The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 7 October 2012 – Episode 87
October 8, 2012, 12:43 pm
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Prologue…Claude Mono hosts this edition of The Apples dispensing the theme for a seamless segue start from Ben Taaffe’s awesome Giant Steps guest spot special full of spiritual and spaced out jazz – cue the vital link David Axelrod – then cue Phaedra and its 1974 and the first Tangerine Dream album to feature their now classic sequencer-driven sound. The title track “Movements of a Visionary” relies on Christopher Franke’s use of the Moog analog sequencer as a substitute for a bass guitar – alright!!. From 1974 to 2012 and you didn’t even know it was John ‘Mist/Emeralds/Outer Space’ Elliott – he has  come to be considered one of the scene’s premier and most prolific sound technicians – whose Outer Space project  leaves a bold mark on electronic music with collisions of throbbing sequences and blistering free-form electronics with due respect to the Krautrock gods. The combination of intoxicating space music propels his listeners to planets way beyond this galaxy… and he just played in Perth last week for Schnitz and Kosmiche … and thats just the first 15 minutes….

Listen Here


David Axelrod – Divine Image – Earth Rot

Tangerine Dream – Movements of a Visionary – Phaedra

Mist – Sky High – Mist “MIXT” Australian Tour Mix 2012

Mist – End Theme – Mist “MIXT” Australian Tour Mix 2012  – –> Download Here

Tenniscoats – Korogan Mano – All Aboard

New War – Ghostwalking

Stina and Chris Cobilis – Vanilla – Smell You Later

The Stepkids – Intro – The Stepkids

The Stepkids – Wonderfox – The Stepkids

Dan Deacon – USA Part 1 and USA Part 2 Excerpts  – America

Leaving – Found Places – Fractured Image

Leaving – Found Places – Imaginary Spaces

Erasers – Twin Spurs – Emerald Skies

The Dunes – Lunar Effect – Between Midnight and Dawn

Fern Knight – The Poisoner – Castings

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Oporto – The Way The Wind Blows

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – There Is a River in Galisteo – The Way The Wind Blows

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – In the River – The Way The Wind Blows

Paper Dollhouse – William – A Box Painted Black

Paper Dollhouse – Black Oak Tree – A Box Painted Black

Gilded – Cluttered Room

Gilded – Tyne

Rusty Bear – Hollow Bird  – Source To Sea

Paper Dollhouse



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