The Golden Apples of the Sun

Radio Show – 12 April 2020 – Episode 469

video excerpt credit: From the original by dumdum (2014) here

T H E  G O L D E N  A P P L E S  O F  T H E  SUN

‘Live from Felt Mountain’

Claude Mono in a remote broadcast with the sounds of birdsong, cowbells and babbling brooks – a mix  we can all enjoy in splendid isolation

The back cover of a CD that came out in 2000 has always intrigued me because I always thought it was a painting… it’s the back of ‘Felt Mountain’ by Goldfrapp. If you know it then you know it is a beautiful picture of a hiking trail curving around a bend to the left around a tall pine tree, and in the distance The Matterhorn is framed by bare angular branches arching out from another tree to the right. Well guess what the Goldfrapp Trees are real!! …but they are pretty hard to find… they can be found en-route from Grünsee to Riffelalp. Halfway along, the path divides and goes up towards Riffelalp or onwards to Riffelalp Station. Head up towards Riffelalp, crossing over the Gornergrat Railway. Ten minutes along from the railway, you will find the Goldfrapp Trees, approximately 25m further on from where telephone wires pass overhead. The photo can be taken by stepping off the path onto a sandy patch of ground in front of the near tree, about a metre and a half down to the right. Thanks for the field guide Phespirit (his page now deleted I think?)

I did find a cute little video (see above)  from a young backpacker couple dumdum who found the actual location


Mixcloud Edition here (this one even has Claude’s chit chat as he wanders amongst the fields, through the forest from and near a babbling brook – so file with the Golden Apples mixtape rarities)


Golden Apples theme and intro talk

Utopia (New Ears Mix) – Goldfrapp

Jon Brooks – Fonn

Chrome Country – Oneohtrix Point Never

The Ballad of Howie Bling – Daniel Lopatin

Jon Brooks – Alluvial

The Sacrifice – The Pattern Forms

Fluchtwege – The Pattern Forms

The Aphid Sleeps – Broadcast

Antena – Frantz (Nouvelle Vague Mix)

Aux cyclades de Vanessa – Bertrand Burgalat

Golden (Shawn Lee Instrumental remix) – The Superimposers

Fille des Sables – DISCODOR

Man is not a Bird – Broadcast

Ventolin – Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. – 8

Bradford Cox – Spanish Plastic

Sam Wilkes – Today

Vakula -19 Hours Prior to Arcturus

Brian Harnetty – Amanda

Brian Harnetty – Merrywise

Its Better with You – Isabels Dream

Impossible Island – Gaussian Curve