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The Coastal Path
September 24, 2017, 10:40 am
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The Golden Apples of the Sun is a big fan of Celluloid Wicker Man a place full of Film and Art, in particular: Folk Horror, Landscape in Film and Literature, Film Music And Sound Analysis as well as other things. Its curated by Adam Scovell.

The Coastal Path is a short ghost story about a haunted super 8 camera that summons a demon from an isolated rural path on The Wirral coastline.


More here


Philippe Hallais – Lately – Modern Love Records
September 16, 2017, 9:39 am
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Radio Show – 10 September 2017 – Episode 337


Claude Mono presents a pure bell curve of a soundscape starting with Pastoral Hauntology from ‘A Year in the Country’ then moving through electronica and Minimal Wave to end with blissed out beats…

get the show re-stream here  – select 10 September

Mixcloud HQ here – just the music


>> Claude visits A Year in the County:

David Colohan – Eldfell – Fractures

United Bible Studies – Helix – Doineann

The Rowan Amber Mill – Ratio (Sequence) – Fractures

The Rowan Amber Mill – Ocarina Procession – The Forest/The Wald

Sproatly Smith – Ribbons – The Restless Field

David Colohan – At The Confluence Of The Mitta Mitta & Murray – The Quietened Village

A Year In The Country – Tick Tock – In Every Mind –

A Year In The Country – Scrabble and Abrade – In Every Mind

She Rocola – Molly Leigh Of The Mother Town – Burn The Witch /Molly Leigh Of The Mother Town

United Bible Studies – The Blackened Fields – Doineann

David Colohan – Eldfell – Fractures

Circle Temple – The Séance-Search for Muspel Light – From The Furthest Signals

A Year In The Country – A Cracked Sky – Airwaves- Songs From The Sirens

Sproatly Smith – The Land Of Green Ginger – Fractures >> Claude selects:

>> Claude selection:

Vic Mars – Villages Hamlets Fetes – The Land and the Garden

Vic Mars – Fences Railway Lines and other Obstacles – The Land and the Garden

Broadcast – What I Saw – Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

Broadcast – Love’s Long Listen-In- Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

Broadcast – The Be Colony/Dashing Home/What on Earth Took You – Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

Gilroy Mere – The Green Line- The Green Mile

Throwing Snow – Cosms – Embers

Throwing Snow – Allegory – Embers

Emerald Web – Flight Of The Raven

>> Veronica Vasicka – XLR8R Podcast 396 (excerpts) – Full Mixcloud/Playlist here

Broken English Club – Knives

Levon Vincent – Anti-Corporate Music

Tom Dicicco – Untitled

Kraftwerk – Numbers

The Human League – Being Boiled

Roman Lindau – Sub Suggestion

>> Claude selection:

Gravenhurst – I Found the F – Warp 20/Recreated

Broadcast – I Found the F – Live on KCRW 2006

Seefeel – As Link – Warp 20/Unheard

Ola Kobak – Tender – The Vast Unknown

The Dandelion Set – Gardense – A Thousand Strands 1975 2015

Jane Weaver – Turning In Circles – The Fallen By Watchbird

Jane Weaver – Silver Chord – The Fallen By Watchbird

Mixcloud extras:

Ola Kobak – Still Shores – The Vast Unknown

Jon Brooks – PN_17 – Autres Directions


Radio Show – 3 September 2017 – Episode 336
September 10, 2017, 1:43 pm
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re-stream here – select 3 September

peace and love with Jemima Dove…Herald Ostara and the Vernal Equinox and Explore PYZK 2018 !

PLAYLIST from 2pm show start

2:03:00     Margo Guryan – Love

2:09:00     The Books – Group Autogenics

2:15:00     The Listening Center – Triangular Shift

2:18:18     Vanishing Twin – Choose Your Own Adventure

2:23:00     Travel Kyoto – Island Fantasy

2:29:00     Linda Smith – I So Like Spring

2:35:00     Josephine Foster – I Love You and The Springtime Blues

2:44:00     Springtime Epiphany – Clark

2:47:00     Scott Walker – Come Next Spring

2:55:00     Jacco Gardner – Hypnophobia

2:58:00     W.I.T.C.H: WE INTEND TO CAUSE HAVOC – Strange Dream

3:02:00     The Telescopes – Flying

3:04:00     Jane Weaver – H>A>K

3:08:00     Modern Cosmology ( featuring Laetitia Sadier) – The Source

3:13:00     pattern- Amulet

3:22:00     White Poppy – Red Flags

3:25:00     Ahmed Malek – Silence Des Cendres

3:29:00     Walter Schuman/Sally Jane Bruce – S/T The Night of the Hunter – Pretty Fly/Lullaby

3:35:00     REVBJELDE – Reading Abbey

3:37:00     Polypores – The Perfect Place for An Accident

3:42:00     The Space Lady – Major Tom

3:49:00     Weyes Blood – Lost in Dreams

3:55:00     John Cale and Lou Reed – A Dream

Gilroy Mere – The Green Mile
September 2, 2017, 8:12 am
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Gilroy Mere’s debut release “The Green Line”. The pre-order green vinyl editions have sold out but there will be digital. Released September 15 on one of my favourite labels for beauttiful artwork and packaging: Clay Pipe Music – also the home of the sublime  The Hardy Tree

Below an excerpt from a great review by Shaun C. Rogan over at The Active Listener Blog

“….So what does it sound like? Well, if conceptually it is hugely appealing to many of a certain disposition, it more than matches up sonically – a beautiful tapestry of sound that is as warm as an August sunset and sweet as a packet of Spangles. To this reviewer, the spectre of Brian Eno is definitely hovering over much of what constitutes the journey on the ‘The Green Line’. Opening track ‘Dunroamin’’ is a slowed down diesel fuelled reinterpretation of ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ (minus the Fripp-tronics) from ‘Another Green World’ refracted through the dreamier moments of Steve Reich and dowsed in that deep sense of contemplative musical humanism that permeates much of Oliver Cherer’s work…”

Check out the Clay Pipe Music Soundcloud page here


Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
August 31, 2017, 11:44 am
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Radio Show – 27 August 2017 – Episode 335

Hacked with love art from original cover art created by Furchick for Various – Living In A Shadow on Vacant Valley Records

Rare photos from pre-science seriously punk phase…

Music for Mutants: The Stomach Documentary 1994 VCR to digital transfer


Photo from recent science phase

Selections by Furchick – For this edition of the Golden Apples of the Sun science meets music in the sound lab as Dr Claire Pannell – aka Furchick – or ‘Dr Furchick’ selects the music… Claude selects some also…

Furchick is an Australian ex-pat who has been everywhere from New York to New Zealand who currently resides in P-Town…

  • a creator of many wonderful things
  • a prolific DIY noise-art maker who brings, punk attitude, noise, science and weirdness into her creations
  • sounds from the natural vibrations created from everyday objects
  • she is boss girl at Dog Park Records
  • she has lots of music at soundcloud
  • and there is cute and weird furchick video stuff on Youtube

HQ Mixcloud here – just the music – what a soundscape!!!

Show re-stream here – with conversations – select 27 Aug


Delia Derbyshire vs. Kruko – Seismic Probe (Blacksun Remix)

Furchick – Scopic

Furchick – Lullaby – Soggy Moggy

Furchick – It rained today – Suck

Apomaria – Pausing over a thought soon – Minutiae

Delia Derbyshire – Love without sound – An Electric Storm

Furchick- Magpies in Bridgetown – Postcards from the Antipodes

Jean-Michel Maujean – Quagi Beach – Minutiae

Samarobryn: – Bering(forboding) – Beringbooding

Hi. OK Sorry- And even the sun will fizzle out

Furchick – Under water at Herdsman Lake

Shaun Mara – Alternated weeks – Tarnished Spoons and Terminal Devices

Toxic Chicken – Into the void

Alastair Galbraith – Semaphore – Morse/Gaudy Light

Pram – Loredo Venus – The stars are so big and the earth is so small… stay as you are

Sandra Bell – Lost Train – Dreams of Falling

Las Tuneless (Fabian Rojas) – farandula

Liars – Proud Evolution – Sisterworld

Vivisect (Evan Carr and Brenden James) – Passing – Dream State Intervention

Bitchratch – Fox Mulder – Vacant Valley: Living in a shadow comp

Orlando Furious – Murdoch – Vacant Valley: Living in a shadow comp

Papaphilia (Fjorn Butler) – It is simply the administration of a summary – A Letat Brut

Furchick – Trains in Port Hedland – Postcards from the Antipodes

Furchick – Thunder in Perth – Postcards from the Antipodes

Furchick – Waves in Coral Bay – Postcards from the Antipodes

Liminal Drifter – Soothed by Summer – Troubled Mystic

Furchick and friends – Jeremy von Kobra – Bee Kamikazi death match

Liminal Drifter – Adventures Beyond the Body – Troubled Mystic

Liminal Drifter – Subway Dream – Troubled Mystic

Delia Derbyshire makes a loop

Unit One – The Quietened Cosmologists – 06 Voyages Of The Moon

Field Lines Cartographer – The Quietened Cosmologists – 01 OPS-4

Plaid – Sam Lac Run – Warp 20 Unheard

Gravenhurst – I Found The F – Warp 20 Recreated