The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 20 September 2015 – Episode 237
September 20, 2015, 8:41 am
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Sean Young Blade Runner

From Bladerunner and Goblin to Arthur Russel and Flying Lotus…Tristan Gibbs hosts this weeks edition of the Golden Apples presenting his usual immersive atmospheric musical selection collected and personally curated between his semi-rare appearances.

Listen Here


Simon Park – Figments Park – Dawn of the Dead: The Unreleased Incidental Music

Cluster & Eno – Schone Hande – Cluster & Eno

Punky Smashers – The Bells – B-Side

Mark Knopfler – The Friends’ Song – The Princess Bride OST

Trevor Jones – Into the Labyrinth – The Labyrinth OST

Goblin – La Caccia – Dawn of the Dead OST

Flying Lotus – Intro // A Cosmic Drama – Cosmogramma

Alice Coltrane – The Ank of Amen-Ra – Universal Consciousness

Flying Lotus – Tesla – You’re Dead!

Dead Can Dance – Windfall – Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

Alejandro Jodorowsky et al – Drink It – The Holy Mountain OST

Dead Can Dance – Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book – Aion

13th Floor Elevators – I Had to Tell You – Easter Everywhere

Holly Herndon – Locker Leak – Platform

James Ferraro – Dubai Dream Tone – Far Side Virtual

Julia Holter – Feel You – Have You In My Wilderness

Gary Sloan and Clone – Harmonitalk – Good Indian

Vangelis – Dr. Tyrell’s Owl   – Blade Runner OST

The Advisory Circle – Upon Oakston – From Out Here

Forest – Famine Song – Full Circle

Trees – Murdoch – On the Shore

Samara Lubelski – Meeting of the Sun – Parallel Suns

Arthur Russell – Corn – Corn

Gong – The Octave Doctors and the Crystal Machine – Flying Teapot

Arthur Russell – Keeping Up – Corn

David Grubbs – Show Me Who to Love – The Spectrum Between

Joanna Newsom – Sapokanikan – Divers

Spiffing Butternuts – …Said Sadly – B-Side

Terry Riley – A Raibow in Curved Air – A Rainbow in Curved Air





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