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Derek Jarman – A Journey to Avebury 1971 Short
July 8, 2017, 7:46 am
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Beautiful short film with soundtrack by Coil.

Excerpts from detailed article by writer and filmmaker Adam Scovell to be found over at Celluloid Wicker Man

Out of all of Derek Jarman’s pre-feature length film work, his short capture of a 1971 walking trip, A Journey To Avebury, is perhaps his most interesting and subtly complex piece of short film work.  These were the early days of Jarman’s experimentation when his work as a painter and even a set designer still seemed to dominate over his purely cinematic interests.

Yet A Journey To Avebury is not a simple home movie.  Its format belies such readings as it was, after all, the format most popular for home recordings and documenting holiday trips in the 1970s.  But in the hands of Jarman, the film becomes something else; it is a document of landscape and a critique of its perception with the potential of its weird past to bleach through into the chemicals of the celluloid.

The stones not only appear to resist movement but also appear to give rise to a psychical power upon the people surrounding them. This was an aspect also used in the series, Children Of The Stones (1977), which goes so far as to even mention the story of the crushed barber and insert him into the narrative.  It could be said that the stones possess some form of “inner” which also explains why the music of Coil works so well in the film.  The soundtrack is electronic and almost ritual like its repetition but also contrasts the natural with the human.  By using such music (recorded at a later date), the film taps into this potential “inner” of the stones Jarman is capturing which are already defying reality thanks to the director and their own special physical form.

Radio Show – 2 July 2017 – Episode 327
July 8, 2017, 6:14 am
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Graeme Watson curates this edition of GAotS

Listen to the show re-stream here (select 2 July)


The Song of Wandering Aegus – Michael Gambon

Seahawks – Starways – Starways

Paul Weller – One Tear (Instrumental) – A Kind of Revolution

Paul Weller featuring Boy George – One Tear – A Kind of Revolution

Shinichi Atobe – Regret – From the heart, it’s a start, a work of art

Roger McGuinn – Silver Dagger

Saint Etienne – Like a Motorway

Saint Etienne – Like a Motorway (Skin Up, Your Dead remix by Autechre)

Heartstopper (Mum Remix) – Emilliana Torrini

Change – LTO – Storybook

Jim Morrison – Bird of Prey (excert)

Woo – Water Drum – It’s Cosy

Rodelius and Arnold Kasar – Black White Felt

Onra – Persons on the Blacklist – Chinoseries Pt.3

Onra – Pearl Song – Chinoseries Pt.3

b-tribe – Albatros

Mugwisa International Xylophone Orchestra – Mazongoto Woods (Alejandro Mosso Rework) -Santuri’s Embaire Umeme

Diger Rokwell – Ella – Sri Diger

Aldous Harding – Party – Party

Cathie O’Sullivan – The Orange Tree

The Irresistable Force – Nepalese Fish (Radio Edit)

The Charlatans – The Setting Sun- Different Days

Tim Burgess – Again (Stoned Again And Or Seahawks Remix)

Song Sun – I’m Not in Love – Late Night Tales David Holmes

Radio Show – 25 June 2017 – Episode 326


Claude Mono presents a mix of musical explorations that form a strange beautiful bell curve of sounds from stillness through intensity and then back again….psych folk, dream pop, intense electronica and glitchy love sounds…

Show re-stream here – select 25 June 2017

Mixcloud HQ Mix here (just the music)


Fern Knight – Magpie Suite (Excerpts) – Fern Knight

Linda Perhacs – The Dancer

Linda Perhacs – Parallalograms (Deux Space Version)

Grouper – Poison Tree

Grouper – I’m Clean Now – Paradise Valley

Darkel – Satanama – The Man of Sorrow EP

Still Corners – Cuckoo – Creatures of an Hour

Throwing Snow – Klaxon and Glissette – Embers

Throwing Snow – Recursion and Cosmos – Embers

Kreidler – Kannibal – European Song

Kreidler – Radio island – European Song

Deux Baleines Blanches – Jaguar – Tank

Boris Brejcha – I Am A Maschine

Sylvia Plath – Interview Excerpt

Million Brazilians – VI – Wet Dry Jungala

White Poppy – Hearing Wishes – Dorval & Devereaux

Murmur Mori – Bodhi at the end – Murmur Mori

Venn – Ceremony

Tape Waves – Age Of Consent

in love with a ghost – flowers feat. Nori – Lets Go EP

in love with a ghost – we were friends – Lets Go EP

in love with a ghost – other excerpts

Express Rising – Winter The Heart – Express Rising


Radio Show – 18 June 2017 – Episode 325
June 26, 2017, 1:15 pm
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The legendary Rok Riley is special guest curator of The Golden Apples….love and positivity for everyone

Show re-stream here

Mixcloud HQ here

…want more?…if you love this show check out Rok Riley’s Bedside Mix here

Radio Show – 11 June 2017- Episode 324
June 11, 2017, 11:08 am
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In episode 324 we ask the question; can a group meditation enhance the listening experience of the Golden Apples collective consciousness? Clear your mind of the thoughts of what happened this morning, or yesterday, of what you’re cooking for dinner tonight and of work tomorrow and instead focus on your breath, on the temperature of the room, the breeze on your skin, the feeling of that chair or mat underneath you and on the sounds you hear as they happen. If a thought bubbles up, thats cool… acknowledge it, then let it fall away and shift your focus back to the now  – presented by Jesse Yuen

Listen Here – select 11 June 2017


Midori Takada – Mr. Henri Rousseau’s Dream

Wadada Leo Smith – Love Supreme

Skylab – Next

Judy Collins – Pretty Polly

Stephen Bailey – Mr Fair

Bowery Electric – Inside Out

Sheila Chandra – Nada Brahma (Sound Is Divine)

Seefeel – Polyfusion

Spacemen 3 – Ecstasy symphony

Wooden Ships – Clouds Over Earthquake

Bowery Electric – Things will never be the same again (Spacemen 3 cover)

Die Verboten – White Island

Yves Hyatt – Path To Ascension

I Marc 4 – Compression

LTJ Bukem – Journey Inwards

The Heliocentrics – Time

The Mystic Moods – Cosmic Sea

Dj Food – Cosmic jam

Peace Orchestra – Domination


Radio Show – 4 June 2017- Episode 323


Peace and Love with Jemima Dove and Dr BP PHD in Lynch Studies

Its a Lynch Utopian Dream as Organe analyst Jemima Dove and special guest DR BP PHD in Lynch studies as share soundtracks to stimulate lucid dreaming and utopian vision making. Warning: includes multi-layered discussions exploring Twin Peak Series Three

Listen Here (Select 4 June)


2:07:00 – Aphex Twin – We are the Music Makers

2:14:00 – David Lynch – Walkin’ in the Sky

2:17:00 – Karl Heinz Schafer & Arabian – Utopia

2:22:00 – Goldfrapp – Utopia

2:27:00 – The Sleep Chamber – Pan the Blonde Goat

2:29:00 – Jimmy Scott – Sycamore Tree

2:34:00 – Jane Weaver – Ravenspoint

2:42:00 – Scarab – Blurry Pattern Number Two

2:45:00 – Pram – Cinnabar

2:52:00 – Dance of the Dream Man – Angelo Badalamenti

2:56:00 – Prince Charming – Everything goes when the Whistle Blows

3:01:00 – The Orb – Pink Fluffy Clouds (Cumulo Nimbus)

3:07:00 – Masonik – The Fifth Discourse

3:15:00 – Suicide – Keep your Dreams

3:21:00 – Delia Gonzalez – Horse Follows Darkness

3:26:00 – The Walker Brothers – The Electrician

3:36:00 – Simon Fisher Turner – The Isle of Spices

3:39:00 – David Bowie – I’m Deranged

3:43:00 – Alula Down – Hereford Garden Dreaming

3:49:00 – Philosophy Major – Violent Storms Descend

3:53:00 – Ira Cohen – Sinan Boast

3:55:00 – Scraps – Dreams

3:57:00 – Song to the Siren – Tim Buckley


Naked Yoga
June 11, 2017, 10:39 am
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has a really great soundtrack…