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Gregory Crewsdon – Cathedral of Pines
July 10, 2016, 4:03 am
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“It was deep in the forests of Becket, Massachusetts that I finally felt darkness lift…”

‘I think my pictures are really about a kind of tension between my need to make a perfect picture and the impossibility of doing so.’

 —Gregory Crewdson

The Golden Apples loves these beautiful intricately setup photos that each have a mysterious other-worldly painting like quality.Analysis’s excerpts thanks to JJACPhotography Blog – thanks.

Cathedral of the Pines (2013–14) was made during three productions in and around the rural town of Becket, Massachusetts. In images that recall nineteenth-century American and European paintings, Crewdson photographed figures in the surrounding forests, including the actual trail from which the series takes its title. Interior scenes charged with ambiguous narratives probe tensions between art, life, connection and separation, intimacy and isolation. – Gagosian Gallery

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines book

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 2

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 3

Gregory Crewdson - Cathedral of Pines 1

In Untitled, Summer 2006 below, when viewing the photo, the eye is drawn to the boy standing in the misty light. The surrounding bush and dark tree trunks which naturally frame the photo, draw the viewer’s gaze upwards to the bridge and light source, which also appears to be the boy’s focus.

Gregory Crewdson - Untitled, Summer 2006

In Untitled (Brief Encounter) a photo scene from Brief Encounters which is the title of his movie that has been ‘filmed over a decade’ an oblique line is located along the side of the street and the top of the building, which implies movement and direction. Another line in the foreground curves round a building and continues down the footpath, eventually merging with another line from the building’s roofline. The car’s tracks in the snow are curved lead in lines, which draws the viewer’s vision towards the receding car. All lead in lines appear to eventually join at a focal point below the movie theatre sign. The way I see this image, Crewdson’s intended point of focus is not actually the car but the wording written in the sign – Brief Encounter.

Insight to Crewdsons painstaking preparation can be seen in how the photo also incorporates the use of texture. Crewdson worked in cooperation with the town which resulted in the main street being closed to allow snow to accumulate. This has created a natural texture of fallen snow, and allowing the car tracks to remain, creating a brief encounter.

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 4

gregory crewsdon - cathedral of pines 5

Can you really believe that these images are elaborately staged photos without digital enhancements?



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