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Radio Show – 26 February – Episode 56
March 2, 2012, 12:14 pm
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After taking a couple of years off from helping to fill the airwaves with interesting sounds, Aarom Wilson makes his debut back on RTRFM to take the reigns of what he voted his favourite radio program for 2012, yours truly, Golden Apples Of The Sun. As the editor in charge of Drum Media, his tastes vary widely and wildly, and Episode 56 is testament to this. Kelis and Daft Punk in Golden? Yes, but not likely as you’ve heard them before…

Okay, so maybe a case of first-time-back radio nerves, but what Aarom was skirting around saying about Prince Rama was that their Fringe World show at The Bakery involved the Hare Krishna-raised sisters jumping off stage and performing a rather sensual series of gyrating dance moves with each other, and a few audience members, all while still controlling the song. You can get some idea of their sensuality just from the rhythmical drumming and body movements in Trust here:

David Bowie pulls off a stirring Warszawa in Tokyo, 1978 here – sounding particularly true to the recording on Low.

Signed to predominantly hip hop-focused label Stones Throw, Australian-born Jonti’s album Twirligig was an impressive listen brimming with electronic bubbles, burps, gurgles and glitches. Want a test drive before you buy, or just more Jonti? Here you are then, a free download of 15 of his tracks, thanks to the label and the artist themselves.

Listen To The Whole Show Here


Prince Rama
- Trust -
Trust Now

Clams Casino
- I’m God (4ormulafourfour Remix)

Boards Of Canada
- Dayvan Cowboy 
- Trans Canada Highway

- Nikels And Dimes 
- Mu.Zz.Le

Cow Parade Cow
- Repeat Until Dead 
- Big Sky

Bon Iver
- Calgary (Azedia Remix)

David Bowie
- Warszawa 
- Low

- Nagoya Train Station 3am

Neon Indian
- The Blindside Kiss 
- Era Extrana

Coco Rosie
- Japan 
- The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn

- Tu Fais Des Progres -

Ennio Morricone
- Il Bouno, Il Brutto, Il Catitivo 
(Swell Sessions Remix) – Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol 1

Senor Coconut
- Around The World 
- Around The World

Sigur Ros
- Gobbledigook – (Flowing Remix Raw And Rare)

Andrew Sinclair
- Ritual Beat/Stolen Drums 
- Evil Summer

The Books
- An Animated Description Of Mr Maps -
Lost And Safe

Broadcast & The Focus Group
- The Be Colony 
- Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio

- Open 
- Iradelphic

Dirty Three
- You Greet Her Ghost 
- Toward The Low Sun

Fuck Buttons
- Rough Steez 
- Tarot Sport

- Milkshake (Schlomo Remix)

Prefuse 73 & School Of Seven Bells
- Class Of 73 Bells – Preparations


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