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Lammas Night Laments Update
November 23, 2016, 2:08 pm
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Original psych-folk lovers and long time Golden Apples listeners might be interested to know I have updated my original 2013 blog post about the famous Lamnas Night Laments C-DR compilation series and the Dark Britannica wyrd folk compilations – here – includes a link to ‘whatever happened to Mark Coyle? – one of the great mysteries of psych folk and wyrd folk


The Music of the Field Will Be Heard – John Barleycorn Reborn

woven wheat whispers

Golden Apples fans can learn in this post a bit about two of THE most essential compilation sets that are required ownership for those into psych  folk, acid folk, wyrd folk etc etc …

Lammas Night Laments – as curated by Mark Coyle of Woven Wheat Whispers

Dark Britannica – also more recently known as the Cold Spring Folk Series

Lammas Night Laments Volume 01 (Front)

Claude Mono: A few years ago I managed to pick up from blog-land two volumes of Lammas Night Laments a sprawling journey into pagan-wyrd-dark folk. They were CD-R issues . I was initially attracted by the art work which captured a certain pagan-folk atmosphere and I was certainly not disappointed with the music and hundreds of folk comps later these are still two of my favourites. At the time looking around a bit more I discovered there were no less than 14 Volumes spanning 1966 – 1980 – that’s a lot of wyrd folk!! – Over a long period of time I eventually tracked them all down after lots of digital digging. I owe a specific debt here to Simon Knight of Hidden Shallows Productions who shared a number of missing volumes with me.

Then I discovered John Barleycorn Reborn…

john barleycorn reborn rebirth

In a group forum I found an e-mail from 2005 from Mark Coyle the curator of Lammas Night Laments…

“…it’s me that does the Lammas Night Laments  series.  There are currently 11 volumes and I am currently finalising the last one, volume 12. In due course there will be a modern series called ‘The Green Man Awakes’ but not quickly due to a range of commitments…”

…and in 2007…

 Accompanied by a massive, 16-page booklet of background essays and interpretive guidelines, as well as a lovingly detailed, 24-page track annotation manual, ‘John Barleycorn Reborn’ is an incredible 5½-hour, 4xCD set compiled by Woven Wheat Whispers founder, Mark Coyle for Cold Spring Records. The album explores the mythos of the John Barleycorn legend across more than 60 tracks, divided into three parts: “birth,” “death” and “rebirth”, from nearly as many diverse “artists largely unknown who make unconventional folk music across Britain.”

Mark Coyle: “At heart I’m a collector I think and for years had been exploring the area of unconventional folk music exploring and buying whatever music I could find. I first compiled music from 1960 – 1980 as the Lammas Night Laments CDr series.  I had always planned on a modern version done with a label called ‘The Green Man Awakes’.   When Cold Spring got in touch, I knew I would now be able to produce such a set. The inspiration was from groundbreaking sets such as ‘Nuggets’ and ‘Pebbles,’ which have themselves run to many volumes.”

…and in 2009…

The compilers of ‘John Barleycorn Reborn’ (2007), faced an embarrassment of riches – a testament both to English folk heritage and the health of the contemporary folk music scene. So here we have the second crop from that original sowing. Originally released for download only, now finally available as a stunning double CD, with every track completely remastered to the highest quality. 33 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music.

The above includes Excerpts from a detailed and wonderfully immersive article and interview with Mark Coyle discussing John Barleycorn Reborn at Terrascope.

Right now at Cold Spring Records you can get a bonus pack which contains four amazing compilations:

‘John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth’
‘We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold’
‘John Barleycorn Reborn’

Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear – Dark Britannica III”
UPDATE Nov 2016

Looks like the Dark Britannica Series may now no longer be available via Cold Spring Records – sad news – this link is still up but not sure if live

Explorations of John Barleycorn Reborn over at ‘A Year In The Country’ a favourite destination of the Golden Apples

I also found an interesting post over on the Folk Horror Revival FB Page asking whatever happened to Mark Coyle – seems to be a few theories – intriguing stuff…read here