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Horror Soundtracks: VHS Tracking
November 3, 2016, 1:09 am
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We specialise in Betamax – forget VHS it will never take off


Man about town and star of RTRFM’s Movie Squad ‘I Love Movies…’ Tristan Fidler hosts the Halloween edition of VHS Tracking on Up Late – a sprawling collage of horror movie soundtracks over 3 hours with dialogue, trailers and other incidentals.

Tristan says:

 I am proud of this show – mainly because I survived playing eerie, creepy music alone in a studio late at night. Truly felt like a Final Girl when the show was over, haha.

– Only now do I realise I completely forgot to play Goblin’s ‘Suspiria’. Massive oversight.
– Of the music I had on hand, I avoided playing ‘Utrenja (Ewangelia)’ from The Shining because I knew it would freak me out too much.
– I also didn’t play Iggy Pop’s ‘Why Was I Born?’ from Freddy’s Dead but more because it is a pretty terrible song (not one of Jim Osterberg’s finest moments)”.

Mixcloud show re-stream here

…and if you think a bit of eerie folk horror is more your thing then check out Tristan Gibb and his Hallow’een edition of the Golden Apples here



Halloween Radio Show – 23 October 2016 – Episode 293
November 3, 2016, 12:07 am
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Tristan Gibb presents a scholarly and antiquarian journey into the eerier side of folk and horror on his Golden Apples Hallowe’en Special

Listen to the show re-stream here (select 30 Oct)


S Park – Figment – Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack /

Marc Wilkinson – Fiend Discovered and Titles – Blood on Satan’s Claw OST /

Isla Cameron O Willow Waly – The Innocents OST /

Lubos Fisher   – Matching Mirrors/Morgiana’s Prowl – Morgiana OST /

Nico – Le Petit Chevalier – Desertshore /

Lubos¡ Fisher – Viktorie’s Darkest Moment – Morgiana OST /

Walter Schumann – Pretty Fly – Night of the Hunter OST /

The Focus Group – Starry Wisdom – Sketches and Spells /

Donald Rubinstein – The Calling/Main Title – Martin OST /

LuboÅ¡ FiÅ¡er – The Letter 2/Friends – Valerie and her Week of Wonders OST /

Jenny Hval – Female Vampire – Blood Bitch /

Pierre Raph – Jaded Cottage – Requiem for a Vampire /

Espers – Hearts & Daggers – Espers /

The Caretaker – Roll Up the Carpet and Dance – We’ll All Go Riding on a Rainbow /

Kreng – Tinseltown – L’Autopsie Phenomenale de Dieu /

David Lynch and Alan Splet – In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) – Eraserhead OST /

Demdike Stare – Quiet Sky – Tryptych Part 1: Forest of Evil /

Umberto – Temple Room – Prophecy of the Black Widow /

The Vampires of Dartmoore – Frankenstein Meets Alpha 7 – Celestial Mass /

John Carpenter – Halloween Theme – Main Title – Halloween OST /

Eric Feremans – Theme from the Antwerp Killer   – The Antwerp Killer OST /

Angelo Michajlov – Haxipola’s Trip – Saxana OST /

The Haxan Cloak – Disorder (Excerpt) – The Haxan Cloak /

Goblin – Suspiria – Suspiria OST /

Paul Giovanni – Willow’s Song – The Wicker Man OST /

Al Bowlly – Midnight with the Stars and You

The GoatMan Original Soundtrack – Performed by the Unseen
September 14, 2014, 9:34 am
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….an interesting soundtrack over at The Active Listener. The story roughly transcribed from The Active Listener Bandcamp Page goes something like this…

Last summer, at a horror movie convention somewhere in London, I was introduced to Septic Boaby. We had both grown up in West Lothian, Scotland, a few miles apart, but had never met. Immediately impressed by his knowledge of British horror movies, and by his enthusiasm for electronic music, I shook his hand with vigour whilst making noises of extreme enthusiasm. Later we met again at a pub where we discussed film soundtrack memories and a film seen when we were perhaps ten years old. It was about a young married couple who move to a Somerset cottage and have a terrifying encounter with the occult. It was called The GoatMan, it was made in late 1973, and it was directed by Simon Grundig.  Septic was delighted that I remembered, and agreed at once that the film was indeed called The GoatMan. As children, we had been profoundly unsettled not only by the film’s content, but also the musical score, recorded by a duo calling themselves The Unseen. (Amazingly, we both remembered the name from the opening credits.)…

the goatman OST