The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 23 July 2017 – Episode 330

Dave Clark presents a sprawling epic and beautiful soundtrack edition of the Golden Apples…

Dave says “Looking forward to presenting another edition of Golden Apples of the Sun today. I’m doing a soundtrack special – lots of music from movies and TV shows that I love and fit the Golden Apples realm. Yes, Angelo Badalamenti, and also Vangelis, Cliff Martinez, Michael Stearns, Ennio Morricone, David Carbonara, Kenji Kawai… perfect music for a cold rainy Sunday afternoon…”

Listen here (select 23 July 2017)

HQ Mixcloud here


Vangelis – Bladerunner Main Titles – Bladerunner OST

Vangelis – Rachel’s Song – Bladerunner OST

Angelo Badalamenti – Interview for Twin Peaks theme tune

Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme – Twin Peaks OST

Angelo Badalamenti – Audrey’s Dance – Twin Peaks OST

Cliff Martinez – I Drive – Drive OST

Cliff Martinez – He Had a Good Time – Drive OST

Cliff Martinez – Wrong Room – Drive OST

The Chromatics – Tick of the Clock – Drive OST

Kenji Kawai – Nightstalker – Ghost In The Shell OST

Kenji Kawai – Floating Museum – Ghost In The Shell OST

Jeff Mills – Landscape (Utopian Dream) – Metropolis Soundtrack

Jeff Mills – Blue Print – Metropolis Soundtrack

Jeff Mills – Perfecture Somewhere Around Now – Metropolis Sountrack

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stern  – Stranger Things (Extended Edition) – Stranger Things OST

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stern  – Talking to Australia – Stranger Things OST

Kyle Dixon – Where’s Barb – Stranger Things OST

Cliff Martinez – Is Everyone Else On Board? – Solaris OST

Cliff Martinez – Can I Sit Next To You – Solaris OST

Cliff Martinez – Don’t Blow It – Solaris OST

Michael Stearns – Mantra / Organics – Baraka OST

Michael Stearns – End Credits – Baraka OST

Michael Stearns – Escalator – Chronos OST

Michael Stearns – Corridors of Time – Chronos OST

The Cinematic Orchestra – Dawn – Man with a Movie Camera

The Cinematic Orchestra – Reel Life – Man with a Movie Camera

The Cinematic Orchestra – Work It! – Man with a Movie Camera

David Carbonara – Songs of India – Mad Men OST

Ken Griffith – Ebb Tide – Mad Men OST

David Carbonara – Summer Man – Mad Men OST

David Carbonara – Pacific Coast Highway – Mad Men

Ennio Morricone – Veruschka’s Theme – Veruschka OST

Wong Kar Wai – Yumeji’s Theme – In the Mood for Love OST

Erik Satie – Gymnopedies No. 1 – My Dinner with Andre OST

Vangelis – Tears in the Rain – Bladerunner OST