The Golden Apples of the Sun

Radio Show – 19 June 2016 – Episode 274

solstice edit (Medium)


Peace and Love from Jemima Dove…
At midsummer, it is said the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, faefolk visit and enspell us, pan walks amongst mortals while the sun is at its at its zenith crowns of verdant green are worn honey harvested at the full moon a time to celebrate fecundity, virility, muliebrity thoughts turn to pleasures, love and making peace. This episode of Golden Apples of The Sun raises a goblet to the Litha – the summer solstice
– with Jemima Dove

RTRFM re-stream listen here (select 19 June)

Mixcloud re-stream of the show here


The Free Design – Chorale

Dick Hyman/Mary Mayo – Maid of the Moon

Alice Coltrane with Strings – A Love Supreme

Popol Vuh – Oh Hear thou who darest

Orlando (Vanishing Twin) – Earth Moon Earth

Jane Weaver – Don’t take my Soul

The Hare and the Moon ft Alaska/Micheal Begg – A fracture in the Forest

Weyes Blood – Storms that Breed

The Soundcarriers – Boiling Point

Jacco Gardner- Find Yourself

The Lilys – Returns Every Morning

Dorian Pimpernel – Alephant

Utopia – Karl Heinz Schafrer & Arabia

Cosmic Flux History – The Dandelion Set

Firefly Refrain – Espers

Revenge of the Black Regent – Add N to X

Anita Lane – Blume

Brian Eno – Sky Saw

This Mortal Coil – Baby Ray Baby

Masonik – Mammona

Broadcast ( Andy Votel Remix) – Booklovers

Song of the Sea – Lisa Hanningan

Marissa Nadler – Flora Barone Queen of the Vaudeville Throne

Adjagas – Mum ja Mun

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