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Radio Show – 4 March – Episode 57
March 4, 2012, 10:06 am
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The above track is from Black Cab’s debut album, ‘Altamont Diary’, released in 2004. The album was loosely based on the day of the Rolling Stones Altamont concert at Altamont in Dec 1969. Fun to listen to with lights down low and psychedelic inputs set to ‘high’.

This week’s Golden Apples features sounds from Melbourne, Victoria as selected by Melbourne-based Justin Weaver who has a vast collection of both the new and classic psych and folk sounds of the city and kindly allowed Claude to plunder through his compilations to pull out about an hour of beautiful Melbourne Sounds. It starts of quiet but there is plenty of heavy stuff…the late 90s Underground Lovers, The Ergot Derivative and Black Cab all particularly hit the do The OrbWeavers…I think there needs to be a Part 2…

From Under The Hill: The Quiet Folk of Northcote

The gentler sounds of Melbourne town come from the rattle of its trams and the rustle of coats upon bluestone. These have infused with musicians hereabouts, who have in turn been nurtured by plentiful venues, strong independent radio and an appreciative audience. ‘Under the hill’ presents artists that are a part of Melbourne’s contemporary quiet scene. Many of these bands are also a part of a musical family, supporting and interweaving members amongst one another. It makes for delightful gigs, steeped as they are in such companionship and warm melancholia. Ruckers hill in Northcote overlooks the city. It is atop this hill where many such congregations occur, and is home to Melbourne’s domestic bohemia.

In the second part of the show Claude drops some Occult Psychedelia – its the sound where Hauntology and Prog Rock meet Dario Argento soundtracks – thanks to The Cottage of Electric Hell who have some very nice aural wig-outs for download.

Just for something not psych the show finishes with some beautiful lofi / glofi / slowfi / chillout as selected by Subsurfer who really does the best podcasts on the whole Interweb…

Melboune Sounds Mixtape 320kpbs Download Here

Listen To The Whole Show


Justin Weaver presents: Melbourne Sounds

Kes – The Grey Goose Wing

The Orbweavers  – Loom – Loom

Grand Salvo – Brave Like A Goose – The Temporal Wheel

Owls Of The Swamp – Death By Waterfall – Smoky Bay

SNOG  – Fill my soul  –  Valley of the Proles

The Ergot Derivative – Do Not Adjust Your Set – Tube Potatoe

Dandelion Wine – Becompassed By Stars – All Becompassed By Stars

Rat Vs Possum – War – Daughter Of Sunshine

Nick Murphy – Elated – Breaking The Light

Underground Lovers – Beautiful World – Dream It Down

Underground Lovers – Infinite Finite – Cold Feeling

Black Cab – Good Drugs – Altamount Diary

The Orb (excerpt – talk over) – Black Side of The Moon – BBC Sessions

The Smallgoods – Now I See The Stars – Down On The Farm

The Smallgoods – City Full of Sky – Down On The Farm

Khancoban – Limbs May Fall – Limbs May Fall

Claude Mono presents:  

The Soundcarriers – Cannonball – Harmonium

The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Curse Of The Witches – Wake Up Its Tomorrow

Black Widow – Come To The Sabbat – Sacrifice

Kalacakra – Nearby Shiras – Crawling To Lhasa

Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love – Subsurfer 1102

Chad Valley – Shell Suite (Vanilla Remix) – Subsurfer 1102

Beach House – Silver Soul – Teen Dream

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