The Golden Apples of the Sun

Radio Show – 17 May 2015 – Episode 219

pascal pinon golden apples edit

Claude Mono hosts The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show. This edition has it all from new age to dance.  It has music from artists including Golden Apples friends A Year in the Country and the Hare and The Moon. A 20 minute sprawling swirling psych stoner from Moon Duo – actually a request, out there soundtracks from The Duke of Burgundy, and a Man Called Horse. Plus almost dance-like extras on the Mixcloud mix.

Listen Here

Mixcloud HQ Mix – none of the inane banter and musical facts chit-chat plus BONUS tracks


Iasos – The Angels of Comfort – Psychemagik Magik Circles

Alice Coltrane – Madhura Manohara Giridhari – Divine Songs

Kid Loco – She’s my lover (a song for R) – A Grand Love Story

A Year In The Country – Scrabble and Abrade 1-  In Every Mind – 04

Cats Eye – Doors No 1, 2 and 3 – The Duke Of Burgundy Soundtrack

The Hare and the Moon – The Rolling Of The Stones – There Were Faces In The Hedgerow

The Hare and the Moon – O’Death – Wood Witch

A Year In The Country – The Music Box – In Every Mind

A Year In The Country – Tick Tock – In Every Mind

Mia Doi Todd – What If We Do (Nobody Remix) – Manzanita

Mia Doi Todd – Open Your Heart – Cosmic Ocean Ship

Leonard Rosenman – Interlude – A Man Called Horse OST

Buffy St Marie – Adam – Illuminations

Jane Weaver – Mission Desire – The Silver Globe

Chungking – Making Music (4hero Remix) – Secret Love Vol 2 (not on Mixcloud)

4Hero – Les Fleur – Secret Love Vol 1 (not on Mixcloud)

Moon Duo – High Over Blue

Stee Downes – Nothin Lasts Forever – Secret Love 5

Paul Weller – The Loved – Wild Wood Deluxe Edition


BONUS a few different tracks on Mixcloud HQ – almost dance music…

A Year In The Country – 12 An Idyll – In Every Mind


Mt Roue’ – Juiced

Deep Dish – The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) (Deep Dish Stay Dark Remix)

The Sly and Unseen – Blown by the Wind from Open Waters – The Cross Hill Recordings

moon duo


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