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Tom Fizgerald Totally Wild Video Art
September 29, 2013, 8:29 am
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The visual collaboration “Oxidizing Hexagons” was born out of a previously discussed theoretical archive of latter day found footage called “Fade To White” which me and Tom Fitzgerald had discussed over the years while working on projects at Hollywood’s Silent Cinema picture house. Based on a mutual obsession with 70’s adaptations of Eastern European folklore and Germanic Kunstmärchen fairytale films mixed with experimental footage of overexposed snow-scapes and discarded 8mm art edits, Tom used his expertise to construct a visual poem which compliments my own musical interpretation of Damon’s album focussing on the title “Photographing Snowflakes”.

After Edan labored for a year to complete his new project Echo Party he was very happy with the outcome but wanted it to have a visual accompaniment  to help compliment his live DJ set.   He approached Tom Fitzgerald who also happens to be Cut Chemists go to video guy and film archivist who works for the The Silent Theatre in LA.  What has been created in nothing short of a perfect visual marriage for the unmistakably unique album.

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