The Golden Apples of the Sun

RADIO SHOW – 22 September 2019 – Episode 440

photo credit: old corspe road, swindale head david stewart nicholas rudd-jones




T R I P P I N G  on  B I R D S O N G… psych folk, pastoral bliss and wyrd otherworldly electronica curated by Claude Mono

Show restream here

MIXCLOUD HQ here remastered and re-sequenced

PLAYLIST (Mixcloud Edition)

Ruth Barrett  – Playing on the Moors  Wuthering Heights 2009 OST

Luscinia (Sussie Nielsen) – The Song of Wandering Aengus

The Valerie Project – The Sermon – The Valerie Project

The Valerie Project – Eagle’s Theme – The Valerie Project

The Valerie Project – An End To Enchantment – The Valerie Project

Florist – Celebration – Emily Alone

The Advisory Circle with Hong Kong In The 60s – Seasons Change

Depatterning – The Keeper’s Dilemma – A Year in the Country: The Corn Mother

Sproatly Smith – Watching You – A Year in the Country: The Watchers –

Beautify Junkyards – Rite of Passage – The Beast Shouted Love

Phonofiction – Xylem Flow – A Year in the Country: The Watchers

Widow’s Weeds ft Kitchen Cynics – The Brave Old Oak – A Year in the Country: The Watchers

Ulfur – Heaven in a Wildflower – White Mountain

The Espers – Mansfield and Cyclops – Espers II

Carol Batton – Bee-ing – Folk is Not a Four Letter Word

Alan Hawkshaw – Saturn Rings – Frontiers Of Science

Claude Larson – Memory Image – Soundscapes Vol 2

Flying Lizards – An Age – Fourth Wall

Jon Brooks – L’ancienne Grange – Autres Directions

Jon Brooks – Cinquefoil – Agri Montana

Carmen Villain – The Moon Will Always Be There – Infinite Avenue

Carmen Villain – Infinite Avenue

Murmur Mori – Willow’s Song (from The Wicker Man )

Carl Sagan – Suddenly You Understand Everything

Domotic – Repos force – Smallville Tapes

The Twelve Hour Foundation – Sun and Air (Part 2) – Shapes Sounds etc

The Galaxy Electric – Please Come Home Soon – Everything is Light and Sound

Beta Hector – Trust Me feat. Rosi Lalor (The Simonsound Remix)

The Advisory Circle – Logo – Mind How You Go

The Advisory Circle – Mind How You Go

Vanishing Twin – The Age Of Immunology – Invisible World

The Pattern Forms – Peel Away the Ivy – Peel Away the Ivy

Jane Weaver – Hud A Llefrith – The Fallen By Watch Bird

Pricilla Quinby – With All Hands Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon

Air – Mr Man – Feel The Spirit

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[…] Included on the Tripping on Birdsong episode of the show were Sproatly Smith’s Watching You, Phonofiction’s Xylem Flow and Widow’s Weeds ft Kitchen Cynics The Brave Old Oak from The Watchers and also Depatterning’s The Keepers Dilemma from The Corn Mother, where they can be found alongside tracks by The Valerie Project, The Advisory Circle, Espers, Carl Sagan, The Twelve Hour Foundation and Jane Weaver. Originally broadcast on RTR FM, a resequenced version of the show is archived at Mixcloud and its accompanying blog post is here. […]

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