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Link Wray – Link Wray – 1971

link wray crop

Scorpio Woman – from – Link Wray (1971)

Fallin Rain from – Link Wray (1971)

Link Wray’s 1971 self-titled comeback LP marked the start of a comeback that never happened. It was, like so many LPs of the time, acclaimed by many critics but bombed in sales. It was the first of three LPs recorded between1970-1973. These relatively unknown and hard to find recordings are now being rediscovered through a recent resurgence in alt country and ‘cosmic country’ driven by the output of reissue labels such as Light In The Attic and Numero. Ace Record recently reissued the Link Wray LPs as the 3-Track Shack, a reference to recording each being made on a basic Ampex tape  recorder in a leaky roofed chicken coop which had been converted into a rehearsal space on Link Wray’s brother’s farm. The shack was not designed with comfort in mind, and little thought had been given to acoustics but the lo-fi sound was incredible. The three albums have been out on CD before, but never remastered from the original tapes. You can even hear the frogs croaking outside the shack…

From the sleeve-notes of 3-Track Shack

“Extracting elements from his own country, blues and gospel roots and somehow melding them together with the very landscape itself, he created an organic blend of downhome music that was imbued with a primitive spirituality. There is an unpolished, spontaneous feel to the music which sparks it greedily into life, and the Accokeek earth seems to be ground deep into every groove. Acoustic guitars, mandolins, dobros and piano paint a rustic picture of timeless valleys, ancient mountains and endless ranch land with Link’s bluesy electric guitar flowing through them like a powerful river with only the floorboard-stomping percussion keeping it tethered to its course…”


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Holy moly that Scorpio Woman is a bit of a scorcher.

Comment by jesse

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