The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 17 June 2018 – Episode 376
June 19, 2018, 5:46 am
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Tristan Gibbs curates The Golden Apples of the Sun. This edition includes sleeve notes as Tristan explains his music selections which as always are excellent.

Listen to the show re-stream here (select 17 June)

Listen to the HQ Mixcloud edition here


Ursula K. Le Guin and Todd Barton – Heron Dance – Music and Poetry of the Kesh

Brainticket – Egyptian Kings – Celestial Ocean

Throbbing Gristle – Dead on Arrival – D.o.A.: Third and Final Report

Chris & Cosey – Useless Information – Heartbeat

Psychick TV – Caresse Song – Allegory and Self

Coil – I Don’t Get It – The Ape of Naples

This Heat – Sleep – Deceit

Flaming Tunes – The Best Weapon – Flaming Tunes

Camberwell Now – Wheat Futures – The Ghost Trade

Lifetones – Good Side – For A Reason

Ursula K. Le Guin and Todd Barton – Dragonfly Song – Music and Poetry of the Kesh

Meredith Monk – Gotham Lullaby – Dolmen Music

Stina Nordenstam – Viewed from the Spire – And She Closed Her Eyes

Bundy K. Brown, Doug Scharin, James Warden – (Untitled)6 – Directions in Music

Atlas Sound – Quick Canal – Logos

The Advisory Circle – High Climber – Ways of Seeing

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Yugoslavia – Stadiums and Shrines: Dreams

Oneohtrix Point Never – Toys 2 – Age Of


Radio Show – 10 June 2018 – Episode 375
June 11, 2018, 12:32 pm
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Want devoted followers?

Who will give up their lives for you?

Their bodies to you?

Worship you?

Kill for you ?

Since the death of god there’s a vacancy you could fill by becoming a CULT LEADER Sunday join Jemima Dove and Karen Sainsbury of Rhubarb Records as we investigate mind control and the wild countries of cults

Show re-stream here (select 10 June)

Mixcloud Edition here


2:04:00       The Free Design – Love You

2:05:00       Yma Sumac                – Yawar (blood festival)

2:11:11       Synthesis – I hear the Drums

2:15:00       Father Murphy – Disciples

2:18:00       Synthesis – Christ is Coming

2:20:00       Hunger – Workshop

2:28:00       Ananda Shanker – Dancing Drums

2:31:00       Quintessence – Brahmin

2:36:00       The Chocolate Watch Band – Voyage of the Trieste

2:42:00       Timber Timbre – Run

2:47:00       Spacemen 3 – Losing Touch With My Mind

2:55:00       The KLF – Transcentral Lost in My Mind

2:57:00       808 State – Open Your Mind

3:04:00       Coven – Coven in Charing Cross

3:06:00       Black Widow – Ancient Days

3:21:00       Damien Jurado – Cloudy Shoes

3:25:00       Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind

3:27:00       Bill Callahan – Drover

3:30:00       Comus – Bitten/The Prisoner

3:40:00       Argent – Dance in the Smoke

3:45:00       The Mammas’ and Pappa’s – 12.30 (Young Girls are Coming to the Canyon)

3:50:00       Carrie Nations – Come with the Gentle People

3:56:00       The Millennium – The Island


Radio Show – 3 June 2018 – Local Special

Diger Rokwell hosts Golden Apples of the Sun on a Long Weekend holiday in Western Australia.

A show featuring all WA sounds and music. Tune in, WA out.

Check out the artists…

Listen to the show re-stream here

Listen to the Mixcloud edition here


Akioka – Untitled

Eleventeen Eston – I Float, I am Free

Tourist Kid – Discourse II

Wooshie – Boyfriend Material

Maxy Bills – Seeding Suns

Your best friend Jippy – Know the Difference

Your Best Friend Jippy – Facebook Friends

Kuzich – Rinjani Nights

Taku – Little India

Demon Days – Killer Bees

POW Negro – Racketball

Setvice – Dig Deep

Leopard Lake – Thinking of You

Jarrah King – Jarrah King

Ben Witt – Marble Orchard

Gum – The Blue Marble

Roza Terenzi – Yeh Yeh Yeh

Phil Stroud – Tribe

Ginoli – Cannoli

Cow Cablin – Carte Blanche

Dom Mariani and The Majestic Kelp – Walking on the Ocean

Psychedelic Porn Crumptets – Pi

Stephen Bailey – Demure

Erasers – Leaves

Rhibosome – Time (Ku-Ling Bro Mix)

Fdel – Fuller Culture

Liminal Drifter – Beach Fair

Want more…

A few more Golden Apples local edition mixes can be found here 



Radio Show – 27 May 2018 – Episode 373
June 10, 2018, 1:37 am
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Sarah Delfante presents…

Listen to the show re-stream here


Akioka – Light Up – Right Here

Kuzich – Innervisions – Dawn Chorus

Jane Weaver – Did You See The Butterflies – Modern Kosmology

Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology – Modern Kosmology

Agnes Obel – Mary – Citizen of Glass

Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes

Beach House – Pay No Mind – 7

Sudan Archives – Pay Attention  Sink

Sudan Archives – Come Meh Way

Tangents    Terracotta  New Bodies

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Panic blooms – Panic Blooms

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Babys In The Void – Panic Blooms

Erasers – Fictional nostalgia Part 1

The Books – The Lemon of Pink

Juana Molina – Cosoco Halo

Colleen – The Stars vs Creatures – A Flame My Love, A Frequency

Colleen – Separating – A Flame My Love, A Frequency

Tourist Kid Bacterial – Crude Tracer

Lawrence English – Hapless Gatherer – Wilderness of Mirrors

Andrew Tuttle – Boarding Zone

Ghost Drums – Morning Sun

Ryley Walker – Telluride Speed

Joanna Newsom – Sapokanikan

subsurfer mixtapes.. listen like its 2007…
June 2, 2018, 4:12 am
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The Golden Apples of the Sun presents

subsurfer mixtapes.. listen like its 2007…

Over a decade ago way back in 2007 the Subsurfer mixes appeared. They were uploaded over a few years by a ‘mysterious’ blogger (well mysterious from what I was able to find out back then and again after some more recent research). The mixes were uploaded on LiveJournal the obscure and controversial predominantly Russian social networking site.

They were great selections of mellow/chillwave/glo-fi/electronica/folktronica and early dreampop. There were around 30 mixes. I had a look online and I do not think you cannot find them but I downloaded them all and still have them so with respect to the legacy of Subsurfer’s great curatorial work I am going to upload a few of the best ones for your listening pleasure.

subsufer 707

subsurfer 707 is definitely a Golden Apples favourite with its sun-glistened Beach Boys, Panda Bear, Grizzly Bear vibe and beautitul sequencing.

Mixcloud HQ Mixtape here


01 00:00:00 Panda Bear – Search For Delicious

02 04:50:51 The KLF – Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border / Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul

03 07:08:44 Animal Collective – People

04 13:06:63 Panda Bear – Comfy In Nautica

05 16:45:22 Grizzly Bear – Deep Sea Diver

06 21:31:25 Animal Collective – College

07 22:20:00 The Durutti Column – Otis

08 26:21:31 Grizzly Bear – La Duchess Anne

09 30:33:19 Jane – Berserker

10 35:59:67 Panda Bear – Bro’s

11 46:07:30 Grizzly Bear – Shift

12 48:12:17 Panda Bear – I’m Not

13 51:57:66 Beach Boys – Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

14 55:08:44 Panda Bear – Laughed For A World Filled With Fantasy

15 58:48:35 Panda Bear – Carrots

16 66:28:20 Animal Collective – Winters Love

17 69:50:49 Panda Bear – Bro’s (Terrestrial Tones Remix)

18 73:45:59 Animal Collective – Derek

19 76:34:39 Panda Bear – Ponytail

want more…

<Coming Soon>

Radio Show – 20 May 2018 – Episode 372

…seeking harmonic convergence…

Claude Mono curates a selection traversing meditative bliss bombs to….shoegaze….to….?

What was it Iasos said?…”Musicians and DJs are actually merchants selling emotions served on the platter of sound. They are really marketing emotions, not sound. Sound is merely how those emotions are delivered…”


Want to get more blissed then also check out Jesse Yuen and his Journeys Out of Body mix after the playlist


Listen to the show re-stream here (select 20 May 2018)

HQ Mixcloud here (just the music no chit chat)


Iasos – Intro – Psychemagik presents Magik Sunrise

Iasos – Formentera Sunset Clouds – Inter Dimensional Music

Emerald Web – Nightsong – The Stargate Tapes

Kelly Howell – Guided Meditation

Peter Davison – Morning Meditation – Traces / Music On The Way

Ingleton Falls – Mind yer Head – Champagne in Mozambique

Laraaji – interlude – Vision Songs

Laraaji – I Can Only Bliss-out (F’Days) – Vision Songs

Laraaji – Hare- Jaya Jaya Rama – Vision Songs

Jonathan Wilson – Loving You  – watch the great video and making of

Laura Cannell – Deers Bark Two Winters (Lutine remix) – Swooping Talons Remixes

Laura Cannell – Cathedral Of The Marshes (Shape Worship Remix) – Swooping Talons Remixes –

Laura Cannell – For Sorrow Salt Tears (Karen Gwyer Edit) – Swooping Talons Remixes

L Pierre – The Kingdom – The Island Come True

Devilish Dear – Time to Live a Little – These Sunny Days

Devilish Dear – I Wanna Do It – These Sunny Days

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – The Magic Spring – Forest Bathing

Beautify Junkyards – Golden Apples of the Sun – The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards

Paul Isherwood & Wayne Burrows – Altar Prayer For Laka – Exotica Suite

Amorphous Androgynous – The Costa Rican Cartel – The Isness The Oneness

Dj Synth – A Forest

The Cure vs Nina Simone – The Forest (Trentemoller Edit)

Ozean – Fall

Halcyon – Orbital

Opus III vs Orbital – Halcyon on A fine day…

Want some more bliss out…

Jess Yuen – Journeys Out of Body mix is here

Radio Show – 13 May 2018 – Episode 371

Dark nostalgic and melancholic is the new funk today!  Kat Sav presents all things Dark Mofo (Museum of Old and New Art Festival of Music and Art), this year’s and past year’s musicians performing at the festival in Hobart Tasmania, and an overall dark and mysterious Twin Peaks theme with Rebekah Del Rio closing the show out with Love Hurts.  At times dark, at times upbeat it’s a show that explores the highs and lows of love and self-expression.

Listen to show re-stream here


2:04:00       St Vincent   – Los Angeles

2:08:00       Tiny Ruins – Little Did I Know (feat. Hamish Kilgour)

2:17:00       Zola Jesus – Sea Talk

2:22:00       Laurie Anderson – A Story About A Story

2:28:00       Leah Flanagan – September Song

2:36:00       Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Plain Gold Ring

2:42:00       Blixa Bargeld – A Quiet Life (feat. Teho Teardo)

2:48:00       Jagwar Ma – Colour of Paradise

2:58:00       Lou Reed – Drones

3:00:00       The Drones – The Country of Love

3:08:00       Marlon Williams – Beautiful Dress

3:11:00       The Preatures – Girlhood

3:15:00       Jarboe – Honey

3:25:00       Laura Jean – Girls on TV

3:30:30       Paul Kelly – If I Could Start Today Again

3:33:00       Super WIld Horses – Mess Around

3:40:00       Rebekah Del Rio – No Stars

3:48:00       Angelo Badalamenti                – Twin Peaks Theme

3:55:00       Rebekah Del Rio – Love Hurts Love Heals