:23 pm
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Sarah Delfante returns from a metaphorical long walk in the forest to present The Golden Apples of the Sun

A beautiful mosaic of sounds

Listen Here (Select 31 July 2016)


The Free Design – Dorian Benediction

The Free Design – Where Do I Go – Madlib remix – Now Sound Redesigned

Brokeback – Pearl’s Dream – Looks At The Bird

Unknown Mobile – No Motion

Akioka – Pray 2 Yr Synapses

Kane Ikin – Street Flare

Anchorsong – Mother – Ceremonial

Andrew Tuttle – Brisbane

Portishead – SOS

Broadcast – Man Is Not A Bird – Haha Sound

Stereolab and The High Llamas  – Harve Daley Hix – Now Sound Redesigned

Wilson Tanner – Sun Room

Rabbit Island – My Own Private

Magic Hands – Tone

Oren Ambarchi – Remedios The Beauty – Grapes of the Estate

Teebs – SOTM – E s t a r a

Broadcast – Oh How I Miss You  – Haha Sound

Bibio – Petals – A Mineral Love

Colleen – Bubbles Which On The Water Swim

Colleen – Captain Of None – Captain Of None

Erasers – Actual Connection

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Rare Things Grow


Radio Show – 24 July 2016 – Episode 279

david bedford golden apples edit (Medium)

Join the Gilbert and George of music as Robin Thomas and Claude Mono immerse you in a flotation tank for two hours of super relaxing exclusive vinyl from their decades old record collections….and lots of anecdotes from Robin

Listen Here (Select 24 July)

PLAYLIST is indeed a beautiful noise….

Vakula – The Seance – A Voyage to Arcturus

George Winston – February Sea – Winter into Spring

Shadowbox – Angels Flight – Shadowfax

Colin Chin – Ayers Rock – Intruding on a Silence

Wim Martens – Close Cover – Close Cover

Mike Oldfield – Argiers – Boxed

David Bedford – Penelope’s Shroud- The Odyssey

Brian Eno, Morbius, Roedelius – Base & Apex – After The Heat

Brian Eno – On Some Faraway Beach – More Blank Than Frank

Iasos – Rainbow Canyon – Celestial Soul Portrait

Hans-Joachim Roedelius – Geschenk des Augenblicks – Geschenk des Augenblicks

Vakula – 19 Hours Prior to Arcturus – A Voyage to Arcturus

Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene Part 2 – Oxygene

Pink Floyd – Us and Them – Dark Side of the Moon

Vangelis – Baccanale – Heaven and Hell

Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2 – also played on Mark Davies vs. Krautrock

Cluster and Eno – Selange – Cluster and Eno

Amo Duul II- Morning Excuss – Vive la Trance

David Sylvian – Boy with the Gun – Secrets of the Beehive

Michael Brook – Distant Village – Angels in the Architecture


Radio Show – 17 July – Episode 278
August 3, 2016, 11:55 am
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Its Mark Davies vs. Krautrock…

Listen Here (select 17 July)


Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis

Agitation Free – You play for us today

Ibliss – High life

Michael Rother – Karrussell

Amon Duul II – Fly united

Can – Halleluwah

Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express – Trans Europe Express

Harmonia – Veterano – Musik Von Harmonia

Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza – Fata Morgana

Popul Vuh – Hosianna Mantra

Popul Vuh with Djong Yun – Ave Maria – 7″

Ash Ra Temple – Day dream

Cluster II – Live in der fabric

Tangerine dream – No mans land

Harmonia – Watussi – Musik von Harmonia

Wolfgang Reichmann – Himmelblau

Can – paperhouse – Tago mago

Can – Mushroom

Radio Show – 10 July 2016 – Episode 277

Golden Apples Hauntology Special 2016 crop edit (Medium)



Somewhere between the stars and the gutter, and somewhere between the height of inflated expectations and the trough of disillusionment are to be found the wonderful often passed-over musical genres that deserve to be explored further. The Golden Apples of the Sun Explorations Series No 1 – Hauntology.

Claude says…

“…By way of a brief introduction let me just say I think Hauntology is a rich and rewarding musical and visual aesthetic but one that can be done really badly – you know a bus-ride of nostalgia and electronics – full of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, British public information films of the 1970s, eerie soundtracks, concretism, and brutalist architectural imagery – well there certainly is some of that but hopefully a little bit more such as some crucial reference points and an incredible live track from Broadcast, some drum and bass, and 80s band  Japan? …so lets begin…”

RTRFM Show Re-stream – with Claude’s verbal sleeve notes full of Hauntology anecdotes to take to the pub

Mixcloud HQ – Heavenly with just the music


The Focus Group – Sinistralle (Logotone) – We Are All Pan’s People

The United States Of America – Cloud Song – The United States of America

White Noise – Your Hidden Dreams – Electric Storm

Joe Meek and the Blue Men – I Hear A New World – I Hear A New World

Ruth White – The Clock – Flowers of Evil

Boards Of Canada – 5.9.78 – A Few Old Tunes

Theme – Children of the Stones

Substations Danger – Public Information Films

The Advisory Circle – Erosion of Time – Other Channels

The Changes – Opening Titles

The Advisory Circle – Frozen Ponds – Other Channels

Pram – The Owl Service

The Spirit of Dark And Lonely Water – Public Information Film 1973

Mort Garson – I’ve Been Over The Rainbow – The Wozard of Iz An Electronic Odyssey

Broadcast – You Can Fall – The Noise Made By People

Mort Garson – Big Sur – The Wozard of Iz An Electronic Odyssey

Broadcast – Where Youth and Laughter Go – Future Crayon

The Focus Group – Clockbell – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Belbury Poly – The Moonlawn and Scarlet Ceremony – The Owls Map

The Focus Group – Hey Let Loose Your Love and Baroque Face – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Death and Vanilla – From Elsewhere – Death and Vanilla

Death and Vanilla – Ghosts in the Machine – Death and Vanilla EP

Broadcast- Hammer Without A Master – Black Session Bootleg

Broadcast- Hammer Without A Master (Underdog Remix) – Warp Remixes

Monade – Ode to a Keyring

Japan – Ghosts Klause Devore cover version

Rufige Kru – Ghosts Of My Life

Broadcast – Drums On Fire – Extended Play Two

Sunset – The Wickerman Soundtrack

Hintermass – Electric Element – The Apple Tree

Hintermass – Luftglider – The Apple Tree

Roj – You Are Here

Hong Kong In The 60s – Exploring The Landscape – Places

Broadcast – Winter Now – Ha Ha Sound



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