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Finders Keepers Records

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Finders Keepers

Loved by the Golden Apples as totally unique and one of the best labels out there for exploring all that is strange and beautiful in music. Vinyl Factory have taken an in-depth look at 10 years of the label…

To celebrate a decade at the front, marked by the long-awaited release of their very own holy grail the soundtrack to cinematic masterpiece Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, Vinyl Factory sent James Hammond to spend an afternoon with Andy Votel at Finders Keepers HQ to unpick the workings of one of the most important and respected labels operating today

Over the last ten years Finders Keepers have pushed the art of the reissue to adventurous new realms, redefining sonic boundaries and established histories across almost 250 releases. There’s no single gateway LP into the Finders Keepers universe, and for the uninitiated there’s a wealth of sound to explore. Whilst there’s the general Finders Keepers banner, there’s also numerous sub-branches such as Cacophonic for all things avant and concrete, Cache Cache for a ’70s/’80s electro slant, Bird for primarily female oriented folk and left field pop, and Dead Cert (run in conjunction with Boomkat) for another flavour of experimental.

As well as exploring in detail the story of Finders Keepers this great article also takes a look at five key artist/label relationships across the board…

Reed the full article here.

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Holy Mountain

“Nothing in your experience or education can have prepared you for this film”

A casualty of Jodorowsky and executive producer Allen Klein’s thirty-something year stand-off, the soundtrack has, in its absence, assumed a near mythical status matched only by the film itself, a shimmering mirage taunting film and music fans with unfulfilled and unfulfillable promise.

Read about Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain here.




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