The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 10 July 2016 – Episode 277

Golden Apples Hauntology Special 2016 crop edit (Medium)



Somewhere between the stars and the gutter, and somewhere between the height of inflated expectations and the trough of disillusionment are to be found the wonderful often passed-over musical genres that deserve to be explored further. The Golden Apples of the Sun Explorations Series No 1 – Hauntology.

Claude says…

“…By way of a brief introduction let me just say I think Hauntology is a rich and rewarding musical and visual aesthetic but one that can be done really badly – you know a bus-ride of nostalgia and electronics – full of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, British public information films of the 1970s, eerie soundtracks, concretism, and brutalist architectural imagery – well there certainly is some of that but hopefully a little bit more such as some crucial reference points and an incredible live track from Broadcast, some drum and bass, and 80s band  Japan? …so lets begin…”

RTRFM Show Re-stream – with Claude’s verbal sleeve notes full of Hauntology anecdotes to take to the pub

Mixcloud HQ – Heavenly with just the music


The Focus Group – Sinistralle (Logotone) – We Are All Pan’s People

The United States Of America – Cloud Song – The United States of America

White Noise – Your Hidden Dreams – Electric Storm

Joe Meek and the Blue Men – I Hear A New World – I Hear A New World

Ruth White – The Clock – Flowers of Evil

Boards Of Canada – 5.9.78 – A Few Old Tunes

Theme – Children of the Stones

Substations Danger – Public Information Films

The Advisory Circle – Erosion of Time – Other Channels

The Changes – Opening Titles

The Advisory Circle – Frozen Ponds – Other Channels

Pram – The Owl Service

The Spirit of Dark And Lonely Water – Public Information Film 1973

Mort Garson – I’ve Been Over The Rainbow – The Wozard of Iz An Electronic Odyssey

Broadcast – You Can Fall – The Noise Made By People

Mort Garson – Big Sur – The Wozard of Iz An Electronic Odyssey

Broadcast – Where Youth and Laughter Go – Future Crayon

The Focus Group – Clockbell – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Belbury Poly – The Moonlawn and Scarlet Ceremony – The Owls Map

The Focus Group – Hey Let Loose Your Love and Baroque Face – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Death and Vanilla – From Elsewhere – Death and Vanilla

Death and Vanilla – Ghosts in the Machine – Death and Vanilla EP

Broadcast- Hammer Without A Master – Black Session Bootleg

Broadcast- Hammer Without A Master (Underdog Remix) – Warp Remixes

Monade – Ode to a Keyring

Japan – Ghosts Klause Devore cover version

Rufige Kru – Ghosts Of My Life

Broadcast – Drums On Fire – Extended Play Two

Sunset – The Wickerman Soundtrack

Hintermass – Electric Element – The Apple Tree

Hintermass – Luftglider – The Apple Tree

Roj – You Are Here

Hong Kong In The 60s – Exploring The Landscape – Places

Broadcast – Winter Now – Ha Ha Sound



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[…] I think Claude Mono of the rather fine The Golden Apples Of The Sun site / radio show puts this rather well as an introduction to his recent Exploration Series No.1 – Hauntology episode: […]

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