The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 4 February 2018 – Episode 358


Episode 358 is curated by Tristan Gibbs

Re-stream the show and Tristan’s aural sleeve notes here (select 4 Feb 2018)


Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Kaneda – Akira Symphonic Suite

Jlin – Calcination – Black Origami

Beautiful Junkyards – Aquarius – Aquarius

Cafe Kaput – A Perspex Town – Applied Music Vol. 2 – Plastics Today

Serge Gainsbourg/Jean-Claude Vannier – Les Chemins de Katmandou – Les Chemins de Katmandou OST

Yasuaki Shimizu – Semi Tori No Hi – Kakashi

Suzanne Ciani – Help, Help, The Globolinks, Part 1 – Help, Help, The Globolinks

Laurel Halo – Syzygy – Dust

Circuit des Yeux – Paper Bag – Reaching for Indigo

Pearls Before Swine – The Surrealist Waltz – One Nation Underground

Psychick TV – We Kiss – Allegory and Self

Edward Williams – The Sex Life of the Fern – Life on Earth OST

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Dolls’ Polyphony – Akira Symphonic Suite

Jon Hassell – Gift of Fire – Dream Theory in Malaya: Fourth World Vol. 2

Claude Lombard – Sleep Well – Claude Lombard

Pram – Milky – The Stars are So Big the Earth is So Small . . . Stay as You Are

Yoko Ono (with John Lennon) – Every Many Has a Woman Who Loves Him – Double Fantasy

Amon Duul II – Kanaan – Phallus Dei

Comus – Bitten – First Utterance

Richard Dawson – Scientist – Peasant

Shirley Collins – Dabbling in the Dew – Folk Song Today

Circuit des Yeux – Geyser – Reaching for Indigo

Slapp Happy/Henry Cow – Giants – Desperate Straights

Julia Holter – So Humble the Afternoon

Yasuaki Shimizu – Umi No Ue Kara – Kakashi


Radio Show – 28 Jan 2018 – Episode 357- Les Disques du Crépuscule

Music, art and literature combine on the Golden Apples of the Sun as Robin Thomas joins Claude in the studio to explore the legendary Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Benelux labels. Robin is surely the only one in Perth with an original copy of the ‘From Brussels with Love’ cassette…

Re-stream the show here (select 28 Jan)

Mixcloud edition here (slightly edited to remove the mis-cues but still featuring Robin and Claude talking way too much)


Gavin Bryars – White’s S.S. – From Brussells With Love (TWI-007)

The Durutti Column – Lips That Could Kiss (FAC BN2-005)

Tunnelvision – Watching the Hydroplanes (A-side FAC-39)

Soft Verdict (Wim Mertens) – Struggle for Pleasure featured in Belly of an Architect OST (TWI-18)

A Certain Ratio – Fever 103 – Greetings Four (Materiali Sonori ‎MASO 70004)

A Certain Ratio – Flight (FAC 22)

Crispy Ambulance – The Presence – The Plateau Phase (FBN-12)

The Durutti Column – Bordeaux Sequence (FBN-24)

Tuxedomoon – Egypt – Holy Wars (Sordide Sentimental 000637)

Psychic T.V. & The Temple Of Psychick Youth – Neurology – double groove 1 (Sordide Sentimental SS 33009

A Certain Ratio – Fletch – From Brussells With Love (TWI-007)

Psychic T.V. & The Temple Of Psychick Youth – Neurology – double groove 2 (Sordide Sentimental SS 33009

Martin Hannett – The Music Room – From Brussells With Love (TWI-007)

Alan Rankine – Love in Adversity – The World Begins to Look Her Age (TWI-672)

Tunnel Vision – Morbid Fear (B-side FAC-39)

The Durutti Column – Florence Sunset – Greetings Three (Materiali Sonori ‎MASO 70003)

The Stockholm Monsters – Dumbstruck – Greetings Two (Materiali Sonori ‎MASO 70002)

Section 25 – Dirty Disco – From The Hip LTMCD 2314 Reissue of FACT90)

Crispy Ambulance – We Move Through The Plateau – The Plateau Phase (FBN-12)

The Durutti Column – Piece for Out of Tune Grande Piano – Deux Triangles (FBN-10)


Start exploring here les disques du crepuscule here

Start exploring Factory Benelux here

Radio Show – 21 Jan 2018 – Episode 356

Mark Davies presents Kosmiche Musik episode 2, the follow up to his Kraut Rock special in 2017 Mark delves back into the world of German experimental music, specifically from the period of the early 70’s until the early 80’s. Taking in selections from the heavyweights of time such as Can, Amon Duul, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk but also trying to examine the other lesser known and wildly diverse artists from the period who used new age, jazz and experiental electronica to explore the new world. Tune in and drift off.       

Re-stream the show here (select 21 Jan)


Michael Bundt – The brain of Oskar Pianizza

CAN – moonshake

AMO DUUL – da guadaloop

AMON DUUL – Lonely whisper

Rodelius – Geradewohl

Harmonia – Watusi

Novalis – Dronsz

Broselmaschine – Schmetterling

Streetmark – Passage

Neu – Neuschnee

Achim Reichel – Tanz der vogel in Den Winden

Missus Beastly – Geisha

Kraftwerk – Tour de France (instrumental)

Klaus Weiss – Wide open space motion

Amon Duul II – wie der wind am ende einer strasse

Niagra – Rhythm go

Tangerine dream – No mans land

Michael Bundt – Neon

Radio Show – 14 Jan 2018 – Episode 355
January 17, 2018, 11:22 am
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Silver Apples of the Moon, Golden Apples of the Sun!  Two hours of genre-defying space-time continuum bending carefully selected music by special guest host Kat Sav.  Dip in and dive in to hear all sort of musical oddities.

Show re-stream here


2:05:00      Secret Machines – Blue Jay Away

2:09:30      Tangerine Dream – Towards the Evening Star

2:17:10      Vibrasphere – San Pedro

2:24:45      Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Am A Thought

2:27:30      Feist – Undiscovered First

2:38:30      The Mars Volta – Miranda That Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore

2:44:10      Mystical Sun – 13th Moon Journey Into Future Consciousness

2:53:45      Bedouin Soundclash Follow the Sun

2:58:00      Aldous Harding – Horizon

3:02:15      Do Make Say Think – Her Eys on the Horizon

3:13:30      Boom Bip – Cimple

3:18:00      RJD2 – The Proxy

3:20:10      PerthCT – Endless

3:22:00      Odawas – The Case of the Great Irish Elk

3:30:00      Daughter – Alone/With You

3:34:30      Offcuts – Kitchen Bay

3:40:05      Krakatau – Riddels Creek

3:52:00      Kath Bloom – Come Here

3:56:00      David Bowie – Boss of Me

Radio Show – 7 Jan 2018 – Episode 354
January 17, 2018, 11:16 am
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The onboard computers of a satellite XQ28 infultrate RTRFM and begin playing tunes.

Join them for a spacewalk.

Join Graeme Watson in deep space.

Show re-stream here


Tonto’s Exploding Head Band – Timewhys – Zero Time

Vespero – Cosmos – Liveture 21

Damu the Fudgemunk – Brookly Flower (Alternative Extended Version)

Sam Gendel – Portrait Orchard Gun – 4444

Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams (Absoloutely Free Dub Mix) – Hot Dreams Remixes

Amon Duul II – Sleepwalker’s Timelss Bridge – Wolf City

Kikagaku Moyo – Floating Leaf – Stone Garden

Moses Sumney – Self Help Tape – Aromanticism

KYANOS – Thunder in Japan – Elevator to Japan

Gerling – Enter Space Capsule – Enter Space Capsule (Remixes)

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Mercury in Motionless Space

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Holy Mountain – Who Built the Moon

Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss (Time and Space Machine Remix)

Gregory – Un trou dans ma Chaussure

Jesus – Songe Mortuaire

Shakespear’s Sister – Cosmic Dancer

Space Time Continumum – Simm City (OST) – Remit Recaps

C:atmos – Got lost on the way to the shops – Dislocations

Cortney Tidwell – Don’t let stars keep us tangled up – Don’t let stars keep us tangled up

Minut – ii / minut – Dislocations

Violens – Feel it all around the space station

UFO – Unidentified Flying Object

Public Serice Broadcasting – Sputnik (Blond:ish Remix) – The Race for Space Remixes

The Eagles – Journey of the Sorcerer

Music of Last Century – Episode 353

Music of the Last Century

…on New Years Day let your future begin in the past…The New Years Eve special edition of The Golden Apples of the Sun is now up . Featuring electronic music from the latter part of the last century – all the usual Golden Apples atmospherics are included – these are sounds that are beautiful and harsh, familiar and unfamiliar


  • Show restream here (select 31 December 2017)
  • HQ Mixcloud here – massive bonus edition with over 40 extra minutes of music and no talking!

Mixcloud Playlist

Art of Noise – Moments in Love (Massey Mix Three) – The Art of the 12 Inch

Katarina Rankovic – Computerised Existence (dialogue)

Art of Noise – Tree Fingers of Love – Daft

Nils Frahm (feat Jarvis Cocker) – Re (Helios Rework)

Link – Arcadian [Global Communication Remix] – Artificial Intelligence II

Golden Crocus – Lucy – Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 Volume Eight

Rasalasad – Thistopia – Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 Volume Eight

Das Ding – Take Me Away – H.S.T.A.

Camera Obscura – Destitution – Destitution

Speedy J – Fill 25

Art of Noise – Memento – Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise

808 State – Pacific (Pacific Reefer)

808 State – Pacific State (Masseys Conga Mix)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Welcome to The Pleasure Dome (Pleasurefix)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Bang – Welcome to The Pleasure Dome

Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call (House Phone) – 3D The Catalogue

Kraftwerk – Numbers – Computer World

Secession – Touch (Part 4)

Red Snapper – One Legged Low Frequency Guy (Excerpt)

LFO – Tied Up (Spiritualized Electric Mainline Mix)

Love Corporation – Palatial (Danny Rampling Remix)

Japan – Ghosts – Oil on Canvas

Propaganda – The Last Word (Strength to Dream) – A Secret Wish

Propaganda – Dream Within a Dream – A Secret Wish

Deux – Paris Orly – Decadence

The Human League – Being Boiled (Live in Berlin 2010)

The Human League – Being Boiled (Extended)

Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar (John Robie Mix 1)

Felix Kubin – Melancholia – Teenage Tapes

Silent Servant – Sampler Silent Servant (Regis Edit)

Deux – Golden Dreams – Golden Dreams

Fuse (Richie Hawtin) – Nitedrive – Dimension Intrusion

Persona – Your Silent Face (Excerpt)

New Order – Your Silent Face (Daisy O’Dell Version)

Superstars of Rock – Orange Sunshine

José Padilla – Que Bonito

Radio Show – 24 Dec 2017 – Episode 352
December 26, 2017, 10:28 am
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Its a true ‘Busman’s Holiday’ as RTRFM presenters Will Backler, Rhian Todhunter and Jackson Hawdon and guest Ben James take over The Golden Apples of the Sun

Show re-stream here


Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – Late Day Sun Silhouettes – Late Day Sun Silhouettes

Grouper – Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping – Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill

Adam Gnade – Sadie – Palaces

Adam Gnade Lighthouses – Palaces

Moondoog – Death, When you Come To me

The Ruby Suns – There Are Birds

Saintes – Beyond My Heart, Beyond

Luurel Varas – Fantasia

Blue Iverson – Soulseek

Blue Iverson – Hush Money

Gelnn Astro & Agnascent – Disko

Nu Spring – 30/70

Danny Wolfers – Prophecy Dusting

Mariah – Shinzo No Tobira

Yusef Lateef – The Plum Blossom – Eastern Sounds

Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint Fast – Electric Counterpoint Different Trains

RJD2 – The Proxy – Dead Ringer

James Ferraro – Condom

Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers

Clark – Corroded Hmynal

Aphex Twin – Rhubarb

Fingers – All Rolled Up

Hauschka – Familiar Things Disappear

Bibio – Palm Of YOur Wave – Ambivalence Avenue

Le Loup – Planes Like Vultures

Austin Leonard Jones – Turkey Vulture