The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 3 November 2013 – Episode 142
November 3, 2013, 10:38 am
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predrag  1

Predrag “Pex” Delibasich from Perth band SMRTS is our special guest with a one hour mix of beautiful and melodic Yugoslavian psych folk and pop. In 2009 after playing in many bands including Soviet Valves, Bamodi, Abe Sada and of course SMRTS he started a new project, the first time under his real name. His latest project for 2013 is Omega Is The Alpha 

Listen Here


Least Carpet – The Goat Horn

Least Carpet – Haystacks

Predrag Delabasich – Happy Hobo Treble Treatment

Predrag Delabasich  – Dance To My Gentle Music Monster

Predrag Delebasich – Go Lobok

Pex of the Apples


ganesha – put

tomaz pengov – danaja

vlada i bajka – oblak

vremena na vreme – trazi mene


sedmina – uspavanka

suncokret – moje tuge

lutajuca srca – jos malo

maja de rado i porodicna manufaktura crnog hleba – nisam smio

jadranka stojakovic – sve smo mogli mi


svremena na vreme – tema classica

vlada i bajka – zvuk tisine

lutajuca srca – u sumrak

zajedno – goro moja


suncokret – moja uspavanka

sedmina – v polju gre psenica v klas

tomaz pengov – v nasmehu nekega dneva


Hala Strana – White Sleep

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – In The River

The Valerie Project  – The Feast

Least Carpet  – Dust Fortress

Valerie and Her Week Of Wonders OST   -The Magic Yard

Voice of the Seven Thunders  – Dry Leaves

The Roundtables  – Scarborough Fair

Turid – Pa Tredje Dagen Uppstanda

All Traps Set – Short Of Water

Cefalea –  Musica Dispersa

Bonnie Koloc  – My Aunt Edna

Emily Portman – Spine of A Wave



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