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Clay Pipe Music Mixtape
March 25, 2017, 9:13 am
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Clay Pipe Music is a London based label run by illustrator Frances Castle.  Inspired by small press pioneers like Rena Gardiner, each release comes in carefully conceived limited edition packaging designed by Frances. If there is demand, further editions are produced. Initially Clay Pipe produced hand made CDs, but more recent releases have been on  numbered vinyl. Clay Pipe specialises in releasing atmospheric music, with a strong theme or sense of place. Frances Castle is not only a wonderful illustrator and curator of her label but is also an artist producing her own music with two albums as The Hardy Tree:  the 2010 label debut ‘The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath’ , and most recently  2017’s Through Passages of Time. The Clay Pipe Music website should be visited and the catalogue explored if only to see the beauty of the packaging.

Kit Records Mixes are amongst our favourite mixes in the Golden Apples Mixtape Library so when we discovered a Frances Castle Clay Pipe Music Kit Mix we were very happy. Sleeve notes with lots of info here


ISAN – Cutlery Favours
Bob Stewart – Long Lankin
Mark Fry – Dreaming with Alice
Peta Webb And Ken Hall – The Holland Handkerchief
Jon Brooks – Winter’s Hamlet
Dave & Toni Arthur – A Fairy Tale
Plinth – 51°43′.23 N 05°40′.10 W
Kay Gardener – The Lady’s Chapel
The Moody Blues – Voices In The Sky
Peta Webb And Ken Hall – Rose Of My Heart
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Barefoot In Baltimore
Kaleidoscope – Dive Into Yesterday
The Pastels – Wrong Light
Honey Bus – She Said Yes
Peta Webb And Ken Hall – Slieve Gallion Braes

Radio Show – 19 March 2017 – Episode 313
March 24, 2017, 11:06 am
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This edition is curated by Aarom Wilson


Re-stream here (select 19 March 2017)

Sigur Ros – Track 1 off ()

RU – Miss You

The Books – Time

Autism – Film Noir

Tash Sultana – Finding Places (Poem remix)

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – As Walking On Canopy

Tale Of Us – Ricordi

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Symmetry

Errol H Tout – Atmospherics

Bobby Brown – Hawaii

Stev – Scattered Stems / Dense Water

Diger Rokwell – We Can Ride

Rare Silk – Storm

Sevdaliza – Bebin

Stella Chiweshe – Ndabaiwa

Chai Wave – Paradise

Zeitgeber – Phase Response Curve (live, acoustic in tunnel)

Jonti – Scrood (feat. Steve Lacy)

Nathan Fake – HoursDaysMonthsSeasons

Heathcote Blue – Carve It Into Stone

Radio Show – 12 March 2017 – Episode 312

The one and only Diger Rokwell helps you tune out…

Listen here (Select 12 March 2017)


Auspicious Beginning – Hamsadwari Flute Solo

Nils Frahm – Says

The Orb – Blue Room

Brainticket – Cosmic Wind

Uluwatu – Peter Howe

I’ll Sing from My Window – Levy, Green and Maelen

Skipping through the Night – NGC 4594

Don’t Make Me Cry – Tonton Macoute

Drum Odyssey – Brian Bennett Band

Gong – A Sprinkling of Clouds

Syd Barrett – No Good Trying

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band   – Smell of Incense

The Tangerine Zoo – Young Dream

Front Page Review – Silver Children

Chamaeleon Church – Camillia is Changing

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Ohio

Nick Drake- Day is Done

Peter Drake – Forever

Masayuki Koga – Beyond Time and Space

Bob Marley – Natural Mystic

Radio Show – 5 March 2017 – Episode 311

Graeme Watson is as famous for sorting his cds by colour as he is for his wide-ranging selection on the GHolden Apples

Listen here (select 5 March 2017)


Tusmorke – Ode to the Sun – Underjordisk Tursmorke

Barbagallo – Longue la Nuit (Kevin Parker Remix)

Sam Gellaitry – Jungle Waters – Escapsim III

Closing Eyes (Pete’s International Airport Remix) – Closing Eyes

Sam Jeffries, Mary Carewe, Donald Greig – Evil at Play – Glistens

Primal Scream – Mantra for a State of Mind

Max Richter – Dopamine 1

Heidrik – Red Hair – Funeral

Joe Benjamin – Go be Yourself

Space Art – Nous Savons Tout (Psychemagik Remix)

Vinvyl Williams – Feedback Delicates

Fanccois de Louville – Hot Pot

Michael – Some Things Stick in Your Mind

Springwell – It’s for You

Syd Arthur – Portal – Aprilcity

Enrico Bassi – Kykeon

Omas Rodriguez-Lopez – Agua Dulce De Pulpo

Omar Rodriquez-Lopez – El Todo

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – A the Push on a Button

Kadhja Bonet – Remember the Rain

Pond – Sweep Me Off My Feet – The Weather

Cornelius – Tone Twilight Zone

Cornelius – Wataridori

Cornelius – God Only Knows


Radio Show – 26 Feb 2017 – Episode 310

The Golden Apples resident Hauntologist with the original BBC Radiophonic voice returns to play music and explain things you did not know you needed to understand. Tristan Gibbs presents this edition of the Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show.

Listen here (Select 26 Feb 2017)


Graeme Miller and Steve Shill – Travelling Theme – The Moomins

Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club – Moonling – Other Voices 09

Hatfield and the North – Fol De Rol – Hatfield and the North

Matt Berry – The Pheasant – Witchazel

Shirley Collins – Pretty Polly – Lodestar

Anne Briggs – Everytime – The Time Has Come

The Durutti Column – Madeleine – The Return of the Durutti Column

Basil Kirchin – Silicon Sessions- Silicon Chip Single

Wendy Carlos – March from a Clockwork Orange – A Clockwork Orange OST

Jonny Trunk – Glam – Scrapbook

Pram – The Owl Service – The Museum of Imaginary Animals

Kevin Ayers – Girl on a Swing – Joy of a Toy

Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club – The Music Room – Other Voices 09

Colin Newman – fish 12 – Provisionally Entitled ‘The Singing Fish’

Julianna Barwick – Vow – The Magic Place

Nuno Canavarro – [Untitled] – Plux Quba

Z – Fremen – Visions of Dune

Arthur Russell – Calling Out of Context – Calling Out of Context

Gastr del Sol – Eight Corners – Mirror Repair

Slapp Happy – Small Hands of Stone – Sort Of

Slapp Happy/Henry Cow – Giants – Desperate Straights

Art Bears – Rats and Monkeys – Winter Songs

Matt Berry – From the Manger to the Mortuary – Witchazel


Radio Show – 19 February 2017 – Golden Apples of China



Mike Tucak hosts his debut edition of the Golden Apples of the Sun and explores Chinese Folktronica and other strange beautiful sounds from China and of Chinese influence.

Re-stream here (Select 19 feb 2017)

HQ Mixcloud here


Yue Xuan – Sea (sususu remix)

Yue Xuan, Hou Chenzong – Intro

Howie Lee – YRMT feat. I Am Kaiju

Meng Qi – Autumn

Jason Hou – Shrine

Suphasak – The Wandering Songstress

Gemini Trip – Gemini Trip

Flash Beats Bone – Shen Bi Ma Liang

Lily Chao – In That Faraway Land

Thruoutin – market

Thruoutin – market (Escaping Animals Remix)

Shao – Glass Mountain

Yue Xuan – Lost (Hong Qile Remix)

Lofimaker – Sauvignon Blanc

Lofimaker – Lightning Storm / Wind and Rain

Jason Hou – Unity

Meng Qi – Sui Feng (Follow the Wind)

Soulspeak / TTechmak – Melodic Robots

Soulspeak – Skyline

Sa Dingding – Flickering Blossoms (Chinese Version)

Sususu – small fish

Lily Chao – Rainbow Girl

Gavintoo – The Greatest Kind Is In The Water

Lofimaker – Tenjiku Girl

Jason Hou – Sky

Another Van – Blue Horse

Howie Lee – Leaving Beesands

Yue Xuan fest Gavintoo – Melancholia

BONUS flexidisc – golden apples indiepop for valentines day
February 12, 2017, 11:03 am
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if you loved the full mix of golden apples indiepop for valentines day then you may also love this bonus flexidisc mix


Flexidisc Mix

The Golden Dawn – My Secret World

Port Sulphur featuring Vic Godard – The Lane

Morning Favorites – Every Single Day

Bouquet – Summer Swirl

The Softies – The Best Days

Coffee Garden – I Can’t Hide My Love

Part Time – Thunderbolts of Love

Orange Cake Mix – In the Groove of Your Romantic Soul

The Wake – Crush The Flowers

My Laundry Life- To set things right

Bart & Friends – Weave Your Name

The Holydrug Couple – Dreamy

My favourite – Burning Hearts

The Jesus & Mary Chain – You Trip Me Up John Peel Session