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Radio Show – 12 Febuary 2012 – Episode 54
February 12, 2012, 10:05 am
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Episode 54 of the Golden Apples of the Sun features an exclusively curated set delivered from Belgium with love from Magdalena Solis

…Magdalena Solis also known as the High Priestess of Blood, was a serial killer, a member of a cult in Mexico that was responsible for orchestrating several murders, and participated in drinking the blood of the victims. She was convicted of 8 murders and sentenced to 320 years in prison.

…Magdalena Solis, the band, think Madalena Solis was not actually all that bad – they are a two-piece outfit from Brussels providing hallucinatory transcendental music and visuals in the vein of the Kosmische Musik – think Can, Popul Vuh and Tangerine Dream, as well as taking visual inspiration from Kenneth Anger, and the best in widely seen and hardly seen European cinema.  A debut EP Lady of the Wild Things was released in 2010, followed by the full length Hesperia in 2011. It all started as a movie project and their work remains both a sonic and visual experience.The music is heavy and unsettling…

Yes, we were a little surprised with people calling it “unsettling” sometimes. We didn’t see it that way. It’s simply – like all art we love – a battle between light and darkness. To me, our music is about ecstasy. It sometimes goes into delirium and scary things, but then comes down again, finds peace and harmony, to go off and find new ecstasy. It may be unnerving and create confusion but we see those as positive things, as doors. In general we’re inspired by anything that is wild, outrageous, subversive and delirious. We like art that opens the gates in people’s minds that authorities and mass media like to keep shut. It’s mostly movies. Movies are both sonic and visual inspirations. We haven’t got big examples anymore. We just watch all sorts of stuff, and now and then we see things we like and get ideas. We also like to shut ourselves off from all culture and media for long periods, that’s always very refreshing. Nature is also very important. Most of our work was created after holidays. We need to get out of our little country. Get away from the cities too. We need sea and mountains, majestic and breathtaking landscapes. There we are cleansed from all bullshit and everything falls into place”.

Listen to the show here

Watch some amazing videos and download a 320kbps copy of the mixtape  here

Read an article at Revenge of The Apews here

Buy and downlad Hesperia and other releases here


Claude Mono presents

Metal Mountains – Turn To The East – Golden Trees

Time and Space Machine – Trip Sideways – Time and Space Machine

Belbury Poly – A Thin Place – The Willows

Voice of the Seven Woods – The Fire in My Head – Voice of the Seven Woods

Voice of the Seven Woods – Silver Morning Branches – Voice of the Seven Woods

Joni Mitchell – Ladies of the Canyon

Carla Skiaky – And I A Fairytale Lady – Wayfaring Strangers Ladies of the Canyon

Joanna Newsom – Cosmia – Ys


Magadalena Solis selects

Magdalena Solis – Go Into A Hare – Lady of the Wild Things

Magdalena Solis – Lunar Sunrise – Hesperia

Raga Number 11 – Kalacakra – Crawling To Lhasa

Ayahuasca Dark Trip – The Unknown Trip At The Top Of The Mountain Part 1 – The Unknown Trip At The Top Of The Mountain

Ekca Liena – Fire Emerging From Mist (Remix by Kixotek) – Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement (Remixes)

Mis mu–ecas – Fiorella

Mademoiselle Marquee – As We Awake -(unreleased)

a death cinematic – From beneath the mountains they attack – epochs shifting out of time

Bobby Beausoleil – Punjab –  Dreamways Of The Mystic

Conrad Schnitzler – Contrapunctual interstellar radars – (album unknown)

Asian Women On The Telephone – Sleep Naked – Holotropic Break

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble – In Search of Fabled Lands -(album unknown)

les nOms

Flamen Dialis – Derni re Croisade – Symptome Dei

Claude Mono presents

Julie Holter and Linda Perhacs – Delicious Decadant

Paper Dollhouse – Music Box -= A Box Painted Black

Sibelle Baier – I lost Something In The Hills – Colour Green

Paper Dollhouse – I Dreamt You More Than Ever -A Box Painted Black

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