The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

15 Essential Broadcast Tracks


In discussing #14 which is a Golden Apples favourite… Mother Is The Milky Way

“Prior to recording Broadcast And The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age, Cargill and Keenan had relocated from Birmingham to the country town of Hungerford, a place the duo soon discovered was ripe with nearby witchy and occultist phenomena, from the haunted Littlecote House Hotel to nearby Stonehenge. While Witch Cults symbolized a cosmopolitan party thrown by occultists and country witches, Broadcast’s 2009 tour EP Mother Is The Milky Way was a fully bucolic recording, comprised of home-recorded demos of a more folk-inspired aesthetic quality, with the density of its predecessor stripped away to make room for twittering birdsongs, the laughter of children, and ambient marketplace chatter.

Keenan is our guide through an imagined Hungerford, and the record feels at times like a fictitious collaboration between Virginia Astley and Nurse With Wound – Kurt Schwitters even pops in for a beer and a bit of Ursonate babble. ‘Elegant Elephant’ is one of the EP’s more traditionally lovely moments and a perfect encapsulation of the quiet magic the duo achieve on Milky Way; it provides a rare peek into the more intimate domestic side of Keenan and Cargill’s life together, and even though it’s a fabrication, it’s no less striking”.

Much more with an in-depth track by track across 15 tracks at Fact

…and in case you have not heard it…

mind bending motorway mixtape

Available for download here or to listen to here. In December 2010 Trish Keenan sent a close friend a mix CD she compiled just before heading to Australia and her untimely death, the friend never thanked her but thought sharing the mix night be a way to say thank you. Its called Mind Bending Motorway Mix and is full of wonderful sounds so please pass the link on, share it far and wide…

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