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Radio Show – 26 May 2013 – Episode 119
May 26, 2013, 10:01 am
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sinoia caves

Prestented by Claude Mono

Today’s show started with some sounds and music from the film Beyond The Black Rainbow. I have not seen it and apparently it was panned by the critics but the few clips on Youtube look amazing. I discovered Jeremy Schmidt as I was trying to chase down the soundtrack which I have discovered has never been released. Jeremy Schmidt is known to people much hipper than me as the keyboard player for west-coast space-rockers Black Mountain and space rock band Pipedream. I did check them out but I was much more interested in his solo project Sinoia Caves. This is more like it…we are talking 70s-inspired progressive synth soundscapes in the vein of Tangerine Dream and Rick Wakemen. Sinoia Caves have only one LP called The Enchanter Persuaded from 2006…and thats just the start – the rest of the show is pretty good too…

Listen Here (if you have any trouble with the stream then ditch IE and go Chrome!!)


michael frank


Jeremy Schmidt – Welcome To Arboria – Beyond The Black Rainbow Soundtrack

Jeremy Schmidt – Sentionauts – Beyond the Black Rainbow Soundtrack

Sinoia Caves – Naro Way – The Enchanter Persuaded

Sinoia Caves – Evil Ball – The Enchanter Persuaded

Jerry Goldsmith – The March – Planet of the Apes

Broadcast – Make My Sleep His Song – Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

Belbury Poly – The People – The Owls Map

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Oporto – The Way The Wind Blows

May Roosevelt – Oomph (Mandilatos) – Haunted

DJ Food – The Crow (Remix and Dub) – Kaleidoscope

Snow Ghosts – Murder Cries – A Small Murmuration

Throwing Snow – Live Excerpt – Live in The Boiler Room

Ital Tek – The Flood (Throwing Snow Remix)

Isolee – (Non Radio Edit)

Isolee – Brazil Com (Tiefschwarz Ole Ole Remix)

CAN – Millionenspiel – The Lost Tapes

Michael Franks – Born With The Moon In Virgo -Born With The Moon In Virgo

Barbara and Ernie – My Love and I – Prelude To

April Fulladosa – Sunlit Horizon

July Skies – British Summer Time – Wayside and Woodland Spring 2013 Sampler

The Rowan Amber Mill – Mandrake, Hemlock & Rye – The Active Listener

The Hare and The Moon – The Bard of Eve -The Active Listener

Tony Wakeford – Victor Sleeps – The Active Listener

The Field Bazaar – The Bane Tree – The Active Listener


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