The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 29 March 2015 – Episode 213


masonik edit (Medium)

Guest curator Wheldon Thornley presents the Golden Apples joining Claude in the studio. Wheldon is a core member of totally out there Arts Collective Masonik and many side-projects including his own musical production project Electronic Migration Panel.

Wheldon began playing the Hammond organ for progressive rock band The Plenty Child in the early 90’s. Wheldon holds a Bachelor of  Arts (Film and TV Major). In 1993 he won the Film & Television Institute award for Best Original Music in the ambient short film category. In P Brigade and the Clock; he worked with more experimental compositions involving audio collage, spoken word, noise and electronics. He was a member of the improvising ensemble Talent+ 1; performing in various Artrage events in the early 2000’s.  As a sound engineer he has worked with bands such as Sentience & Wormhole. He has independently released his own electronic audio / video projects, under the name Electronic Migration Panel. He runs his own multimedia business;  specialising in video & audio post production, film and audio archiving and restoration work.

masonik editions

Check out some incredible recent editions such as the above here including Masonik DVD blu-ray and vinyl inspired by Aleister Crowley’s wax cylinder recordings…..and so much more

Listen to the show Here (choose 29 March)


Silver Mount Zion – Built Burnt (Hurrah, Hurrah)
Silver Mount Zion – Take These Hands And Throw Them In The River
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra
Brian Eno / Jon Hasell – Delta Rain Dream
Brian Eno – Becalmed
Masonik – Rembetiko Lament for Neo Symnra
Masonik – Transformed Usher
Masonik – Centre Ascension
The Orb – Valley (1996 John Peel Session)
Boards of Canada – Music is Math
Susumu Yokota / Rothko – Brook & Burn
Rothko – Shock of Self
The Future Sound Of London – ill flower
The Future Sound Of London – FLAK
Electronic Migration Panel – Fall Away
Electronic Migration Panel – Unfolder
Rupert Gregson Williams – Everyone Knows Everyone
Pink Floyd – Love Scene (Version 6)
King Crimson – Matte Kudasai
Nick Drake – River Man

Masonik.Org – all the resources

Electronic Migration Panel audio projects on Soundcloud

wheldon Thornley tardis

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