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Radio Show – 27 March 2016 – Episode 263
April 10, 2016, 6:41 am
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Graeme Watson presents a sprawling edition which he describes in his won words as follows:

This edition of Golden Apples of the Sun begins with a focus on the space where folk meets dub. Kicking things off with two tracks from Greg Gives Peter Space, a collaboration between Berlin based Peter Broderick and Greg Haines. Their 2014 self titled EP can be found on Olafur Arnalds labeld Erased Tape Records.

The theme tune got a slight remix this week, the reading of the opening poem ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus‘ was by the late SIr Cyril Cusack, while the backing music came from Draognica with their tune ‘Indian Chant’ that samples Listen with Sarah’s ‘Blue Parsley’. 

Paul Weller offered a dub-pstch rock tune with ‘‘Pick It Up’, the original version can be found on his 2015 record ‘Saturn’s Pattern’. The backing vocals on this track were from British band Syd Arthur, who’ve been featured on previous episodes of this show.

Creation Rebel’s ‘Creation Vibes’  was lifted from their 1980 album ‘Starship Africa’. The record is one of the earliest production works from Adrian Sherwood. Later on in the show a second Sherwood prudction was featured. Ian King’s ‘By George’ which melted together traditional Enlish folk with a dub influence.

Kepping a light reggae vibe, Scritti Pollitti’s ‘Sweetest Girl’ provided some simple beauty, and got the phone ringing as more than one person callled to proclaim “you just don’t hear this band on the radio anymore.”

The beats began with Villagers ‘The Waves’  a song that got payed twice during the show. The first version was a electronic groovefest, while the newer version that closed the show is an epic accoustic jam. Villager’s latest album ‘Where have you been all my life?’ sees them rework songs from their first three albums into new forms.

Canadian band Klaatu are probably best known for their song ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ which was a hit for the Carpenters. ‘Little Neutrino’ is from the same album ‘3:47 EST’ that came out in 1976. Over the top we played ‘To Sir With Love’ from Ngaire, which has a certain dream like quality.

The dub sounds continued with a murky version of a Nick Drake song, ‘I was made to love you’ – a remix of his track ‘I Was Made to Love Magic’. This tune was unreleased during Drake’s lifetime. It was originally recorded for the album ‘Five Leaves Left’ but did not make the final cut. It’s featured on the 2004 compilation of the same name which bundled up a stack of unreleased material from the singer.

Two local bands were given a spin, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have just released their debut album ‘High Visceral Part 1′, ‘Found God in a  Tomato’ was the track we featured. Next up was the latest single from Usurper of Modern Medicine, ‘Mercury in Motionless Space’. 

Spring Breaks for the Soul’ is the closing track from Bill Baird‘s new album ‘Earth to Aether Part 1’. Although it was also included on his 2013 record. The former Sound Team member, he also used to perform under the moniker {{{Sunset}}}.

Max Richter is so icnredibly prolfic, it seems he has a new album or soundtrack every month. This month his score for the second season of the TV show The Leftovers is out. We played two version of the track The Depature.

The Winter Hymn is a new song from Pantha du Prince, featuring Queens. this is the first rack from his new record ‘The Triad’, his first album in six years. The album is expected on May 20th.

A brief interlude into classical sounds was provided by Mark Haimowitz and Christoper O’Reily with their version of the Cocteau Twins ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’. The tracks from their new record ‘Shuffle, Play, Repeat’ which also indludes an nice version of ‘Pyramid Song’ by Radiohead.

The vocals of Steve Mason, former frontman of The Beta Band, are instantly recognisable. His new album ‘Meet the Humans’ has had critic’s throwing praise and proclamining it sure to be one of the best albums of 2016. We gave album track ‘Hardly Go Through’ a spin. 

Butterfly King’ is from the soundtrack to the film ‘Warriors’. Its performed by Ali Gavan and Barney King and features Milo McKinnon. ‘Warriors’ is a powerful and moving documentary about a young Maasai warrior tribe who form a cricket team in order to help spread awareness of equal rights and education for women and to bring an end to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and a change in attitude to HIV and AIDs. The track is given an extra layer of psychedelic magic thanks to Amorphous Androgynous.

You might be familiar with the track ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’, Engliash artist Zoe had a big hit in the UK with the song back in 1991. It’s also been performed by Christine Anu and supermodel Naomi Campbell (yes, she once put out an album). Zoe Pollock recorded the track from a second time in 2008, this time with her folk band Mama.

The Woodleigh Research Project, Andrew Weatherall and Youth have teamed up for the track ‘Trqiya’, Weatherall also has a new solo album out too which is worth a lsiten.

Prins Thomas’s new record is called ‘Principe Del Norte’, it’s a mermerising collection of space disco. The tunes are simply labled A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F, G – we had a listen to D.   

Listen Here – select 27 March 2016


Dragonica – Indian Chant

Greg Gives Peter Space – The Drive – Greg Gives Peter Space

Greg Gives Peter Space – A Clear View – Greg Gives Peter Space

Paul Weller – Pick It Up (dub)

Creation Rebel – Rebel Vibration – Starship Afr4ica

Scritti Politti – The Sweetest Girl

Villagers – The Waves (Psychemagik Remix)

Klaatu – Little Neutrino – Hope

Ngaire – To Sir With Love (acapella)

Nick Drake – I was made to love you (dub)

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Found God in a Tomato – High Visceral Pt1    Y

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Mercury in Motionless Space         Y

Bill Baird – Spring Break for the Soul – Earth Into Aether Pt1

Max Richter – The Departure (Diary) – The Leftovers Season 2 SOundtrack

Pantha du Prince feat Queens – The Winter Hymn

Matt Haimovitz & Christopher O’Reily – Heaven or Las Vegas

Ian King – By George – Panic Grass & Fever Few

Steve Mason – Hardly Go Through – Meet the Humans

Ali Gavan & Barney King feat Milo McKinnon – Butterfly King (Amorphous Androgynous Remix) – Warriors Soundtrack

Mama – Sunshine on a Rainy Day – Crow Cyoye Buffallo

Max Richter – The Departure (Phone Call)

The Woodleigh Research Project & Andrew Weatherall feat Youth – Trqiya – The Phoenix Suburb and Other Stories

Prins Thomas – D – Principe Del Norte

Villagers – Waves – Where have you been all my life?


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