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Radio Show – 17 February 2013 – Episode 106
February 25, 2013, 12:08 pm
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The Eternals

The Eternals

As part of the Golden Apples Summer Series of guest curator appearances this week DJ Microgroove of the legendary Soulsides show is joined by local musician Brother G to present a special edition of the Golden Apples. Microgroove seriously knows his music and he knows how to take you on a journey – with Brother G’s co-selection expect an on the money journey from the deepest of psych to the kookiest of beats – what we mean here is tracks from Italian prog bands from the early 70s as sampled by Cut Chemist through to the latest craziness from The Eternals and along the way Captain Beefheart,  Mooddog and the Beastie Boys

… enjoy this trip… and it is a trip…

Listen Here


Beastie Boys – Pop Your Balloon – 45
Ravi Shankar – Charly Theme – Charly
Manhattan Street Band – Seven is the Wind – The Crossing
Alain Goraguer – La Femme – La Planete Sauvage
Jose Feliciano – River Song – Memphis Menu
Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band Autumn’s Child – Safe as Milk
Gabor Szabo – Walking On Nails – Jazz Raga
The Orient Express – Azaar – The Orient Express
Moondog – Big Cat – Snaketime Series
Moondog- Frog Bog – Snaketime Series
Ronn Forella – Sculptures – Moves!
Shawn Phillips – Steel Eyes – Second Contribution
Donovan – The Love Song – Barabajagal
Hysear Don Walker – Dear Prudence – Complete Expressions
Dr John – Loop Garoo – The Night Tripper
Oki – Utawaskarap – Music from the Tea Lands
Brian Auger & the Trinity – Red Beans and Rice – Definitely What!
Andy Ford – Lovelectric – The Yin Yang Room
Purple Behaviour – Ode To The Mulberry Tree – Jamming With Angels
The Eternals – The Floods – Approacing the Energy Fields
Linda Cohen – Zambra – Approaching The Energy Fields
Richie Havens – Boots & Spanish Leather – Electric Havens
Paul Weller – The Pebble & the Boy- As Is Now
The Group – The Feedback- Psych Funk 101
Hollins And Starr -Home – Sidewalks Talking
Ursula Rucker/The Roots – Phrentrow (portion of the song) – Phrenology


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