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May 13, 2017, 12:20 pm
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Delia Derbyshire Day 2017

Delia Derbyshire found music in every sound she heard. From the terrifying thrum of the bombs falling on her home city of Coventry when she was a child, through the endlessly-varying tonalities of the human voice, to the sounds of wild animals and the internal combustion engine.

Play Here (works best with Chrome)  – the effects are cool



Radio Show – Ladies of the Golden Apples
December 15, 2016, 10:34 am
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Ladies of the Golden Apples

To mark December 11’s waxing moon we invoke the blessings of the Triple Goddess- maiden, mother and crone –  A paean to women who travel their own esoteric musical pathways -the magical mystical and marvellous Ladies of the Golden Apples

Peace and Love with Jemima Dove

HQ Mixcloud re-stream here

Show re-stream here (select 11 Dec)


Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve – Creation

White Noise – Your Hidden Dreams

Melodys Echo Chamber – You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me

Stereolab – French Disko

Vashti Bunyan – Winter is Blue

The Seance with Lutine – Trees Grew All Around Her

Deeradoorian – Komodo

Nico – Ari’s Song

Eartheater – Babooshka

The Seraphins – The Consciousness Of Happening

Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms

Vanishing Twin – Telescope

Doris – You Never Come Closer

Inga Liljestrom – Bury Me Beneath The Willow

Bridget St John – Back To Stay

The Hogweed and the Aderyn – Sacred Alchemy

Trees – The Garden of Jane Delawney

Elspeth Anne – Liars

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Arthropoda

Holly Herndon – New Ways To Love

Bjork – Triumph Of A Heart

Espers – Widow’s Weeds

Judy Collins – Golden Apples of the Sun

Weyes Blood – Maybe Love

Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music

female electronic music pioneers

Originally broadcast on April 1, 2010, Avant-garde and outsider arts site UbuWeb shared a 40+ year audio retrospective Women In Electronic Music 1938-1982 hosted by Jon Leidecker and Barbara Golden, featuring the work of Clara Rockmore, Bebe & Louis Barron, Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel, Eliane Radigue (above), Suzanne Ciani and many others.  Listen to it here


Part 1

Clara Rockmore – Vocalise (Rachmaninoff) (recorded 1987)
Johanna M. Beyer – Music of the Spheres (1938, recorded 1977)
Bebe and Louis Barron – Forbidden Planet / Main Titles, Overture (1956)
Daphne Oram – Bird of Parallax (1962-1972)
Delia Derbyshire – Dr. Who (1963)
Delia Derbyshire – Blue Veils and Golden Sands (1967)
Delia Derbyshire – Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO (1966)
Else Marie Pade – Faust and Mephisto (1962)
Mirelle Chamass-Kyrou – Etude 1 (1960)
Pauline Oliveros – Mnemonics III (1965)
Ruth White – Evening Harmony (1969)
Ruth White – Sun (1969)
Micheline Colulombe Saint-Marcoux – Arksalalartoq (1970-71)
Pril Smiley – Koloysa (1970)
Alice Shields – Study for Voice and Tape (1968)
Daria Semegen – Spectra (Electronic Composition No. 2) (1979)
Annette Peacock – I’m The One (1972)
Wendy Carlos – Timesteps (1972)
Ruth Anderson – DUMP (1970)
Priscilla McLean – Night Images (1973)
Laurie Spiegel – Sediment (1972)
Eliane Radigue – Adnos III (1980)
Maggi Payne – Spirals (1977)
Maryanne Amacher – Living Sound Patent Pending: Music Gallery, Toronto (1982)

Part 2

Monique Rollin — Etude Vocale (1952)
Jean Eichelberger Ivey — Pinball (1967)
Gruppo NPS – Module Four (1967)
Jocy De Oliviera – Estória II (1967)
Tera de Marez Oyens – Safed (1967)
Franca Sacchi – Arpa Eolia (1970)
Sofia Gubaidulina – Viente-non-Vivente (1970)
Beatriz Ferreyra – l’Orvietan (1970)
Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971 (1971)
Françoise Barrière – Cordes-Ci, Cordes-Ça (1972)
Jacqueline Nova – Creation de la Tierra (1972)
Teresa Rampazzi – Musica Endoscopica (1972)
Lily Greenham – Traffic (1975)
Annea Lockwood – World Rhythms (1975-97)
Megan Roberts – I Could Sit Here All Day (1976)
Laurie Anderson – Is Anybody Home? (1977)
Laetitia de Compiegne Sonami – Migration (1978)
Constance Demby – The Dawning (1980)
Miquette Giraudy (w/Steve Hillage) – Garden of Paradise (1979)
Ann McMillan – Syrinx (1979)
Doris Hays – Celebration of No (from Beyond Violence) (1982)
Brenda Hutchinson – Fashion Show (1983)
Barbara Golden / Melody Sumner Carnahan – My Pleasure (1997)
Joan La Barbara – October Music (1985)


Here is a great two part article with words, pictures and music. Links below to article reproduced and edited with permission from Wombeatz, a Leeds-based organisation dedicated to the training and promotion of women in music technology. Visit the Wombeatz website for more information.

Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music Part 1

Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music Part 2

Delia Derbyshire Day 2014
April 10, 2014, 12:17 pm
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The Golden Apples loves Delia Derbyshire Day 2014