The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 11 June 2017- Episode 324

In episode 324 we ask the question; can a group meditation enhance the listening experience of the Golden Apples collective consciousness? Clear your mind of the thoughts of what happened this morning, or yesterday, of what you’re cooking for dinner tonight and of work tomorrow and instead focus on your breath, on the temperature of the room, the breeze on your skin, the feeling of that chair or mat underneath you and on the sounds you hear as they happen. If a thought bubbles up, thats cool… acknowledge it, then let it fall away and shift your focus back to the now  – presented by Jesse Yuen

Listen Here – select 11 June 2017

HQ Mixcloud Remastered here

Midori Takada – Mr. Henri Rousseau’s Dream

Wadada Leo Smith – Love Supreme

Skylab – Next

Judy Collins – Pretty Polly

Stephen Bailey – Mr Fair

Bowery Electric – Inside Out

Sheila Chandra – Nada Brahma (Sound Is Divine)

Seefeel – Polyfusion

Spacemen 3 – Ecstasy symphony

Wooden Ships – Clouds Over Earthquake

Bowery Electric – Things will never be the same again (Spacemen 3 cover)

Die Verboten – White Island

Yves Hyatt – Path To Ascension

I Marc 4 – Compression

LTJ Bukem – Journey Inwards

The Heliocentrics – Time

The Mystic Moods – Cosmic Sea

Dj Food – Cosmic jam

Peace Orchestra – Domination



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